High Performance

We’re developing the future. That’s why we hold ourselves to the absolute highest standards. We follow various models that help us to live up to this standard.

For instance, in our Road of Success mission statement we identifies what makes us strong and what drives us forward, and how we want to successfully shape our path into the future. We have effective tools that will help take us forward now and over the coming years. Our aim is: to achieve sustainable profitable growth.

Our High Performance Behavior Model translates our corporate strategy into concrete behaviors. How do we go about our tasks, how do we make decisions and how do we work together? The model provides answers to these questions. It serves as a guide that provides our employees with ethical and practical principles to act by, and delineates how we can achieve high performance in our daily business.


"We’re on the right path. We are needed. Today, tomorrow and beyond."

Dr. Reinhard Ploss, CEO

Meanwhile, the High Performance Company Monitor is our control tool. Within this tool, we have defined our key strategic objectives and the parameters for monitoring our performance. The monitor is divided into four categories (Financials, Customers, Processes, and Employees) and provides an in-depth explanation of success factors and parameters measuring for each of these areas.

This in turn provides us with the necessary guidance for our daily work – on a global basis.

But the work we do is fundamentally underpinned by our pursuit of excellence and innovation. Innovation is a core brand value for technology companies such as Infineon. In fact, that’s built right into our name: Infineon is an amalgamation of "unlimited" (Latin "infinitus") and "eternity" (Greek "aeon") – we believe that creative talent never stops reinventing itself.             

We promote innovation in many different ways: for example, through our commitment to diversity, and by nurturing values such as openness, trust, and freedom of thought. In this way, we continually provide room for our employees to experiment, and create incentives for them to explore uncharted territory.

Mysteries of the Universe

8-inch sensor chips from Infineon for the search at CERN

Ninety-five percent of the universe is still considered unexplored. Scientists at CERN, the world’s largest particle physics research center, located in Geneva, are working on solving these mysteries. Among other things, they are looking for “dark matter” – matter that is not directly visible, but is astronomically observable. A unique sensor chip was designed to help in the search. It is eight inches or 10 x 15 centimeters large and was developed jointly by Infineon and the Austrian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of High Energy Physics (HEPHY). "This was and is a challenge for us," says project manager Johannes Hacker. “So far we’ve delivered prototypes. In fall 2017, we’ll be making the first production delivery to CERN.”

Responsibility to the Environment and Society

High performance and innovation are only effective when they are sustainable. That’s why sustainability is very important to us. We do a lot to fulfill our responsibilities to the environment and society. We promote the social commitment of our employees. Our suppliers must act in accordance with our strict purchasing principles. We have a certified occupational health and safety management system. Our Human Resource Management reflects our commitment to respect internationally-recognized human rights.

We do a good job of committing to our corporate responsibility, as an official body confirmed once this past fiscal year. For the sixth time in a row, Infineon was listed in the Sustainability Yearbook – confirmation that we are among the most sustainable companies in the world. This yearbook honors the largest publicly listed companies with the best sustainability performance every year. Only the top 15 percent of companies in each of the various sectors studied make it into the prestigious publication. We’re proud to have made the cut.