“As Product Marketing Managers, we define the consumer experience of the future”

Glimpse into an exciting field of work

What do Product Marketing Managers at Infineon do?

Product Marketing Managers are above all else one thing: flexible. They are market and trend experts, price setters, and product developers. The one aspect they all have in common? The customer is at the center of everything they do. Markets have very different product cycles – from fast-paced to slow. That’s why sprinters feel just as much at home at Infineon as marathon runners. Claudia Mosca from Munich and Xi Zhang from Warstein tell us exactly what that means.


No such thing as a typical workday

For me, it’s all about the dynamics. The work as a Product Marketing Manager is versatile, fast, and diverse. In some ways, Product Marketing is an art. We create stories."

Claudia Mosca Product Marketing Manager, Power & Sensor Systems, Infineon in Munich.

What are your tasks, Claudia?

I work in the Radio Frequency Discretes (RFD) product group. I’m responsible for business innovation for RF Commodity Products. The focus is less on technological progress. We aim to set ourselves apart from the competition with innovative concepts for delivery speed, pricing and distribution channels. I deal a lot with developing new business models. My biggest topic at the moment is the ramp-up of the multisource business.

Every day brings new tasks. I work with Logistics, Capacity and Demand Planning, as well as with Product Development. But what I especially enjoy is the close contact with our customers – I’m a natural-born negotiator.

I love the cosmopolitan open-mindedness and the many cultures I come into contact with – not just on my business trips in Europe, the United States, and Asia, but also here at Infineon itself. That’s really enriching for me. 

What are the challenges in your job? How do you meet them?

The priorities change constantly, as do the tasks and the pace of work. Some tasks need to be done quickly, while for others I need patience and accuracy. Speed and efficiency are important to our customers. The product life cycles in our markets are extremely short, so I need to react quickly and flexibly.

My job is highly dynamic and adrenaline-packed, so I also see quick, concrete results. The pressure can be motivating and the work can be a driver, but you do need to be able to handle it well. Once you’ve done this job, all other jobs are a piece of cake! 

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In my area, years can go by before a market launch – so it’s much more like a marathon. But, once launched, my products stay on the market for up to ten years. That makes me proud."

Xi Zhang Product Marketing Manager, Industrial Power Control, Infineon in Warstein.

What are your tasks, Xi?

I’m responsible for the product group Low Medium Power. This includes Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) modules. They are used in solar power systems to convert direct current to alternating current. My job is to design the product portfolio in such a way that Infineon can generate maximum profit. On the one hand, I need to have know-how about costs and markets, and on the other, I need to be up to date on technology trends and the competition. The collaborative work on the “discovery” of new products is particularly exciting. I help design the roadmap that sets a development course for the product portfolio over the next five years.

In my position, all the threads run together, which makes my job highly diverse. I like to start my day early, have a coffee with colleagues, and then sit down to make calls. I talk with Sales, Quality Management and developers, and negotiate pricing with customers. A lot can be done on the phone. Nonetheless, personal contact with my customers is important, so on my trips through Europe and Asia I personally meet with customers and sales colleagues. I often spend the rest of the day in meetings, such as with teams from Production. In my position, it’s extremely important to coordinate with different specialist areas within the company. 

What are the challenges in your job? How do you approach them?

I work independently. I’m responsible for my product group from start to finish – with everything that entails. From forecasts and product definitions to competitive analyses and trade shows – it’s all in my hands. The challenge is to coordinate the many tasks and details, and at the same time keep an eye on the big picture. That’s the only way to meet customers’ requirements, deliver on time, and at the agreed-upon price.

I think it’s important to be open to change and to set new goals for yourself. You might lose a big project that you’ve really dedicated yourself to. If that happens, you have to regroup.

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Requirements at a glance

Business trips

Four to six times a year you travel to your customers in Europe, Asia or the United States

Customer contact

Regular contact with customers is the top priority

Strategic and operative work

You coordinate with other divisions. At the same time, you work on market strategies and product roadmaps


You are extroverted and enjoy interaction with different people and environments

Making decisions

Progress means change. To work successfully, you need to know the facts and figures – and be able to make decisions based on intuition.

Work environment

Products have different lifecycles, so flexibility is a must. It lets you respond optimally to market trends and customer requirements

Requirements at a glance

The six “hats” of a Product Marketing Manager

You work as an entrepreneur in the company. In this role you are:

  • Market and trend expert
  • Price setter
  • Product developer
  • Business planner
  • Communicator
  • Customer interface 


As a Product Marketing Manager, you need technical and business know-how as well as marketing knowledge. You think like an entrepreneur and enjoy working independently. Your talent as a networker makes it easy for you to work with many different types of people. You also know how to keep a cool head in stressful situations.

Furthermore, you work hard to persuade others about your product. You win them over because you get straight to the heart of the matter and can explain even complex relationships simply and clearly. You have the ability to put yourself in the shoes of internal and external customers and can translate technical subjects into business terms for them. 

You are responsible for:

  • Pricing – understanding current customer requirements and anticipating those of the future
  • Roadmap – development of the product portfolio
  • Forecast – need and capacity planning

Product Marketing Manager at Infineon

What makes this a dream job?

The work Infineon does has a huge impact on people’s daily lives and on solutions for the future. As a Product Marketing Manager, you bring products to life and have a significant impact on their success in the market. The feeling of cohesion and the relaxed atmosphere in the team is also fantastic – and you almost never see a suit here. Infineon also gives employees the freedom to shape their workdays flexibly and independently.

As a Product Marketing Manager, Xi Zhang is in touch with important topics on a daily basis, like solar energy. Infineon also works in other exciting markets, such as innovations that are making automated driving a reality (Lidar, for example).

Locations for Product Marketing Managers


Singapore is our regional headquarter for Asia-Pacific and consists of production, research & development, sales & marketing, supply chain and many central functions.

What we offer you in Singapore


Taiwan supports our four divisions in the field of Sales & Marketing and technical support. But they also offer positions in central functions, such as HR, IT or Finance.

What we offer you in Taiwan


Our site in Korea is located in Seoul and incorporates both Sales & Marketing as well as Central Functions.

What we offer you in Seoul


In our headquarters in Neubiberg near Munich, more than 4.500 employees are working in research & development, several central functions, IT and many more. 

What we offer you at Campeon


In Warstein we like it sustainable, healthy, balanced, sportive and diverse.

What we offer you in Warstein


Almost 4.600 people work at five different sites in Austria.

What we offer you in Villach


Our Milpitas site, located in Silicon Valley, is one of the headquarters for Infineon Technologies Americas Corp. This site is primarily focused on Chip Card and Security and Power Management and Multi-market regional sales, marketing, and distribution.

What we offer you in Milpitas, CA


In our headquarters in Neubiberg near Munich, more than 4.500 employees are working in research & development, several central functions, IT and many more. 

What we offer you at Campeon


Singapore is our regional headquarter for Asia-Pacific and consists of production, research & development, sales & marketing, supply chain and many central functions.

What we offer you in Singapore

Where do you want to work?

Infineon has various sites all over the world. Find out where you can work, what we offer, and how you can approach us at each location.

Open positions as Product Marketing Manager

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A market for marathon runners: Solar and industrial drivetrains

IGBT (insulated-gate bipolar transistor) modules are responsible for current conversion and a reliable power supply.

A market for sprinters: Autonomous vehicles

Lidar stands for light detection and ranging. Google uses Lidar units from Infineon in its self-driving cars. They generate three-dimensional images of the vehicle’s environment.

Infineon strengthens leading position in automated driving through acquisition of Innoluce BV