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Do you want to assume an exciting full-time research opportunity in Neuromorphic Artificial Intelligence for Radar? During your thesis project, we expect you to become an outstanding expert for neuromorphic circuit solutions – analog and/or digital, with strong focus on radar as application domain. As part of a team you investigate alternative circuit designs, taking different target technologies into account – BiCMOS and CMOS. You benchmark the solutions against standard approaches within the radar application domain by simulation and evaluation of test circuit implementations. Additionally you will use the latest acceleration solution SpiNNaker 2 for comparable evaluations of performance and architectural approaches. You either focus on the monitoring of the radar device itself or the radar signal processing at different stages as application domain. The thesis will take place in cooperation with the TU Dresden. The contract is limited to 3 years and the earliest possible start date is 01. October. A later commencement is also possible.

Quick info

Location Dresden
Entry level Ph.D. Thesis
Job ID 37049
Start immediately
Type Full time
Contract Temporary

Job description

In your new role you will:
  • Learn and master neuromorphic circuit design approaches on BiCMOS and CMOS technologies
  • Advance your expertise in artificial neural network architectures, learning techniques and their neuromorphic implementation
  • Establish knowledge in design and application of artificial spiking neural networks
  • Develop neuromorphic circuits for the monitoring and signal processing in radar systems
  • Enhance your knowledge upon completion of additional PhD modules offered by university
  • Document your results by writing and submitting your PhD thesis
Learning outcomes:
  • Build up R&D skill sets, accumulate industrial experience and knowledge with focus on neuromorphic circuits for radar monitoring and signal processing
  • Integrate university learning with actual workplace application
  • A platform to heighten technical and soft competencies through discussions and presentations to team


You are best equipped for this task if you have:
  • A Master/Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering or Physics
  • Strong interest in research
  • Knowledge in area of artificial intelligence, especially artificial neural networks and neuromorphic implementations of ANNs. Being familiar with spiking neural networks is of benefit
  • Keenness to work in a highly motivated international team and in a challenging environment

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