Research & Development

Our research and development department uses open innovation: We actively exchange information with customers, users, research institutes and a number of knowledge carriers. Our innovations combine new findings in technology and customer-specific needs.

Our System Engineers make sure that Infineon keeps up with the trends and that our customers receive the best products for their systems.
Our Design Engineers work with computer-based design software, build prototypes and work closely with Concept and Verification Engineers.
Our Verification Engineers check the chips, long before they go to production.
Our Process Engineers analyze and evaluate the efficiency, quality and safety of our products.
Our Test Engineers are the quality gate that every single Infineon chip has to pass.

Highly motivated and enthusiastic teams follow ambitious goals and create added value for us and our customers: Application Engineers gather customer requirements, Concept Engineers translate them into chip functionality and choose the right technologies. Design Engineers develop the switches, perform simulations and run the first tests.

To prevent failures at an early stage, the Verification Engineer checks the prototypes for failures before they are released for production and identifies improvements. The product is then manufactured on the most efficient production lines, always coordinated by the production and process engineers.

R&D is one of our key departments. It brings together many sites into one network. Twenty-one sites around the world work together on the energy efficiency, mobility and safety of tomorrow.

Important Job Profiles Research & Development

As an Application Engineer you are at the forefront of potential new business. You are in direct contact with the customers and list and understand their needs. You will then translate these into a qualified requirements catalogue for our technical solution. For this position you not only need deep technical understanding but specifically need to have strong communication skills.

As a System Engineer, you are responsible for the development of systems for our customers. This job combines knowledge of several disciplines with the ability to think outside the box. Get to know our colleague Martin Prell from Warstein and hear about his job. Find out more.

As a Design Engineer, you are responsible for the schematic design of machines, structures and systems. The goal of your work: To continuously improve products, eliminate procedural flaws and solve production problems. Gunther and Alexander, two of our Design Engineers tell you more about their work in a short video and their interview. Find out more.

As a Product Engineer, you come up with and evaluate new product ideas – this can be related to completely new products or modifications on existing products. You work closely with colleagues in Sales & Marketing as well as Product Development.

Development Engineers are problem solvers. Their area of work is very diverse and can encompass product, process or test development. However, what is always crucial in this role: you need to know the market and customer needs to develop successful products. Ricarda Kemper works within module development in Warstein and gives you some insights into her job in a short video and interview. Find out more.

Our Verification Engineers check the chips, long before they go to production. They need to detect problems before they happen and they are a crucial part so that our customers can install working products in their systems. You will analyze the prototypes of electronic products so that problems can be recognized and solved before production starts. For example, you will make sure that all of the components synchronize properly in order to identify potential failure sources. Our colleague Thomas Rickes from Munich gives some insighs into verfication engineering. Find out more.

As a Process Engineer, you will test and optimize the production processes in different manufacturing environments. The goal of your job is to analyze and evaluate the efficiency, quality and safety of our products. Meet Andrea, one of our process engineers from Dresden. Find out more.

As a Test Engineer you are the quality gate that every single Infineon chip has to pass. You will make sure that our products are of high quality and are successful in their markets – thus, your role is pivotal to product development. Our colleagues Amine El Younsi and Georg Eibl tell you more about this job. Find out more.