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To develop/enhance/support Infineon Libraries Qualification when integrated with overall Design System (called Level-3 testing). Infineon Design System includes Infineon's internal ASIC design flows (Digital and Analog), methodologies, Libraries and Technology packages

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Location Bangalore
Entry level Professionals / experienced
Job ID 38921
Start immediately
Type Full time
Contract Permanent

Job description

In your new role you will:
  • 6 - 12 years in developing and/or qualifying Design Packages (Libraries, Technology files)
  • Proven experience in qualifying ASIC Design flows (Digital or Analog), libraries, technology packages, PDK development, developing design methodologies
  • Good understanding of overall ASIC Design Flow (Digital - RTL to GDS Analog – Design entry to GDS)
  • High level understanding for overall EDA tools used either in Digital or Analog flow
  • Added advantage : If Candidate worked in CAD/Design flow teams, developing flows/methodologies and qualifying
  • Testcase development using VHDL/Verilog/SystemVerilog (mainly for Digital flow); In case of Analog – SKILL
  • Good automation skills like Perl/Python/Tcl scripting languages
  • Good working knowledge with UNIX & Shell programming
  • Working knowledge of EDA tools (Digital : Xcelium/ncsim/modelsim/vcs, Veridi, DC,ICC/ICC2,Innovus, Conformal-LEC, Virtuoso,Calibre,Spectre)
  • Version Control Tools : SVN/GIT/ClearCase, DesignSync/Cliosoft
  • Continuous Integration using Jenkins
  • Automated Testing Frameworks (Build,Run,Report), Jenkins based CI
  • Bug tracking tools : JIRA
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills 
  • Quick Learner with Strong Interpersonal Skills


You are best equipped for this task if you have:
  • Lead qualification of multiple pre-releases of Design Packages (ASIC Libraries, Devices, and Technology Packages/PDKs)
  • Drive TestPlan development, Test Strategy based on requirements from DP Project Managers, technology leads to maximize the coverage of library cells, devices and technology files
  • Creating new test cases to cover varieties/different flavours of Libraries [Standard Cell –hvt,lvt,rvt | IO Cells –padlibs,esdlibs | Memory Cells –sram,effuses,rom)| Devices (nmos,pmos,Resistance, Capacitance, diodes) and Technology files/runsets
  • Proactively update test cases for new use case scenarios of internal Design teams Automotive/Security Chip card/Power chips (like Low Power, Automotive Safety compliance, High performance, Growing design sizes, etc.,)
  • Migrate existing test cases to new technologies. Able to come up quickly with dummy test vehicles to validate interfaces of different stages in flow (ex. Synthesis to place and route; Schematic to Layout, simulation, etc.,
    Understand Unit/Component Level testing of DPs and come up with test plan (scenarios) at integration level by identifying the gaps not covered in lower level testing methods
  • Analyse bugs uncovered by design teams related to DPs and improve testcases
  • Run Regressions, Review Reports, Analyse Coverage gaps and develop new test cases to increase the defined library/device/flow coverage, improve the quality
  • This involves driving the specification, alignment, implementation and support of the DPQA Quality Checker modules
  • Share feedback status/recommendations to library/technology owners for their inputs
  • Automation of DP qualification mechanisms, generation of test reports/dashboards..etc.
  • Work with stakeholders, Technology Program Managers to understand their general QA requirements and come up innovative and generic ideas/solutions to automate DP qualification for multiple technologies.
  • Ensuring compliance with all Infineon Quality/Process practices
  • Need Research and Development Mind-set to make Infineon design packages ready to meet Automotive, Smart card and Power Management chip design challenges.

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