jNet ThingX

jNet ThingX is in the business of securing the Internet of Things by bringing connected JavaCard and GlobalPlatform implementations into embedded (non-smartcard) form factor products. SmartObject, connected, IP-addressable and Java-programmable System-on-Chip, is one such product. The building blocks jNet ThingX has developed are based on proven IP licensed from jNet Technology.

jNet's customers come from a variety of segments such as industrial automation, instrumentation and secure payments. The company is based in Silicon Valley, California.

jNet's contribution to the Infineon Security Partner Network

jNet’s SmartObjects provide unique identifiers for IoT devices. They allow for programmability and remote configuration capabilities. They form a security backbone for Internet of Things.

The Javelin-SC is a specially designed and optimized JavaCard Virtual Machine that has been created for independent operation in a remote, IP-connected environment to collect data, report alarm conditions, monitor sensors and actuate relays or switches. It is built on Infineon's security component that is flash-based, allowing field upgrades for the operating system and its Java applets.

Javelin-SC can be configured as primary device controller or as secondary crypto/security co-processor depending on system design. As primary controller it can monitor sensors, process data, perform signal filtering tasks and make logic decisions, programmed entirely in Java language and downloaded over the Internet to a specific, IP-addressable node on a network.

Use cases

IoT security

Securing connected IoT with Java

Javelin-SC: intelligent and efficient IP-addressable security building blocks for connected devices and network nodes

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