Industry 4.0 – the change has begun

How can Industry 4.0 be achieved?

The fourth industrial revolution makes production faster, more efficient and more flexible through smart, connected systems along the entire value chain. Man and machine communicate in new dimensions.

As a user we know the challenges – as a supplier we offer products for the implementation.

Our products and solutions pave the way for the fourth industrial revolution.

Trusted security solutions
Advanced sensing capabilities
Cross-application control
Efficient power management

In the Industry 4.0 everything is nothing without security.

In communication between cyber-physical systems, it is crucial to protect data, processes and intellectual property against sabotage and theft. That can only be achieved with the optimum combination of hardware and software-based solutions.

Sensors capture reality to process it in the digital world.

In modern, high-tech factories, industrial sensors play a key role in the precision and reliability of processing systems. The sensors must supply valid, meaningful data, and be sufficiently robust for the conditions in an industrial environment.

Microcontrollers collect, analyze and process data for smart control of machines.

Microcontrollers convert the data collected by sensors into commands. They make the machines “smart” and control, for example, the exact position and speed of industrial arms so that machines can respond quickly and flexibly.

Efficient power semiconductors reduce system cost and the impact on the environment.

Machines and robots in the smart factory are always in motion. They are equipped with countless motors that have to be supplied with power. Power semiconductors ensure minimum energy loss thanks to an efficient current flow.

Sites around the world form a virtual, smart factory

Information on production processes is exchanged across location boundaries, thus continuously optimizing production.

The entire value chain optimizes itself in real time

New requirements such as changed customer requests or the availability of raw materials are taken into account automatically.

Customers configure products according to their individual requirements.

Producers ensure optimum utilization of their factories at all times and also respond flexibly during manufacturing.

Suppliers respond immediately to altered demand.

Industry 4.0 at Infineon

What smart, connected production already achieves today:

shorter cycle times
thanks to smart control of processes

more productive without additional investments in new machines
– thanks to algorithms for continuous optimization

degree of automation
– comparable semiconductor companies achieve 50 percent at the most

1 million

reduction in energy costs per year
thanks to automated production planning

Industry 4.0 changes the working world. Infineon has been preparing and training its employees for the changes triggered by Work 4.0 since 2011.

Last update: November 2016


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