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Founded in 1994, the principal activity of Infineon Technologies Hong Kong Limited is the provision of agency services. Managing the Hong Kong and China markets, the site is responsible for all sales and marketing activities of semiconductors including customer technical support, order processing and commercial services. Located in Greater Bay Area, Infineon Hong Kong has been building up and expanding Competence Center in digitalized environment for intelligent power management, radar and sensing technology, IoT system integration and human machine interface development.

In HMI (Human-Machine Interaction) Lab, what we do as a team is to apply algorithm to the hardware part of sensors which enables an integrated solution. We are dedicated to equipping radar sensor systems with the most cutting-edge algorithm to realize more innovative functionalities that suit our customers’ needs.
Infineon Hong Kong site is located in an unique position where east meets west. We are a team consists of variety of expertise, also we are located in a campus where Infineon Hong Kong gets connected to both international MNC and innovative local partners. This unique combination fosters innovation and breakthroughs, which in turn creates tremendous value for Infineon and our customer.

Donald Leader of Radar Sensing System Lab
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Why Infineon Hong Kong?

We consider the well-being of our employees to be the most important, we continuously implement wellness programs to support their work-life balance and health.


What can we offer

Career Development

Individual Contributor, Management Career, Project Management Career & Technical Ladder


Commercial insurance I Free meal I Access shuttle bus & Gifts for traditional festival


Remote work I Health program: Health lecture I Monthly nugget I Employee activities: Annual Party, Family Day

What are you waiting for?

Here you will get a 1- year systematic Young Graduates Program training for students which is designated for the purpose to synergize and optimize resources to retain, engage and develop new-hired young graduates.

You will find a suitable career path for you: Individual Contributor, Management Career, Project Management Career, and Technical Ladder

You will find that diversity has different dimensions and Infineon Hongkong has put focus on gender diversity for a long time.  Under the ground of gender diversity, Infineon also focus on gender diversity during campus recruitment.

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