Workforce - Good cooperation instilled into our culture

Only satisfied and successful employees make long-term corporate high performances possible. That’s why we want to make sure everyone working here is happy. And we do our utmost to make that possible. With fair and supportive working conditions and our culture of good cooperation. We see ourselves as a top team formed out of top players. We have instilled this idea into all our activities for our workforce.

Feedback from our employees

We are a Great Place to Work®. We regularly take part in the international Great Place to Work® Research and Advisory Institute competition and thereby continually improve our working conditions and promote our corporate culture of trust. In 2016, we conducted another employee survey. We asked 12,000 of our employees for their feedback, and 9,000 of them gave us their opinions and suggestions for improvement. Conclusion: We have significantly improved in all categories compared to the previous survey in the 2013/14 fiscal year. 78 percent of the participants agreed: “Infineon is an excellent employer.”

"The results of the recent Great Place to Work survey show that we’re on the right track. Our employees are the basis for our success. We want them to feel motivated to support the Company’s goals and share in its success. A culture of openness is critical for this, as are clear role and responsibilities. We are consistently continuing our initiatives to that end. When we continue to pursue our goals, we can become even better. Every manager and every employee make an significant contribution to realizing this. Infineon benefits from mutual success as much as each and every one of us. Thank you for your commitment.”

Dr. Reinhard Ploss, CEO

Reliable, fair and innovative: Our values and what we stand for.

Employee representation: Creating together

A strong culture of trust with open and honest communication is also important to us whenever we engage in dialog with our employee representatives. Codetermination is an essential aspect of our HR work. Together, we create the basis for successfully implementing our key issues in the respective bodies, in particular the Central Works Council and the Executive Staff Representation Committee.

“The Central Works Council and company management have a shared interest in continuing to position Infineon, in its rapid change and growth, as an attractive employer.
For this we jointly negotiate all matters requiring co-determination for the five Infineon Technologies AG sites in Germany. The list of topics on which we cooperate is long – systems for employee assessment, company pension, health management, variable pay, training landscape, technical equipment and IT tools, to name only the most important. For instance, about 20 agreements were made in the past financial year just in the IT area alone.
The open communication and respect for each other is the basis for achieving the best possible results for our employees - at just those times when there is a struggle to find the best way forward.
The introduction of the new learning management system, the sabbatical scheme and the maintenance of our retirement and the Fit4Health program are good examples of this from the past year.
In addition, we also discuss future topics in workshops so we can set the course for tomorrow, today.”

Ronald Künemund, Chairman of the Central Works Council of Infineon Technologies AG

Remuneration: Sharing in the Company’s success

Excellence is our standard and high performance is our goal. So it is a matter of course that we offer attractive competitive remuneration and pass on a reasonable share in the Company's success. This is done by setting a fixed annual salary and variable bonus payments. The annual performance bonus is intended to let employees participate in our business success and promote profit-based and business-focused actions at all levels.

In addition, benefits are an integral part of the overall compensation system and reflect our responsibility vis-à-vis employees. No distinction is made between full-time and part-time employees in this regard. The type and extent of the benefits are defined according to the respective regional statutory requirements and normal market practice.

Global personnel costs for active, internal Infineon employees were 2,047 million euros in the 2016 fiscal year. These costs incorporate wages and salaries, including overtime and bonuses, and social costs.

Excellent ideas

For years we have significantly shown how important cooperation is to us on the one hand, and the ideas of our employees on the other, with an award and an idea management program:

For the fourth time, a jury composed of our senior management awarded our High Performance Award in March 2016. The award comes with a total prize of 40,000 euros and rewards outstanding innovative developments made by cross-departmental teams annually. 10,000 euros will go to the gold, silver and bronze prize winners, and 5,000 euros to the winners of two special awards. The prize-winners donate the prize money to a charitable cause.

"With the High Performance Award we want to appreciate contributions to the Company’s success. We want to emphasize the importance of the commitment of our employees to Infineon’s success. Our competitors are on our heels and the competition constantly presents us with new challenges. That’s why we don’t just want to be good – we want to be outstanding. Infineon is renowned for its exceptional technical performance. But innovation isn’t simply having a good idea, it’s about implementing it. This combination, which we call being ‘fast and agile’ allows us to advance into areas others haven’t even thought of yet. I am convinced that we will continue to set ourselves apart from the competition. That’s exactly why the High Performance Award is so important for us. It’s our way of expressing how proud we are of the ideas and achievements of our employees.”

Dr. Reinhard Ploss, CEO

YIP - Your Idea Pays

Another important tool for supporting the innovation culture in our Company is our program “YIP – Your Idea Pays”. For years, we have been using it to coax ideas from our employees and rewarding them for them. Many suggestions from this pool of ideas are optimizing our processes and products. Each and every Infineon employee can submit ideas here. Proposals are often submitted by cross-departmental and international teams.

In the fiscal year 2016, 11,918 proposals for improvement were submitted. Infineon has paid out 1.5 million euros in bonuses to the idea providers. An investment that pays. Because the optimizations it generates translate into direct savings for Infineon. The benefit of individual award-winning improvement suggestions can be clearly calculated and often amount in the millions.

How do you get to Spain with your colleagues? It’s easy. You just have to come up with a “reduction in the throughput time by optimizing the loading (HERO + UTS) in module 4”. Just like five employees from our Dresden site did in 2016. Their suggestion was awarded as part of the “Your Idea Pays” program. And with their winnings the five maintenance technicians drove to Barcelona - and even invited their three shift colleagues along for the trip. The now eight-member group spent four of their shift-free days in the Spanish city. But is wasn’t just the sights and the culinary delights that inspired the travelers. The trip also had a “significant team-bonding factor” says participant Robert Agthen. Everything they did they planned and implemented together - just like in the clean room in Dresden.

Social engagement

It is not just for our success that our employees devote their energies to their work and ideas each day. They also do a lot for others. At all of our locations worldwide to Infineon employees do volunteer work, participate in social actions and donate their time, energy and money where it is needed. Among other things, our corporate culture is driven by people who – in spite of being top performers – don't overlook the fact that many others need help. As a Company, we promote social engagement. For example, by specifying that the prize money from the High Performance Award – totaling 40,000 euros – goes to benefit a charitable organization.

A special place in our hearts for children

Again and again, individual Infineon employees distinguish themselves for their huge engagement. Jiang Minfang from China for example. For many years, the Infineon employee from Wuxi has dedicated herself to numerous social projects, such as helping people in need of physical care, people with low vision and migrant workers. But she has a special place in her heart for disadvantaged children. In 2010 she launched the program "Learning for Life" at Infineon Wuxi, which helps children in special schools. The initiative is supported by employees of Infineon Wuxi, who were all encouraged by Jiang Minfang to dedicate some of their spare time to children with mental and/or physical disabilities. They organize donation drives and events for the schools and help teach and look after the children. "It means that we share our livelihood with them, what we get, and live from what we give”, explains Jiang Minfang about their motivation to do something for others. She adds: It had been my wish for a long time to bring joy into the lives of disadvantaged children to improve their conditions and make sure they had a good start in life. She herself is the mother of a little boy. In 1996, she started as a warehouse worker at Infineon Wuxi and since 2008 is responsible for disposal in the Logistics Department.

Infineon supports refugee aid efforts

“We must do something here”, it was and is clear for us in connection this time with the many people coming to Germany as refugees. And so for instance in fall 2015, we supported Medical Disaster Relief (MHW), which provides primary medical care for refugees coming into Munich. Overall, 105,000 euros were donated by the Company together with our employees to the MHW – over 27,000 euros had been collected just by our employees in a donation account set up by the Works Council, including donations from individuals or groups of over 1,000 euros and dollars.