Product Marketing

Our colleagues in Product Marketing are involved in many things: from price settings to product developments, and always close to the customer. Zhang Xi from Warstein tells us how his job looks like and what it takes. 

"Every month, I look forward to our segment results: I am proud to contribute to them directly." Zhang Xi, Product Marketing Warstein
“I take commercial responsibility for a product group and make sure that Infineon makes as much profit from it as possible.”

Overview: Tasks & Requirements

As a member of the Product Marketing department, you have full responsibility for a product group in one of our business segments. You control and coordinate all of the product-related measures and activities that are part of the company's strategy.

Your tasks consist of:

  • Analyzing sales and profit development and working out the capacity planning framework for your product
  • Collecting product-related market and competition information, analyzing trends and developments in the product's markets and developing potential campaigns
  • Working out product strategies and implementing them in close collaboration with sales as well as technical and regional marketing
  • Responsibility for the definition and maintenance of the product roadmap
  • Speaking with customers, identifying potential customers for new products and supporting the subsequent product definition and product implementation phases
  • Developing long-term product strategies and responsibility for the product's whole life cycle – from the beginning of product development to its market launch and maintenance through to the announcement of its discontinuation
  • Responsibility for the initial development phases of new products and working with the development team until the start of production

You have the following skills:

  • College degree in electrical engineering, information technology, physics or equivalent
  • Major in semiconductor physics
  • Knowledge in electrical engineering, in particular electronic components
  • Fluent in English

Zhang Xi, Product Marketing in Warstein

I am heavily involved in price setting for our products. I both bring knowledge about the costs and market expertise in price negotiations to the table. For this, I need to work closely with developers and colleagues in sales and be in good contact with the customers.

I also take part in the “invention” of new products. I help design the road map. In this road map we set out how the product portfolio could be developed over the next five years.

My job is very diverse: there’s no such thing as a typical day. I like getting to know my customers personally on trips to Asia or within Europe. Of course, lots of agreements are done over the phone.

I’m the one who takes the customer’s requirements and brings them to Infineon. The challenge is translating them into reality: How do we manage to deliver at the agreed price and within the desired deadline?

For this, it’s important to communicate the necessary information quickly and be able motivate colleagues to work towards a common goal. I need to keep a level head when there are conflicts and also communicate between the parties. I challenge the status quo and contribute my ideas towards finding creative solutions.

What else do you need to be successful in Product Marketing? Fluent business English, dedication, self-motivation and satisfaction in financial success.

I’m happy every month when our segment results are presented, and I am proud to have contributed to them directly.

Of course it’s also a great moment when we come up with a design-win. The results show good cooperation between sales and marketing as well as between, and on the other hand, they show good development and quality.

Of course I value the good team spirit on our team and the casual atmosphere: Almost no one wears a suit here. Furthermore, I have a lot of freedom. I can set my own priorities to reach goals and also organize my working hours flexibly.

What's not so great? The times when the order books aren’t full because the market’s in another slump. At the same time, it’s just as frustrating when we’re in periods of full allocation (meaning very full order books) and we thus cannot deliver on time to the customer. But that’s just a part of our cyclical business.

As a kid, I wanted to be an engineer, just like my dad. At 19, I went to Germany to study electrical engineering in Münster. Then I worked as an Application Engineer in business development and in technical marketing - a good foundation for my current job!