Workforce – We want everyone to be well and happy

There’s a well-known saying, “Health isn’t everything, but without health, everything is nothing.” For us, health at work not only means protecting our employees from danger and creating a safe workplace. We also support them with a wide range of measures for a healthy lifestyle and working style.

Health care management: We’re one of the best

Those who put their whole hearts into their jobs often forget to think of themselves. That’s why we help our workforce to stay healthy. And with a company physician, counseling, sports offerings and health checks on site, it’s easy.  

From the medical service centers available in Germany, through social consultations and professional reintegration management to innovative prevention approaches in Asia and the Americas... A variety of programs and initiatives are already underway covering all Infineon locations, but it’s never wrong to take greater care of your health! That is why we are constantly working on further improvements in this area. Where are the pain points? Which local activities could also be successful at other sites? And how can we prove that our measures make a difference? In all endeavors, our focus not only lies on the health of the individual, but also on the working environment and the well-being of the entire organization.

Anja Aldenhoff is Global Health Manager at Infineon. She explains “Maintaining and improving employee health is an extensive task with many national and international interfaces. Here making the employees aware of the topic of workplace health in all its facets is essential. Health is an important topic for managers in particular: How can I maintain my own health while promoting and strengthening the health of my staff? Here we're currently developing a new workshop concept, which is to be implemented soon. Nevertheless every individual bears personal responsibility for health, which is why we want promote good self-care together with the ability to maintain a healthy balance between tension and relaxation. My experience has taught me that things people do with a sense of joy also succeed the most – so enjoying your work should by no means be underestimated! 

“Infineon Americas made it to the moon! Adding up all the steps that 850 participants in our eight-week “Walk to the Moon Challenge” did we walked 481,838,505 steps. Throughout the sites in the US, individuals and teams worked hard to reach our goal and combined this energy with a wonderful team spirit. It is hard to put the energy around the challenge into words but one colleague did a great job in saying: “What a fantastic challenge the InFit program was! In speaking to many employees at the site, there was dramatic weight loss, inspiration to be fit and work it into our everyday lives, and so much team spirit and camaraderie with a bit of healthy competition! Excited to see what is next! Let's keep it up!"

And how about this for an Olympic class performance: In just five years Infineon in Munich has grown the number of its employees participating in the B2Run from just six to a whopping 230! That's reason enough for Olympic champion Magdalena Neuner to visit us at the Infineon Campeon site on the occasion of the company run. Hundreds of employees took up the meet and greet opportunity for a chat, some questions, a picture or a signature. Picture: Infront B2Run GmbH

Within the Leadership in Healthy Lifestyle (LiHL) program at Infineon Asia Pacific, many managers have been trained and then engaged as role models, where they play a key role in fostering a healthy work environment for their colleagues and teams. Established in Singapore, Melaka and Wuxi, the LiHL is a well-received program that blends sports science, cognitive know-how and coaching into individual actionable steps for managers. “This training helps to raise self-awareness and reconfirms where you stand in terms of health. Personally, I changed the way I exercise and took up walking. If you consider walking as a form of exercise, there is absolutely no excuse not to do it,” said Hans-Martin Stech, Chief Financial Officer of Infineon Asia Pacific.

A safe, green and healthy workplace begets a more productive workforce. With this in mind, Singapore HR and Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) teams combined their efforts for a week-long campaign in April with a slew of multi-sensory activities: The ESHealth Week 2018. Participants at the kick-off event enjoyed their chair workouts which was also streamed live to the screens of our employees who were unable to be physically present at the Auditorium. Later, the ESH Roadshow featured topics like occupational health, recycling, and accident prevention.

At Infineon in Batam, Indonesia, we increased our health literacy in various topics including hydroponic gardening: We introduced water plants in the office compound with the intent of sharing the bountiful harvest with employees.

Get on the saddle! Together with the Siemens Betriebskrankenkasse, a German health insurer, Infineon Warstein encouraged all employees to cycle by bike from June to September 2018. Whether for work, kindergarten or friends – every kilometer counted. They could come together as individuals or as a team and capture and retrieve their performance via a mobile app.

Models with flexible working hours

In today’s world, it’s becoming increasingly important to master professional challenges while at the same time having enough space for family and private life. There may be different reasons to use models with flexible working hours depending on the life stages of our employees – Whether it comes to taking care of children, relatives needing care or a long-awaited break: With flexible forms of work, Infineon offers its employees the ability to reconcile career goals and private interests with business needs.

The HR department creates the necessary framework for attractive working environments at Infineon, because it knows doing so will promote satisfaction, motivation and performance. Part-time, job sharing, home office, telecommuting, sabbatical – these models with flexible working hours are attractive for many working people.

All German and Austrian Infineon locations are considered to be particularly family-friendly and were awarded the "audit berufundfamilie” (work-life balance) certificate.

It is extremely important to us that our employees have enough time and energy to pursue their private obligations and hobbies. Because when the pressure on all sides is too high, nobody can succeed. That’s why at Infineon we offer various models with flexible working hours that allow our employees to successfully combine work and private life, in a way that’s right for their individual situation.

Ralf Memmel Head of HR Future Work Environment
Compatibility of career and private life is very important at Infineon. This also includes mutual exchange of experiences, which is why the Human Resources team in Regensburg cordially invited all employees who are currently on parental leave or part-time parental leave to a joint information and exchange session: The Parental Leave Café. A large number of employees took advantage of the invitation on 24 April 2018. Happily, eleven children also attended, and appeared to feel quite comfortable in the corporate surroundings. For eight years now, an annual Parental Leave Café has been held at the Regensburg site. This is the company's way of promoting regular contact among employees on parental leave.

Although models with flexible working hours are not as common in Asia as they are in Europe, they are becoming increasingly important. At Infineon, work-from-home models and flexible working hours are already available at almost all locations. In addition, in Singapore, the government has introduced a program called “Silver Workforce.” This gives companies the opportunity to (re) hire retirees. At Infineon, several employees who have reached the legal retirement age of 62 have seized this opportunity and extended their contracts. As a result, the company can continue to benefit from their broad knowledge and many years of experience.

Day care and vacation camps for kids

In many cities, nabbing a kindergarten spot for your child is a stroke of luck. All major locations in Germany, Austria and Singapore either have their own company kindergartens or they cooperate with nearby childcare facilities, and we are continually increasing the options available.

For older children, we also offer a varied vacation program at various locations.

For the sixth time, the Infineon vacation camp was held in Rüthen from 16 to 21 July 2018. The joint undertaking was conducted and almost entirely sponsored by Infineon and Infineon Bipolar Warstein. Children between the ages of six and 13 were able to participate. Because of the high number of sign-ups, the spaces were increased generously and as a result all 68 children were able to attend the vacation camp, this time with the theme "Space Camp". There was plenty for the children to discover. A nighttime hike on the lookout for an "Alien", the rock climbing park, a visit to the Biberbad public pool, building rafts on the Möhne Reservoir and of course the bar-b-que party and a campfire evening.

Summer holiday is often a big problem for working parents in Hungary. 11 weeks full with questions: who will take care of the children, what kind of camps will be held and how will they pay camps for such a long period? It is important for Infineon Cegléd to ensure a balance between family and work. That is why the Gender Diversity team thought that they should help their colleagues with a summer camp offer: Half of the camp fee was paid by Infineon. The 1st Infineon Summer Camp was held in July 2018 for 5 days with 37 children. Lots of interesting programs were offered, like handcrafting, nature walks on horses, and a visit to the Palace of Wonders – Budapest’s science museum. The children had fund and loved it!

As part of our annual holiday program, there was also a wide range of activities for our employees’ children in Munich. On Penance Day 2017, as well as during the 2018 Whitsun holidays, a drum construction workshop took place, and a football camp was on offer over the Easter holidays. During the summer holidays, the Nature Indians settled in Indian tents at the Campeon site (see picture), where they baked bread and much more. In addition, it was possible to playfully discover the English language in sports, safari, or explorer camps.


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