EPOS Duisburg

EPOS has a long history in development of highly complex embedded microchips for different applications as an Infineon company.



At EPOS in Duisburg, you shape the future. There are several good reasons to join our team - here are the five most important: 

  1. EPOS has a long history in development of highly complex embedded microchips for different applications. The focus area of our team  is on ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) for autonomous driving. Sensors continuingly become more important and need more intelligence. This is the key competence of EPOS: to develop cutting-edge technology products for ADAS. 
  2. High-tech and research: At EPOS, we traditionally have good relationships to Universities and research institutes. We combine Scientific Research with solutions for industrial needs to meet future challenges. 
  3. Local and international: A multicultural team on-site and many contacts to  Infineon locations word wide make your work day exciting. You will have ample opportunity to grow further - personally and professionally.
  4. Manageable and right in the middle: EPOS is  a small company and at the same time part of a big enterprise, cross-linked to the Infineon headquarters. The ideal surrounding for an outstanding work atmosphere and a great starting point for your personal development!
  5. Life in Duisburg: Our office building is in the south of Duisburg – close to the capital of NRW Düsseldorf - one of the glamorous cities of Germany. On the other hand it is embedded in the Ruhrgebiet  one of the most vibrant areas in Europe.  Duisburg and surrounding neighborhoods provide many options for accommodation and affordable cost of living. For your leisure time the area has much to offer: the vicinity of the North Sea Shores, Nature parks, leisure time facilities in the cities and a very diverse cultural scene.

What we offer you in Duisburg

Career Opportunities at Duisburg

Our offices can be reached conveniently from all major universities in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Are you student or graduate in electronical engineering or a related technical study program? Then we look forward to your application. Current job ads you can find on our job search

As young professional or expert, working in a technical field, you have great opportunities for your entry at  EPOS in Duisburg. We are i.e. looking for HW Developers, Concept Engineers & Test Engineers for automotive Applications. Our focus is microchip development for autonomous driving.