System Engineering

Our System Engineers make sure that Infineon keeps up with the trends and that our customers receive the best products for their systems. Meet our colleague Martin from Warstein who talks about his job. 

"I anticipate the future and make sure Infineon is part of it." Martin Prell, Warstein
"At Infineon I can shape the development of power electronics and in so doing, also shape the energy supply of the future."

Overview: Tasks & Requirements

As a System Engineer, you are responsible for the development of systems for our customers. This job combines knowledge of several disciplines with the ability to think outside the box. You will work on complex projects and develop applications, hardware and software solutions.

Your tasks consist of:

  • Agreeing on the requirements with our internal customers
  • Translating application requirements into functionality
  • Planning, designing and implementing system solutions
  • Testing the developed systems and components, including failure analysis and bug fixes
  • Supporting users after the implementation

You have the following skills:

  • Degree in a technical field, such as information technology or electrical engineering
  • You know how to generate value with innovative solutions and are open to new ideas
  • Depending on the field, you have knowledge in electronic circuit design, mixed signals, RFID, or IT infrastructure
  • You are a team player and value an open and trusting collaboration
  • Good knowledge of German and fluent in English

Martin Prell, System Engineer in Warstein

I make sure that...

  • we set on the right trends and thus, can provide our customers with products to meet their needs in their systems.
  • we have enough knowledge about our customers’ systems to help them profitably use our products in their systems.
  • we use our innovative strength to support our customers’ power electronic systems with our products.

We work with universities, research institutions and innovation partners to identify important trends. We link this knowledge to further development possibilities of our products and derive scenarios for future power electronic systems. These scenarios are used to make decisions and prioritize development projects.

We feed the knowledge about the systems of our customers back into Infineon, via lectures and training. With this we make sure we do not forget the main goal amidst the detailed work on our own products: Infineon's and our customers' future success. 

There is an incredible number of variables and interests, so you can’t cover them all. You have to be able to prioritize and to compile and evaluate facts.

Also, I often have to mediate between the interests of the various departments. Development is usually contracted according to the current situation, and people sometimes doubt that pursuing something new one when there is no market relevance at the time. There are conflicting priorities between: marketing, development, momentary interests of the client and bigger trends. I often have to do some persuasion work. It helps if you can remain neutral.

I think the following qualities are important: to be able to listen very well, to filter through to the essential and be able to combine statements and facts into an overall picture.

It is always great when we’ve made a breakthrough and understood something essential. Then the fog clears and we see the best way to proceed.

As a System Engineer at Infineon I can shape the development of power electronics and in so doing, also shape the energy supply of the future.

What is difficult is that at the beginning of a project I am often faced with a large number of variables that all have to be considered and evaluated. I sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees. It takes high endurance and the ability to focus on the essential information.

The profession called me: Power electronics fascinated me, and I quickly developed a great motivation for it which I retain to this day.

Before I came to Infineon, I worked as a development manager for power electronic systems at our clients.

At Infineon I can take the time to anticipate complex developments of the future and have the chance to explain requirements for our products in order to make Infineon better.