Infineon in Dresden...
... was founded in 1994
... and today produces chips on 200-mm wafer with high automation.
Dresden is one of the biggest production sites for Infineon.
And the first one worldwide to mass-produce on 300-mm-wafern.

Why Infineon Dresden

We are one of the biggest production sites of Infineon. We have invested more than 3 billion Euro since our foundation in 1994. And there are many reasons to work for us:

  1. First volume production worldwide for power semiconductions on 300-mm-wafer and highly automated 200-mm-production: We are producing chips based on complex production technologies on 200- and 300-mm wafer for 200 different products and 30 different technologoies and derivates in copper and alumnium.
  2. Quality: We are proud of our first-class security standards and our high quality. We are true to the “Zero-Defect-Philosophy“ and thus ensure excellent yield and fast cycle-time.
  3. Innovation: Obviously, our technologies are innovative. But we take innovation one step further: we think ahead in areas such as automatisation and production concepts, business process and maintenance.
  4. Flexibility: We offer flexible working time, part-time for our shift employees, Home Office and a parents-child office, open until 7pm. This is how work-life-balance works in Dresden.

What we offer you in Dresden

Entry Options

For school pupils, we offer one apprenticeship option: mechatronics technician. Find out more about this apprenticeship here

It is important to us that you combine theory with practice: and we support you with internships, study jobs or support of your thesis. Find currently open positions here

Graduates and professionals have many options: as maintenance engineer in our production, as process engineer or as engineer in the technology development. Find currently open positions here.