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About Infineon Connected Secure Systems (CSS)

Connecting, computing, securing: we enable IoT!

More and more devices and systems are being connected to the Internet every day, making things smart and interactive. This “Internet of Things” is having a huge impact on how we live, work, and communicate. By the end of 2021, experts predict that 127 new IoT devices will connect to the internet every second. This merging of the physical and digital is taking place all around us – in our homes, in our cars, in factories, in hospitals and even on our wrists. The IoT promises to transform our world for the better.

Microelectronics is the backbone of IoT and makes it work. We at CSS concentrate mainly on solutions to connect, compute and secure IoT operations, which puts us right at the heart of this every exciting field.

Connected Secure Systems (CSS) creates the basis for IoT. We empower the world to easily connect through smart and trusted solutions with our extensive know-how in embedded control, connectivity, security and software. Our ambition is to provide easy-to-integrate solutions to our customers and thereby shape the market for a better future.

Thomas Rosteck Division President Connected Secure Systems

What we do

CSS capabilities and focus markets

Our extensive portfolio combines our many years of security expertise with our connectivity and controller know-how. Thus, we provide major components for a broad range of applications, including MCUs, WiFi and Bluetooth® solutions, security ICs and software.

Our experts worldwide make sure that we not only offer the right products, but that we also deliver the right software and systems to our customers. By working with our ecosystem, we create standards that make our solutions easy for our customers as well as end users.

Focus applications and capabilities:

CSS consists of two business lines: Digital Security & Identity (DSI) and IoT Compute & Wireless (ICW).​

IoT Compute & Wireless (ICW)

Secure, low-power microcontrollers; robust Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®; cloud services and easy-to-use software. ICW’s solutions are built for IoT. Our solutions, which are found in over four billion products, serve a diverse set of applications – from consumer electronics like smart wearables, cameras, gaming equipment, remote controls and home appliances all the way to connected cars and industrial applications. These embedded IoT solutions provide users with a cutting-edge experience and convenient services.

Digital Security & Identity (DSI)

The DSI business line addresses a wide range of security needs. On the one hand, it supports consumer electronics (mobile phones, tablets and wearables), Internet of Things applications like smart homes, connected cars, smart industry, and information and communication technology (ICT) systems. On the other hand, it also addresses security needs in applications like payment (e.g. credit and debit cards), government identification (e.g. ePassports, eIDs, eHealth cards, etc.), transport ticketing and physical access.

At CSS, we offer a vast range of opportunities and jobs at around the globe.

You are a digital verification expert? Then you mind want to join our latest addition, our new verification competence center in Romania. Together with our new colleagues, who joined from NoBug in June 2022, you can work on complex System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions and help us to accelerate time-to-market.

Or are you more interested in Marketing, Sales or Product Management – then you might find a suitable job in Munich or San José.

Moreover, don’t miss our exciting opportunities in India. The CSS team in India is geographically spread across all parts of the country with Bengaluru as epicenter for IoT innovations and Delih as the hub for policy-related decision making and start up community engagements.

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