Workforce - We want everyone to be well and happy

As a company, the health and wellbeing of our employees is extremely important to us. And so we protect and support healthy living and working with a range of measures. This starts with health-oriented leadership behavior, going on to the healthy and safe design of workplaces and continuing to preventive measures and needs-based health programs for our employees.

Health care management: We’re one of the best

We have already received a number of awards for our health care management – for example the leading “Corporate Health Award“ initiative in German-speaking regions this fiscal year. This audit reviews the quality and effectiveness of the occupational health management of hundreds of companies in Germany. And this year Infineon was once again certified for its high standard. Our prevention program “Fit4Health“, which promotes the development of individual health literacy with an innovative approach was given special mention.

The Corporate Health Award shows that we have achieved with a very high level in our health care management. Our performance level for the audited content scored an impressive 96 percent. This will benefit the health and wellbeing of every individual at Infineon, and it also supports productivity and efficiency, and thus the success of our Company. With our health promotion measures and the seal of the Corporate Health Award we’re sending a clear sign as an attractive employer. We will continue to develop the standard even more.

Kristian Knoell, Coordinator of Global Health Care Management of Infineon

Infineon is dedicated to a good work-life balance

For a long time now, our HR work has also involved supporting and reconciling work and home life. We believe that people need resources in their private lives in order to be successful in their professional lives. And we know that enabling individual lifestyles contributes to our culture of equal opportunity. Whether it comes to taking care of children or a long awaited break: We want our employees to be able to properly balance their private obligations and wishes with work, so they can stay on the ball professionally. We even have the fact that we’re doing a good job at it in writing: All sites in Germany and in Austria have been awarded the auditberufundfamilie certificate.

Someone in the family needs long-term care – what to do?

Not only the child care is an issue when it comes to reconciling work and family. There’s also long-term care. More and more people are in need of long-term care in our society, and more and more people are worrying about their care responsibilities. And this is true for many Infineon employees too. Infineon helps them specifically – with an extensive range of information and advisory services and flexible working models.

For example, with our partner Senporta in 2016 we activated our own help portal on our intranet. Here they constantly have the most up-to-date information on the subject of care - legislation, funding opportunities, applications, etc. The online help portal is the primary source of information. Of course we also offer a personal conversation. Anyone interested can contact us at any time. The social counselors in Munich, Regensburg, Warstein and Dresden are ready to assist and advise you.”

Peter Purainer, responsible for coordinating the company’s internal social counseling in Infineon Germany

“We don’t leave our employees to fend for themselves with they suddenly have a long-term care issue. This also means that we allow them to flexibly adapt their working time to the changing life situation. This include a new arrangement we have worked out with our employee representative for taking sabbaticals: In the case of long-term care or acute illness of a family member, our employees can have a twelve-month leave within a four-year term – depending on when and as required by the individual situation and as operational processes allow”.

Ralf Memmel, Head of Future Work Environment

Silver Workforce in the Asia-Pacific region

Sabbatical, flextime, home office, assistance for the long-term care, child care: Today in Europe, the possibilities for the individual design of a job and a career are now diverse and standard. In the Asia-Pacific region this issue is now gaining in significance – and we’re supporting this trend. For instance, at most of our sites in this region, there is an option through "work from home" programs or flexible working hours. Or by promoting the Silver Workforce: This refers to initiatives whereby we enable older employees to work beyond the legal retirement age at their request.

In Singapore, for example, Infineon is committed as a member of the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) to a progressive employment policy. In this organization, government, business and labor unions work together to promote and implement fair and progressive working conditions – through awards, events and training and more. We have made a commitment to this: By signing the "TAFEP employers’ pledge of fair employment practices" we have pledged to entirely align our employment policy to the TAFEP recommendations. Thus we are currently working on our Silver Workforce. We are offering all our employees in Singapore who are about to reach the legally applicable retirement age of 62 the option of a continued employment. And we’ve received great interest for this from the employees. We are currently in specific contract negotiations with more than 20 Infineon employees in Singapore for an individually tailored reinstatement after retirement.

"After 43 years with the Company, Infineon has now re-hired me – after I‘d already reached retirement age. It makes me happy that my experience is appreciated. I still do my job as a secretary with passion and I enjoy working with my colleagues. I ‘m honored that I was given the opportunity to continue to make my contribution within the Infineon family. I look forward to many more good years here.”

Ng Angie, Confidential Secretary in the BE TS QM area

Day care for children

Last but not least, we also offer childcare options: All major German and Austrian locations and the company in Singapore have either their own company kindergartens, or they cooperate with nearby childcare facilities, and we are continually increasing the options available.

Plus: Even during the holidays, we have great program for the kids. There are always summer camps run at various sites.

For example, for the third time the super popular summer camp at our Warstein site was held in July 2016. 40 children went. Adapted to the different ages, they had a great program with sleeping in tents, barbecue, climbing the high ropes course and an "Infineon Action Day" on which the little researchers could have fun learning about natural science. "We want to arouse the children’s curiosity about the new and let them have fun in experiencing technology," said organizer Stephanie Steinke from the HR department. For example, under expert guidance, the students learned how to solder onto an LED cube. "Who knows, but one of the kids might just be an employee of tomorrow."