Talents - We want the right people

Constantly increasing demands on technology, quality, speed and efficiency regularly present us in the fast-paced semiconductor industry with major challenges. It is only our highly dedicated and reliable workforce that makes it possible for us to meet these challenges time and again with great success. However: today’s demographic change presents its own challenge. Therefore only those companies that adapt quickly to the changes in the labor market and are in contact with a sufficient number of candidates will be able to succeed in the long run. That’s why we do everything possible to attract new employees.

Recruiting: targeted search for talent

We search all the channels, use media such as movies, make the job search and application on our career site easy, go to job fairs and cooperate with schools and universities. And our Talent Attraction Management Team (TAM) actively approaches suitable candidates. Our approach in all activities in Employer Branding and Recruiting is now one of an active strategic search for talent. Because we want the right people at the right place at the right time.

Welcome on board!

In the past year almost 300 new employees took up positions in our Munich site. At the same time – in addition to professional training by superiors and colleagues – they were especially welcomed with two welcome events and provided with information. In their very first week HR invited them to a Welcome Breakfast, where they could get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere and get some important start off information.

Then after about three months, the New Hire Orientation Day (NHO) is held for all new recruits. This affords them in-depth networking possibilities and gives them an overview of the entire company. Strategy, sites, products, divisions and corporate functions with their responsibilities and services. Instead of frontal lectures, the speakers present their areas in communicative poster sessions. Speed meetings accelerate familiarization. And meet & greets with top managers are highlights of the Day.

The organizers are happy that there’s a lot of laughter and that it sometimes get really loud: Our efforts in modernizing, dusting off and turning the obligatory lectures for the newcomers in a true added value seem to be working.

“The fight for the best talent’ doesn’t end with the signing of the work contract. It’s just the beginning. So the Welcome Day is an important tool for retaining new employees. As an attractive employer, we want to support the success of the training phase, so that our new employees can fully develop their strengths and feel comfortable with us. The positive candidate experience they’ve had in the recruiting phase should be continued in a positive employee experience.”

Gerti Höglauer, Creative Head & Organizer of the Welcoming Event in Munich

“We look for people with a passion for technology”

How do we find suitable candidates? By appearances at recruiting events such as the Career Day of the University of South Westphalia in Soest – the largest campus job fair in North Rhine-Westphalia, for example. In April 2016, over 100 companies once again presented at the university campus to get into contact with students, graduates and professionals. For us, the fair is of great importance for our Warstein site. "Infineon Warstein is considered a “Workshop of the Future” and has established itself within the Group as an engine for research and development. Here junior staff can help design exciting projects to improve energy efficiency,” said Martin König from our Talent Attraction Management team. His colleague, Moritz Meuren, engineer at Infineon Warstein, adds: “We’re chiefly looking for people who are enthusiastic about our products and technologies and who want to share their passion and skills with us.”

Infineon Day in China

Recruiting at universities in China plays significant strategic role for us: We therefore regularly schedule “Infineon Day” at selected top universities of particular relevance for Infineon, where we present ourselves exclusively. The event has become an important date in the Chinese university calendar. In 2015, a total of 1,400 students at eight universities attended the event. Surveys showed how much the event raise the awareness of Infineon: 78 percent of participants say that after the Day, they now know about Infineon - compared to 24 percent prior to the event.

Joining Infineon

There are many ways to join our Company. They range from vocational training or dual work-study courses, through internships or working student placements, to trainee programs. Another way of starting out at our Company is via a doctoral post. In our Company, everyone, and whatever their level or how they start is given real-life assignments and responsible work.

Abroad with Infineon even as a trainee

Great opportunities even when in training? Infineon makes it possible: Our employee Lukas Schellewald, for instance, – 19 years old and in his third year working at our sit in Warstein as an industrial mechanic – completed a four-week internship at Infineon in Cegléd, Hungary this past fiscal year. “It was an incredible experience for me. Just being in a foreign culture with a foreign language – that’s where you find out what your strengths and your weaknesses are. And you get an incredible amount of support from everyone. I can only say to anyone who has such an opportunity: Go for it. Don’t miss out on this experience!”

The Erasmus program

For many years now, commercial trainees at the Munich, Regensburg and Warstein sites have been spending four weeks of their training in foreign European countries as part of the EU Erasmus Funding Program. Now for the first time technical trainees can now spend their training period at the Warstein site too – thanks to a cooperation with the Lippe Vocational School and the district of Soest.

Global trainee program

Since fall 2016, Infineon also has an International Graduate Program (IGP) – a trainee program, which, unlike the existing programs in place at the individual sites, is international. The IGP is increasingly focused on exchanges and networks across disciplinary and national boundaries. The participants – graduates with Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate degrees – change departments and sites as suits them best. At least one assignment is done abroad. The participants exchange ideas and experiences at regular telephone and online conferences and have in-person meetings every six months. "The aim of the program is to find more talent for the challenges ahead and to specifically develop them internationally," says IGP Project Manager Severine Fiegler (Director Talent Network). "We are looking for strong, open-minded personalities. Good grades also count. But what’s almost more important is what kind of person they are, and that they’re a right fit for the innovative global company Infineon is.

How we cooperate with universities

To attract new entrants to the labor market, Infineon attaches particular importance to maintaining close contact with universities, students and teachers. For instance, many Infineon engineers have given guest lectures at recognized universities inside and outside Germany. We support universities with endowed professorships such as at the University of Innsbruck in the area of power electronics. We run doctoral programs (see Doctorates at Infineon). We visit university recruitment fairs, give presentations at conferences, and invite students to visit our Company. We are also directly involved in important High Potential programs: For example, Infineon is a member of the UNITECH network for promoting top engineering talent – in the 2016 fiscal year, over 15 UNITECH fellows completed an internship at Infineon. Successful cooperation is also enjoyed with the Collège des Ingénieurs (CDI). Infineon has established itself as an attractive partner company in this international MBA program.                


Future Electrical Engineers Visit Infineon Regensburg

In May 2016, we offered 23 participants in the German Student Council for Electrical Engineering (BuFaTa ET) an insight into our Company: The students were received at our high-tech manufacturing site in Regensburg and given a tour of the plant. We informed them about career opportunities at Infineon and explained our business and technology. It was exciting. And one or two contacts for the future may well have been made.

The German Student Council for Electrical Engineering is the union of all the student councils with an electrical engineering focus from the German-speaking countries. They meet once a semester at different universities, where they form working groups on specific topics and organize company visits.

Doctorates at Infineon

Industry is usually a step ahead of university research in application-oriented research, so it makes sense to carry out doctoral studies in close cooperation with an industrial partner. Infineon therefore runs doctoral programs together with professors at accredited universities, and this benefits both sides. Doctoral students usually receive a contract of employment from Infineon, which is aligned to university contracts and includes the research agreement. Doctoral students work at Infineon sites, with support divided between professors and dedicated Infineon employees.

Infineon gets you fit for the job market

We also provide highly practical support for young scientists – for example as part of a two-year project of the EU Erasmus Funding Program called PEP UP“ (PhDs Enhanced for Prospects ErasmUs Plus). The aim of the project is to provide young doctoral students from various European universities with skills and orientation to the labor market - so that after they conclude their doctoral work they can immediately enter the industry. Here Infineon makes a significant contribution with its expertise – co-designing trainings, for instance, and teaching the PhD students in workshops. For example, we contributed to the pilot workshop, which was held in May 2016 at the Institut national des sciences appliquées (INSA) in Lyon for 24 doctoral students from eight European universities. It was a complete success. "The workshop approached the topic of self-development from a perspective that was unusual for the academic context. This revealed an enormous potential for us to improve our marketability in the labor market,” said one of the participating doctoral students. And Rainer Schmidt-Rudloff, responsible for University Relations at Infineon HR, says: “We benefit greatly from the collaboration in the project team. We exchange ideas intensively with the various PhD programs at European technical universities and create an awareness there of the requirements from the industry.”