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The industrial doctorate at Infineon: Pursue a doctoral degree at a university and gain professional experience simultaneously - an ideal start for your career. Advance your research with us and profit from our vast network of doctoral candidates and the expertise of a university. Mentorship is handled by both professors and dedicated Infineon employees. We are offering a doctoral thesis dealing with „Hardware Security in Blockchain Applications for Industrial IoT Networks”. ​Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networks have emerged as a disruptive technology with the potential to have a profound impact on many industry domains (from smart factories to logistics), dramatically optimizing operations between increasingly autonomous devices. However, a major barrier towards IIoT adoption lies in cybersecurity. Thousands of simple, connected devices, dramatically increase the attack surface, introducing new security threats. The research will be performed in the innovation, support and services group within the Research and Development Funding department at Infineon Technologies, Campeon. The position is limited to three years. It is a full-time, onsite position, to be done in cooperation with an European university.

Quick info

Location Munich
Entry level Ph.D. Thesis
Job ID 38679
Start Oct 01, 2019
Type Full time
Contract Temporary

Job description

The goal of the research is to use novel hardware security elements in IIoT nodes to provide trustworthy cybersecurity mechanisms, together with state-of-the-art blockchain approaches, able to unlock the full potential of IIoT in the Industry 4.0 vision.

Topics of this thesis include:
  • Development of an IIoT node: integrating a microcontroller, a radio transceiver, sensors, actuators and a secure element.
  • Discovery, analysis and evaluation of novel blockchain use-cases in IIoT networks, using frameworks such as Ethereum and/or Hyperledger.
  • Development of smart contracts, using signed sensor data coming from the IIoT nodes, to implement business logic and optimize transactions
  • Setting up demonstration systems that showcase the envisioned use-case, using standard web technologies.
The learnings out of the thesis will lead to:
  • Advanced knowledge on novel embedded hardware security and their application in IIoT cybersecurity protocols.
  • Experience with state-of-the-art blockchain platforms and disruptive applications in industrial environments.
  • Collaboration with University researchers and PhDs at Infineon, doing their research in the area of IoT & Cybersecurity. Collaboration in European funded projects with industrial and academic partners.


As the ideal candidate you:
  • Are eligible for full-time PhD studies.
  • Have a university master degree in electronic engineering or equivalent with focus on cybersecurity, embedded systems, machine learning and/or communication protocols. 
  • Bring hands-on experience with embedded systems and blockchain frameworks.
  • Have knowledge in Internet of Things operating systems, communication stacks and cybersecurity protocols.
  • Are willing to travel and work in a multicultural environment.
  • Already have gained experience in industrial environments, such as supply chain. 
  • Have excellent English and German communication skills.
  • Show ability to give excellent technical presentations and write high-quality documents.

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