Workforce – We want everyone to be well and happy

There’s a well-known saying, “Health isn’t everything, but without health, everything is nothing.” For us, health at work not only means protecting our employees from danger and creating a safe workplace. We also support them with a wide range of measures for a healthy lifestyle and working style.

Health care management: We’re one of the best

Those who put their whole hearts into their jobs often forget to think of themselves. That’s why we help our workforce to stay healthy. And with a company physician, counseling, sports offerings, and health checks on site, it’s easy. For these efforts, all of our German locations have been given the Corporate Health Award. Likewise, our location in Singapore has been recognized with the Singapore Health Award.

For World Health Day, Infineon organized a series of physical and mental health activities in several Asian locations. In Singapore, employees were able to reduce stress with a workout, have a health check-up, simply leave their cares behind, or attend infra-sessions such as “Getting a grip on stress,“ „Effective stress relief,“ and „Stress control strategies.“

According to the World Health Organization, depression is one of the leading causes of disability. In Singapore 4.6 per cent of the population suffer from depression. As a result, Infineon has been offering an Employee Assistant Program (EAP) since April 2017, allowing employees to contact a hotline or receive confidential professional help for up to five sessions.

Since the introduction of the HAPPY program (Health Active People Program for You) at Infineon in Wuxi, China, physical health has been high on the list for all location employees. To refresh HAPPY and kick off the New Year, 40 colleagues accepted the invitation from the Infineon Wuxi Hiking Club and spent four hours on an eleven-kilometer hike in a nearby hiking area.

In Cegléd, our location in Hungary, health at work is also becoming more and more important. There Infineon is supporting sports activities, events and programs that focus on the well-being of its employees. Ergonomic tests were again conducted there this year.

Models with flexible working hours

In today’s world, it’s becoming increasingly important to master professional challenges while at the same time having enough space for family and private life. Whether it comes to taking care of children or a long awaited break: With flexible forms of work, Infineon offers its employees the ability to reconcile career goals and private interests with business needs.

The HR department creates the necessary framework for attractive working environments at Infineon, because it knows doing so will promote satisfaction, motivation and performance. Part-time, job sharing, home office, telecommuting, sabbatical – these models with flexible working hours are attractive for many working people.

It is extremely important to us that our employees have enough time and energy to pursue their private obligations and hobbies. Because when the pressure on all sides is too high, nobody can succeed. That’s why at Infineon we offer various models with flexible working hours that allow our employees to successfully combine work and private life, in a way that’s right for their individual situation

Ralf Memmel Head of HR Future Work Environment
These five colleagues in Munich, who are able to flexibly organize their working hours, are models for many other employees at the location. Moritz Hauf (from left to right) took seven months parental leave, so he could take care of his wife and the twins. He was pleased to see how straightforward Infineon was in helping him to do this. Yvonne Gawline-Schmidt has a telecommuting contract and works from home three days a week. Frank Hille uses flextime and leaves the office earlier every two weeks to pick his son up from day care. As a manager therefore, he needs to organize his work properly. Marten Müller reduced his working hours to 30 hours a week to spend more time with his son and to enable his wife to return to work. And Christian Sandow also works as a manager with reduced working hours. Twice a week he leaves the office at 1:30 pm to pick up the kids.

But you don’t need to have children to have for a reason to cut back on your work hours. When parents or other family members require long-term care, you usually have to invest a lot of time - especially in the beginning - to be able to take proper care of them. At Infineon, employees also have access to models with flexible working hours.

At first, Udo Sommer temporarily and then indefinitely reduced his weekly working hours from 40 to 35 hours. This allowed the marketing manager from Munich to take better care of his ailing mother.

At the start of the year, I often had to go to the hospital at short notice. My supervisor was very understanding and always emphasized that my mother’s health had priority over work. Infineon was also extremely accommodating in reducing my working hours.

Udo Sommer

Although models with flexible working hours are not as common in Asia as they are in Europe, they are becoming increasingly important. At Infineon, work-from-home models and flexible working hours are already available at almost all locations.

In addition, in Singapore, the government has introduced a program called “Silver Workforce.” This gives companies the opportunity to (re-) hire retirees. At Infineon, several employees who have reached the legal retirement age of 62 have seized this opportunity and extended their contracts. As a result, the company can continue to benefit from their broad knowledge and many years of experience.

Day care and vacation camps for kids

Whether it’s archery with a self-carved arrow and a hand-made bow among the Nature Indians, circus arts exercises in the children’s circus or English sports camp – there’s something for everyone. Every year, the diverse offerings allow Munich employees to keep their children well looked after by experienced providers during vacation time.

In many cities, nabbing a kindergarten spot for your child is a stroke of luck. But not for Infineon employees. All major locations in Germany, Austria and Singapore have either their own company kindergartens, or they cooperate with nearby childcare facilities, and we are continually increasing the options available.

For the older children, we also offer a varied vacation program at various locations.

What do mom and dad actually do at work? There are regular events at our locations where the kids are welcome and where they can get a glimpse of the world of semiconductors as well as mom’s or dad’s workplace.

Singapore: At the „Little Ones @ Work“ Day in December 2016, more than 50 children came to work with their parents. The bigger ones were taken on a tour through the production plant and had a lot of fun playing and dancing together with their parents.