Optimized open-market customer support set up for systems using AURIX™, TRAVEO™ II, PSoC™, XMC™, and Embedded Power ICs, including software and other Infineon products, such as power products, sensor products, and modules.

The preferred design house extends the support force by specifying and customizing the know-how. It brings added value to customer service. The preferred design house also supports the setup for systems using  AURIX™, TRAVEO™ II, PSoC™, XMC™ and Embedded Power ICs, including software and other Infineon products.

Together with our partners, we offer optimized customer support for systems using our products.

Our partners are trained to use AURIX™, TRAVEO™ II PSoC™ and XMC™ and provide application- and product-specific support for Embedded Power ICs.