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Supports the Lab team by efficient sustaining of processes and equipment,Supports the Lab targets by optimizing of the process, continuous improvement and adaptation to new requirement, Provides equipment support for the lab personnel. Technical/ logistic responsibility and Team leading

Quick info

Location Melaka
Entry level Professionals / experienced
Job ID 29233
Start immediately
Type Full time
Contract Permanent

Job description

In your new role you will:
  • Responsible for the performance and output of subfields within the lab
  • Alignment of incoming and planned stress test orders according committed contingent’s with internal customer ( QM, PGM, PJM )
  • Incoming & outgoing quality inspection of stress test ordered, derive process improvement out of the identified quality deviation   
  • Prioritization of stress test execution, derive measures in case of bottleneck issue  
  • Perform verification of Realis project (complete, accurate and correct) and confirmation of requirements with clients.
  • Quarterly RFC request to client, consolidate the demand and summarized the resources requirement 
  • escalate in case of gaps in capacity and resources, set up of service bundle and aligned with clients  
  • Early warning to clients and/or the lab in case of change of promise / change of request       
  • Responsible for the performance and output of subfields within the lab 
  • Independent coordination of lab orders for test and stress setup for qualifications, monitoring and development investigations.
  • drive solution to overcome issue arise and provide technical solution to it
  • Independent development and realization of new stress tests concepts according to customer / product requirements
  • Strong cooperation with development experts and to provide know-how expertise to the development
  • Interface to equipment suppliers and provide scope of work to equipment suppliers
  • Interface & manage stress loading to external test house (committed deadlines, specifications of stress tests, equipment utilization) 
  • Responsible equipment installation, calibration, ramp up and buy off; in time calibration release in the lab. 
  • Provide know-how transfer to execution staff for correct equipment handling, set up of training material/work instruction 
  • Regular review of the training material/work instruction contents 
  • Drive for equipment and process adaptation according to new requirement derive out of the roadmaps 
  • Responsible for the assessment of results out of lab processes and independent realization of measures in case of tests or product related deviations 
  • Perform preventive maintenance and repair on dedicated test or stress equipment. 
  • setting up the preventive maintenance program and decide on the critical spare part inventory 
  • Procurement of reliability equipment (selection, setup, acceptance, maintaining) 
  • Realization of reliability tests, respective test systems and processes out of standards/customer requirements 
  • Supplier selection, development and negotiation w. suppliers  


You are best equipped for this task if you have:
  • Focus on skills from basic training or experience
  • Responsible for min. 3 subfields in the lab for at least 4 - 5 year. 
  • Lab experience: > 4,5 years 
  • Job experience: Approximately 3 year experience in the semiconductor industry.
  • Apprenticeship (preferable electronic) and/or adequate technical training successful finished Technical college, or Federal Secondary College of Engineering/Technical University 

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