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A company can offer all the programs for its employees it likes – but in the end, it’s ultimately the employees who decide whether it really is a “Great Place to Work.” Each and every one makes their own overall picture of his or her job. And here corporate culture, leadership styles, development opportunities and many other criteria play an important role.

Infineon wanted to get a real and accurate answer and asked: What do employees truly think about their job at Infineon? The result is impressive.

Feedback from our employees

Every year, the Great Place to Work® Institute conducts the “Best Employers” competition in more than 40 countries worldwide. The same method is used everywhere to determine the trust and quality of relationships between employees and management.

The aims of the survey are to improve job quality, strengthen competitiveness and promote the attractiveness of the company as an employer.

A Great Place to Work® is a workplace where you

  • Can trust those you work for,
  • Are proud of what you do, and
  • Enjoy working together with others.

Infineon has been participating in the “Great Place to Work” survey for many years. The goal is to continuously improve our working conditions and to promote our corporate culture of trust.

The 2017 results are based on the employee survey conducted in 2016, the Great Place to Work Culture audit, a detailed corporate culture survey, and internal HR and communications measures.

In that survey we asked 12,000 of our employees for their feedback, and in the end 9,000 of them gave us their opinions and suggestions for improvement.

The result is impressive. Both in Germany and in Portugal as well as in China, Infineon holds a top position as the best employer.

I am sure that Infineon will be able to capitalize on the current growth opportunities in the marketplace. We’re addressing the right issues and, more importantly, we have a team that has the know-how and enthusiasm for it and the ability to make it happen. This can be seen in the surveys with „Great Place to Work“, where we have taken the top spots in the competition in many countries. But it’s not about being better than the others. We look in the mirror and think: How can we become even better? And what makes me especially happy is that everyone joins in when it comes to further developing ourselves and moving towards new goals!

Reinhard Ploss Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
In Germany, we are ranked No. 1 in the employers’ league for companies with at least 5,000 employees. The festive award ceremony took place in Berlin.
In 2016, Infineon China was the only semiconductor company to be named a „Great Place to Work“ in China and was ranked among the top 30 employers. After the results were in, Infineon Wuxi held a „Great Place to Work“ month with a series of festive activities.

At Infineon Wuxi, we take looking after the people as a given. We have discovered a very clear correlation between employee commitment, production excellence, and business success. This recognition is not only an honor, but also proof of our differentiation from the competition. We will continue to uphold our commitment to continually improve working conditions for our employees and to set new standards for the jobs of the future.

Roger Xiaolong Chen (second from left) CEO of Infineon Wuxi

The Infineon Shared Services Center (IFSSC) headquartered in Porto, Portugal, is listed as one of the top 20 companies in the Great Place to Work® for Portugal 2017. The significance of this award for Joana Marques (second from left), managing director of IFSSC, is „the true recognition of the dedication of our employees to the development of our company. We’re very proud of this award, which could only have been achieved with our diverse social and technical skills combined with strong team spirit and passion.”

The following strengths were especially highlighted:

  • Proud of the employees and a very high degree of identification with the company and the products,
  • Employees want to work at Infineon for the long term,
  • Integration of new employees.

In addition, the workplace culture, the good working atmosphere and the recognition of good work were also praised. Eighty-five percent of all employees would recommend Infineon as an employer – few people leave the company.

All German and Austrian Infineon locations were also awarded the “audit berufundfamilie” (work-life balance) certificate because they are considered to be particularly family-friendly.

All other Infineon locations also performed excellently and often even exceeded the already good results received the previous year.

According to the results of the recent „Great Place to Work“ survey, the colleagues from Korea also seem to be much happier than they were three years ago.

I have to admit that in the past work was a top priority for me. Since then, I’ve come to realize how important work-life balance is for healthy growth and cooperation in a company. The management training on the topic of “Healthy Living” was very informative for me and other managers. Following the training, we decided to promote the health and satisfaction of our colleagues in the workplace. In 2016, we implemented initiatives that contribute to a healthier and better working climate. I believe that both these measures and the economic success of Infineon have helped to keep employees happy and satisfied with the company.

Scott Lee Seung Soo Managing Director Infineon Korea

But the “Great Place to Work” survey isn’t the only way employees can share their positive experiences with Infineon as an employer.

kununu is an online portal where employees can evaluate their employers anonymously. Thanks to our employees’ evaluations, Infineon has received the “Top Company” award. You can read the testimonials at

Feedback from outsiders

This year, Infineon’s Melaka location received a Human Resources Excellence Award in the Graduate Recruitment and Development category. The honor is mainly thanks to the efforts to make Infineon a „Great Place to Work“, as well as the successful HR programs and recruiting initiatives.

When not only its employees value a company positively, but it also receives recognition from an external point of view, that’s a very special honor for Infineon.


Become your own CLO – your “Chief Learning Officer”! This is something that Ajayan Ramachandran (left), Regional Head of HR People Development, not only does himself every day, but also what he recommends the participants of his training sessions do as well.In August 2017, the Government of Singapore honored him by presenting him with the SkillsFuture Membership Award. At the same ceremony, Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific received the SkillsFuture Employer Award for strong commitment to employee development and for building a culture of lifelong learning.

In the spring of 2017, the German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DUIHK) honored Hungarian companies that offer their employees exemplary working and living conditions. The title „Trusted Employer“ is awarded for two years by a jury of five experts. Applicants must meet the requirements in seven areas, such as compensation, social welfare, health and working conditions and training and development opportunities. In today’s job market, this recognition represents a great success. It recognizes a long-lasting and continuous HR effort.

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