Workforce – We want everyone to be well and happy

As the saying goes, “Your health is your wealth.” For us, health at work not only means protecting our employees against hazards and creating a safe workplace for everyone. We also support them with a wide range of measures for a healthy lifestyle and healthy work habits. Covering everything from a company physician, social counselling and professional reintegration management through health checks and sports activities to innovative health promotion measures – all Infineon locations across the world offer and continuously improve a wide variety of programs and initiatives. Our focus lies not only on promoting individual health and encouraging employees to be proactive about their health, but also on the working environment and the wellbeing of the entire organization. This is a multi-faceted task with many local and global interfaces. The main aim of Infineon Health&Care is to raise general awareness around the many dimensions of occupational health among employees and to advance efforts in this area.

One of the key prerequisites for a happy life is health. For this reason, we attach great importance to promoting the well-being of our employees. We support them with various initiatives for a healthy lifestyle and working habits, and we always strive to make health-promoting activities more accessible at the workplace. The topic of health encompasses not only physical vitality but also mental health. Therefore, a seamless work-life integration is very important for preventing emotional stress and overwork.

Chee Seong Chua President and Managing Director of Infineon Asia-Pacific


Ergonomics week

The Villach location staged an event to show that even small changes can make a big difference to health during a regular working day. During the four days of the Ergonomics Week organized by the local health team at the start of June 2019, employees learned all about ergonomics at a demo workstation. They were shown how to adjust their desk and office chair correctly, where the mouse and keyboard should be placed in relation to their elbow and hand, and the optimum distance between their eyes and the computer screen.

A shiatsu chair provided a relaxing introduction to this form of massage therapy, which was followed by an opportunity to receive treatment from a trained shiatsu practitioner. A physiotherapist rounded off the event with some exercises for the participants to try themselves. These were designed for easy incorporation into daily work routines and, if practiced regularly, can prevent back, neck and shoulder problems. 


Mental wellness

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. The mental wellbeing of a person is therefore an essential part of being healthy. With this in mind, Infineon Singapore has been running its Employee Assistance Program for a number of years. It offers professional support and advice to employees facing difficult challenges, whether in their professional or personal lives.



25 minutes of mindfulness

The “25 minutes of mindfulness” sessions offered on a regular basis by Stephan Tente give participants an opportunity to focus on their breathing, and be aware of themselves and their surroundings so they can live in the moment without judging it. The goal is to reach a state of inner harmony that will allow them to take a more relaxed approach to their day-to-day responsibilities and work demands. Stephan is quality manager at Campeon and a trained yoga instructor. He has a lot of experience in leading mindfulness groups and his sessions are very popular – not just with his colleagues in Neubiberg, but also with participants from as far afield as Austria, America and Portugal, who regularly take part via Skype. 



2019 World Adventurer Challenge: Seven Wonders of the World

Over 260 million steps were walked during this year’s Get Active Walking Challenge as part of the Infineon Cares program run by Infineon Americas. Following the success of last year’s Walk to the Moon Challenge, this year’s target was to take in the seven wonders of the world. Over six weeks, 624 Infineon employees – many of whom were part of the 89 participating teams –walked a virtual tour of all seven ancient wonders of the world plus one of the modern wonders: the Rose City of Petra in Jordan. The challenge was as much about health, wellbeing, team spirit and mutual motivation as it was about the 4,500 US dollars that it raised in donations for a charitable cause.



CITY CYCLING, a campaign by the Climate Alliance, Europe’s largest network dedicated to climate protection, was set up to help mitigate climate change and to promote cycling as a healthy mode of transport. Over 1,700 cities, districts and municipalities have joined the network to date. Designed as a competition between municipalities across Germany, the CITY CYCLING campaign challenges cyclists to complete as many of their daily trips as possible with zero CO2 emissions. On 29 July 2019, 134 cyclists from the Infineon team representing Neubiberg took to the saddle for a three-week campaign. The total distance finally entered in the CITY CYCLING app was 44,097 kilometers – which translates to almost 6.3 tons of CO2 that would otherwise have been emitted. An impressive figure when you consider that an average Bavarian citizen emits around 6.1 tons of CO2 every year. A healthy challenge in more ways than one then, and a success for Team Infineon which finished first in its own municipality as well as beating all the other municipalities in the wider Munich area. This event is also a great way to inspire other cyclists and expand the cycling community.



This fiscal year’s Singapore Health Award Symposium on Sustainability of Health recognized 169 companies, institutions and organizations for their efforts to promote health over the past two years. We are very proud to rank among the 21 companies (representing the top 15% of all participating companies) that joined the many government and health institutions to be singled out for the Excellence Award. Through programs covering everything from exercise to nutrition, we firmly believe that healthy employees performing at their best can make the biggest contribution to Infineon’s success. Our thanks to everyone who made this award for Infineon possible!

Leadership & Health: Prevention program

Ensuring that our employees retain their ability to perform well at work is not just a core element of our corporate philosophy; it is also a key leadership task. There is a direct link between the way managers interact with their teams and the health and wellbeing of those teams. In order to make managers more aware of their role and equip them with the skills needed for health leadership, Infineon offers the Leadership & Health prevention program. As well as providing valuable background information on how to maintain health and prevent illness, the program develops skills that encourage managers to take responsibility for their own health and for that of their employees.

Flexible working models

In today’s world, it’s becoming increasingly important to balance professional challenges with adequate time and space for family and private life. At different stages in life, employees may require models with flexible working hours for a variety of reasons – they may be caring for children or a relative or taking a long-awaited break from work. We aim to create attractive working environments at Infineon because we want our workforce to be satisfied, motivated and always performing at its best. Part-time work, job sharing, home office, teleworking, sabbaticals and flexitime – all of these models give our employees the flexibility to balance professional demands with their private lives.

All German and Austrian Infineon locations are considered to be particularly family-friendly and were awarded the “audit berufundfamilie” (work-life balance) certificate.

Disability is one of the six facets of diversity management at Infineon Technologies. High performance means valuing each individual talent. Every investment in the needs of disabled people is potentially an investment in one’s own future when you consider that anyone’s circumstances can change overnight and inclusive measures usually benefit the able-bodied as well.

Johann Wein general disabled employees representative

Another important priority at Infineon is to create an inclusive working environment where everyone fits it – regardless of ability or disability.

Infineon Japan is proud to welcome paracanoe athlete Yuta Takagi to the company. Yuta injured his spine in a motorbike accident at university and has been in a wheelchair ever since. His injury, however, doesn't stop him from training every day and leading an active, independent life. He started canoeing in 2017 after a friend suggested he give it a try. He now aims to take part in the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo. Yuta drives himself hundreds of kilometers to take part in competitions in the sport he is so passionate about. Yuta joined Infineon Japan in 2017 under an athlete employment scheme. He currently lives 410 kilometers away from Tokyo in Gifu Prefecture as this is also home to a canoe training center. Yuta visits our Japanese headquarters in Osaki, Tokyo, once a month.
Infineon was also able to help Klaus Schmidt. A serious illness in 2004 changed his life, but after being recognized as having a disability rating of 50% and after receiving support from Infineon’s disabled employees representative Johann Wein, Klaus was successfully re-integrated into the workforce with a workplace adapted to his needs. He was also glad to accept a part-time work model allowing him sufficient time to rest. In the meantime, Klaus’ disability rating has risen to 70% and he is working three days a week – an arrangement that suits him very well.
On 3 October 2018, around thirty Infineon employees on parental leave, including three fathers, joined their managers for the fifth Infineon Austria parental leave breakfast at Naturel Hotel Village Schönleitn in Oberaichwald. This breakfast event has been a fixture since June 2014, and it is organized by Sigrun Alten, Diversity Manager, in cooperation with external partners and HR. The aim is to maintain contact between employees on parental leave and their managers during their time off work and to underline that the company holds parenthood in high esteem. Alongside presentations on childcare and getting healthy sleep with a young child, a colleague from the HR service center was also on hand to answer general questions.

Day care and vacation camps for kids

In many cities, securing a daycare spot for your child is a stroke of luck. All major Infineon locations in Germany, Austria and Singapore either have their own company daycare centers or they cooperate with nearby childcare facilities to offer places, and we are continually increasing the options available.

The Campeon daycare center is, by total number of employees, one of the largest company day nurseries in Germany. Since 2013, it has been certified as a “Haus der kleinen Forscher” (Little Scientists’ House). The aim of this program is to encourage a spirit of discovery among little boys and girls, while providing professional supervision for their research projects. In this way, Infineon is making an important contribution to securing the next-generation MINT pipeline.


 The International Daycare Center (IDC) in Villach opened a second facility in September 2019 and now offers a total of 190 childcare places for children aged from 11 months to school age. Highlights include a bilingual environment (thanks to German and English native speakers) and a learning concept focused on technology and science. The IDC has been awarded the Austrian MINT seal of quality. For older children, we also offer a varied vacation program at various locations. 


The popularity of our Infineon Vacation Camp in Warstein is growing every year. From 15 through 20 July 2019, 72 kids from first to seventh grade had great fun at a Harry Potter themed event. As well as a broomstick challenge, a Quidditch tournament and water games, the program also included a cinema evening, a night-time ramble and a barbecue party, all rounded off with a “magic potion” evening. The kids also went to a climbing center, built a raft on the Möhne river and visited the all-weather swimming pool in Warstein. And of course no summer camp would be complete without a camp-fire. Once again, members of the scouting organization Deutsche Pfadfinderschaft St. Georg (DPSG) from the Paderborn archdiocese supported the caregivers for this outing. On the Infineon activity day, a colleague from quality management gave the children the chance to use an electron microscope. They went out on a nature trail looking for specimens which they then examined under the microscope in ultra-fine detail.

At Infineon Bangalore in India, the children of our employees were able to get an impression of their parents’ workplace for the first time on May 24, 2019. “Bring Your Kids to Work Day” was an initiative introduced by the local gender diversity network Spoorthi. The intention was to give the youngsters the unique opportunity to spend an entire day at their parents’ workplace where they would learn more about the company and the industry in an interactive, entertaining and informative way. Over 130 kids took part in the event, during which they also learned about the importance of education, opportunities and responsibility – both for family and career. The ground floor was transformed into a play area for the day with popcorn, cotton candy and a bouncy castle. The little ones enjoyed themselves in other ways, too, whether sitting in their parents’ office chair or getting to see high-tech processes in action. The parents took great pride in presenting their offspring to colleagues around the workplace. With paper and crayons laid on for the smaller children, the older ones took part in a presentation about Infineon, which was conducted by work colleagues dressed in Harry Potter costumes. The kids put all their creativity, imagination and skills on show to build their own robot, and some even slipped into the role of boss – putting adults on the spot with some interview-like questions. The grand finale of the day was a relay obstacle race.


In Austria, meanwhile, CIC Summerkids (Carinthian International Club) provided a series of adventure-filled weeks for six to twelve year-olds at Auen elementary school in Villach under the slogan “Inventive Minds”. The program ran between 29 July and 6 September 2019. The highlight was a visit from Pepper – an interactive robot. Once Pepper had demonstrated a few of his skills, the kids were able to ask questions, play with the robot and even operate its touchpad. Pepper’s visit was organized by Kornelia Geiger, project manager at Infineon Austria, and Marcel Umele, Pepper’s programmer and operator. “It was great to see the kids react so enthusiastically to Pepper. Infineon is particularly keen to get youngsters interested in technology, and Pepper certainly played his part,” commented Kornelia.


In Neubiberg, too, we organized a wide range of activities for our employees’ children during vacation time. A soccer camp took place over Easter and our annual English camps provide a fun way to learn English with a focus on discovery, science, art and sport. Moreover, Campeon was home not only to a tipi village, but also to Circus Rio. As part of the “Kids Do Circus” program, the children had a chance to experience the “circus life” as part of the corporate vacation camp service.

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