Human Resources

The success of the company as a whole depends on the work of each individual employee. We are convinced of this truth, and subsequently we design our Human Resources work. We actively encourage our employees to refine their skills and contribute to the success of Infineon. We see ourselves as enablers of top performance.

We promote excellent performance

In order to enable top performance, we continuously develop our own Human Resources capabilities. Our HR Operational Excellence initiative for instance, helps us ensure more stable and efficient HR processes and tools worldwide. We continually improve the basic conditions needed to ensure better process transparency and the clear definition of HR roles and responsibilities. After all, the quality and success of our HR work depend on our strategic strength as well as our administrative professionalism. We want to be a business partner for our internal customers, and achieve success together with them, by combining business acumen with perfect HR programs, and integrated HR services. We strive to achieve HR excellence.

Our HR strategy rests on three strategic topics: Leadership, Talents, and Workforce.


Our Human Resources department develops a targeted leadership structure that enables managers to support and encourage their employees. Managers are responsible for leading their employees to success, and for supporting them in their professional development. We give them the guidance and tools they need to optimally fulfill this task. One key to this is our open feedback culture – which rests on constructive dialog between managers and employees.


We also attach special importance to recognizing the talents of our employees, to develop them and putting these to use. Infineon needs to draw on the full breadth of employee skills in order to remain innovative, successful, and ready for the future. To this end, we offer different areas of responsibility, career paths, and skills development opportunities. We want to work with managers to create a company-wide, diversity-based talent culture, and thereby ensure that our employees have the right technical and leadership skills to face the future. Moreover, here at Infineon, you don’t have to work at the headquarters in order to be promoted: Our employees can build their careers from anywhere in the world. For example, we have four global HR functions in Asia; there is one global process responsibility function based in India, while employees in Singapore address issues such as international assignments, mobility, business partners for backend manufacturing, and promoting talent.


Our primary goal for organizing our workforce is clear: We want to commit ourselves to being a “Great Place to Work.” Infineon aims to be an employer that is both attractive and competitive. In pursuing this aim, we address issues such as compensation, including the ability to adapt to global cost structures and economic cycles, and embrace the “soft” aspects of corporate culture.

HR work

“In order for Infineon to succeed, we need each and every employee to succeed. Our HR work is designed to optimize individual performance and therefore optimize the performance of our company as a whole. Establishing clear roles and responsibilities and an attractive and healthy organization with clear structures and efficient processes are extremely important elements of optimizing performance. We also focus on supporting and assisting managers and employees alike, and creating modern work environments in keeping with the Infineon corporate culture.”

Thomas Marquardt, Global Head of Human Resources