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Icon Labs, a 2014 Gartner "Cool Vendor" and 2015 Gartner "Select Vendor" is a leading provider of embedded software for device security, device protection, and networking management, including award-winning Floodgate Defender and Floodgate Security Framework. The recently announced Floodgate Certificate Authority (CA) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) client offer manufacturers easy and efficient integration of certificate-based machine to machine authentication. Founded in 1992, Icon Labs is headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

Icon labs' contribution to the Infineon Security Partner Network

The Floodgate CA and Floodgate PKI client allow manufacturers to incorporate certificate based authentication using Public Key Infrastructure integrated with the OPTIGA™ TPM. These include a wide range of potential use cases including key management, generating public key infrastructure certificates, and injecting pre-generated keys during the manufacturing process. The PKI security solution provides both the client and server sides required to automate secure provisioning and enrollment. The Floodgate PKI client is compatible with public or private CA's giving installed clients the flexibility to run in a private environment without dependence on the Internet or public CA

Use cases

Industrial security

Automated certificate insertion for OPTIGA™ TPM

Manage PKI certificates from the point of insertion at the factory with the OPTIGA™ TPM, and throughout the life of the product, using either a private or public certificate authority.

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