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We are offering a PhD thesis dealing with research and design of neural compute architectures. The neural processing architectures will be optimized for embedded applications allowing always-on and battery powered operation. You will work on a software flow from neural networks to embedded systems and prototype hardware architectures for AI acceleration at the edge. You gain insights into state of the art machine learning applications and their requirements for hardware. The PhD Thesis is done in close collaboration with a renowned university, the contract is limited to 3 years.

Quick info

Location Dresden
Entry level Ph.D. Thesis
Job ID 38340
Start Oct 01, 2019
Type Full time
Contract Temporary

Job description

In your new role you will:
  • Analyse neural compute requirements for common sensors
  • Define architectural templates allowing a scalable implementation in hardware
  • Compare architectural variants with respect to performance, power and area
  • Extend the neural compute architecture for classical pre- and post-processing
  • Evaluate and compare commercially available IP
  • Perform rapid prototyping (e.g. FPGA) as proof of concept
  • Enhance your knowledge upon completion of additional PhD modules offered by university
  • Document your results by writing and submitting your PhD thesis

Learning outcomes:
  • Build up R&D skill sets, accumulate industrial experience and academic knowledge with focus on neural compute architectures
  • Integrate university learning with actual workplace applications
  • Improve technical and soft competencies through discussions, feedback and presentations to team


You are best equipped for this task if you have:
  • A master degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Physics or similar
  • Solid digital architecture and design skills
  • Hands on experience with FPGA prototyping
  • First experience in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and related tooling frameworks (e.g. Tensorflow, Caffe)
  • Programming skills (VHDL/Verilog and ideally Python, C/C++ or Matlab)
  • Fluent English is mandatory with German as a plus

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