Infineon Partner Ecosystem
We believe that working together means going faster, reaching further and shaping the business of tomorrow.

Together shaping the business of tomorrow

Infineon is a leading provider of innovative products with a focus on the key trends Energy Efficiency, Mobility, Security and IoT & Big Data. To serve these trends, we rely on the competence and expertise of partners who work with us to create added value for our mutual customers.

Partners from the Infineon Ecosystem have been selected based on their proven competence and ability to design and deliver strong and trustworthy solutions, especially for new technologies and application fields. Their knowledge and experiences are diverse in the areas of Hardware, Software, Tools, Services and End-Applications.

With the help of our Ecosystem Partners, customers are able to accelerate their development efforts and expedite time to market.


Product and Application-related Ecosystem Partners

Security Partners

Our Security Partner Network is a place for security experts to deliver security solutions to providers of connected devices and applications. The network conveniently enables you to understand security needs on behalf of use cases and offers tailored support for the implementation and deployment of security solutions, based on Infineon’s hardware-based security products.

Wireless Module Partners

Our global Wireless Module Partner Ecosystem enables development of IoT applications On Time, On Budget, and with Minimized Risk.

Memory Chipset Partners
We work with chipset partners to qualify Infineon memories with partner SoCs. Chipset partners get early access to Infineon products and dedicated support to qualify Infineon memories on their boards. These efforts result in a pairing chart that provides a mapping of cypress memory products with the chipset partner product portfolio. The table below contains download links for the pairing charts. Customers can select a memory from these pairing charts to shorten their design cycles.

Automotive Microcontroller Design Houses

Our preferred design house extends the support force by specifying and customizing the know-how. Furthermore, it brings an additional value for customer service. The preferred design house also supports the set up for systems using  AURIX™XMC™ and Embedded Power ICs, including software and other Infineon products.

Infineon Memberships

Partner Offering

Our partners are experts in designing products, solutions or services leveraging our components in five key areas:

Partners program various types of software, algorithms & operating systems. Together we enhance our portfolio with complementary products and expand technology know-how.

Partners manufacture electronic components, demo boards & turnkey modules. Together we create and commercialize value-added solutions, while reaching new buyers.

Partners design computer programs for the development of embedded systems. Together we enable a complete and immersive development experience for customers.

Partners provide cloud & engineering services, application support or trainings. Together we build-up engineering capabilities and offer it to a world-class customer network.


Partners create end-products & related applications. Together we provide customers with state-of-the-art solutions and innovative use-cases.