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The student, as part of the Package Technology team and under the guidance of an assigned mentor, will conduct exploratory research on Parasitic in Power Electronics for package development and measurement method.

Quick info

Location Singapore
Entry level Internship
Job ID 39191
Start Jan 02, 2020
Type Full time
Contract Temporary

Job description

In your new role you will:
  • Conduct Part 1 - Fundamental knowledge in Parasitic
    • Search publication of parasitic studies for package development and measurement method. 
    • Explore parasitic extraction tools available and its funtionality for package development. 
    • Trial out available free parastic extraction tool available in the market. 
  • Part 2 - Test setup
    • Search and establish the barebone of parasitic measurement method available on what test method and setup, and required equipment for measurement. 

Learning outcomes:
  • Understand the method and equipment setup required for parasitic measurement
  • Develop fundamental knowledge in Parasitic in Power Semiconductors


You are best equipped for this task if you have:
  • Undergraduate from school of Electrical & Electronics Engineering 
  • Basic understanding of IC packaging process 
  • This is a 6 months internship opportunity

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