Workforce – Good cooperation instilled into our culture

Quality, innovation and reliability: Our values and what we stand for.

We want to offer our employees a great place to work. Because only satisfied and successful employees make long-term corporate high performances possible. That’s why we do our utmost to provide fair working conditions and create a corporate culture in which everyone feels comfortable. Just as is in sports, we are committed to recognizing performance, commitment and achievements and to rewarding them accordingly. Therefore, we are active on many levels to remain an attractive and competitive employer in the global job market.

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As of September 30, 2017, Infineon employed 37,479 (37,031.9 FTE) employees worldwide.

Employee representation: Creating together

A strong culture of trust with open and honest communication is also extremely important to us whenever we engage in dialog with our employee representatives. Codetermination is an essential aspect of the HR work. Together, we create the basis for successfully implementing our key issues in the respective bodies, in particular the Central Works Council and the Executive Staff Representation Committee.

At the invitation of the General Works Council, the representatives of the works council units from all Infineon locations from Germany and Austria meet once a year for the works council meeting. Over two days, the developments of the past year are discussed together with company representatives and experts from HR and our IG Metall sponsor. In addition, plans for the future work of HR, location works councils and the general works council are discussed. Meeting this year in Regensburg were (f. l. t. r.): Johann Dechant, Hermann Eibach, Ronald Künemund, Jochen Hanebeck, Jürgen Scholz and Thomas Marquardt.

Compensation: Sharing in the Company’s success

Attractive and fair compensation is an essential prerequisite for recruiting and retaining excellent employees. Since we want to give employees an additional incentive to perform at their best and to act in a results-oriented manner, they are also appropriately involved in the company’s success. The annual performance bonus, which is directly dependent on business performance, is paid in addition to the fixed salary.

In addition, employees benefit from company benefits, which are offered to both full-time and part-time employees. The type and extent of the benefits are defined according to the respective regional statutory requirements and normal market practice. We pay our staff on the basis of work-related criteria, such as job requirements and performance, and in accordance with the respective local market requirements. Men and women are paid equally at Infineon. Each employee receives appropriate, transparent remuneration for their work, in compliance with all legal standards.

Global HR costs for active, internal Infineon employees were 2,206 million euros in the 2017 fiscal year. These costs incorporate wages and salaries, including overtime and bonuses, and social costs.

YIP – Your Idea Pays

There is another way for direct sharing in the company’s success. Through our ideas management program, we can not only promote and acknowledge the ideas of our employees, but they are also compensated according to their potential.

The YIP program is a cornerstone of Infineon’s culture of ideas and innovation. YIP stands for Your Idea Pays. For decades, the workforce has been encouraged to share their ideas, and even interdepartmental and international teams can participate. The better the idea, the higher the reward.

The ideas range from process and product improvements to cost-saving measures, which often make a significant contribution to business success.

In addition to YIP, there are also CIP ideas. CIP stands for “continuous improvement process.” It takes place mainly at production sites.

This year, a new tool was introduced that allows employees to submit YIP and CIP ideas. This tool makes it even easier to share ideas, and it also reduces the processing times. It was launched worldwide on May 6, 2017. It was accompanied by lots of local actions, with information booths in the canteens for example, where employees could learn details about the new tool.

In fiscal year 2017 10,862 proposals for improvement were submitted. Infineon has paid out 1.7 million euros in bonuses to the idea providers. The impact of these proposals on business performance can be clearly calculated and is much higher. Even a single proposal can bring Infineon millions - or provide high cost savings.

In Austria, a YIP award ceremony was held in April 2017. From a total of 1,292 submissions in the first half of the 2017 financial year, management honored the 19 best ideas in a festive ceremony. 664 ideas were put into practice, and these have translated into a savings of 3.29 million euros for Infineon Austria. For these ideas, 203,500 euros in prize money was paid out.
These are the YIP initiators who organized the Infineon YIP Day in Bangalore, India. As it turned out, an overwhelming number of 49 YIP proposals were submitted across all departments. The event quite clearly created the right atmosphere and has motivated employees to actively participate in the YIP program.

Excellent ideas: The High Performance Award

In 2017 for the fifth time, Infineon sought out outstanding projects and initiatives that are contributing to its strategic goals. The High Performance Award brings good examples to light and above all honors the commitment of the employees. In addition to the award itself, the teams also received a donation budget of 10,000 euros each for Gold, Silver and Bronze, or 5,000 euros for the three special awards that were awarded this year.

As different as the winners of this year’s High Performance Award may be, they all have one thing in common: They all help make Infineon’s customers more successful. There was gold this year for the project „Introduction and application of new quality requirements categories.“ Team member Elfriede Wellenzohn, Director Quality Management in Villach, Austria (third from left in the photo), said: „Listening to the customer - that’s one thing. The other is to get the support of the entire company in order to be able to actually meet the customer’s requirements. Here, the attitude in the company has really changed in recent years. The support of our colleagues was the key to our success.”

Social commitment

In May 2017, Infineon Singapore supported the national Keep Singapore Clean campaign and organized a joint garbage collection campaign at the Kallang Riverside Park. Forty-five employees took part with their family members and collected a total of 135 pounds of garbage. The campaign was organized by the long-standing initiative „Infineon Cares“, which supports the issue of environmental protection and especially a clean and safe environment near the location. This is consistent with the global corporate culture of promoting initiatives that raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection and ecosystems.

Whether it’s a famine in Africa, a refugee crisis in Europe or a kindergarten next door that needs help, with various actions, Infineon employees at all locations are committed to helping others. They help to make the world a little better – not just by donating money, but also by active participation.

Voluntary community social commitment – we call it corporate citizenship – is an integral part of our corporate culture and is supported by Infineon wherever we go. For example, by specifying that the prize money from the High Performance Award – totaling 45,000 euros – goes to benefit a charitable organization.

In total, Infineon contributed more than one million euros to corporate citizenship through donations, sponsorship, volunteer activities and donations in kind.

In Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen and north-eastern Nigeria alone, 20 million people, including many women and children, are suffering from acute food shortages. In April 2017, the Infineon Management Board pledged emergency aid amounting to 50,000 euros to fight the famine in Africa and set up a donation account with the German Red Cross. Many employees also made a spontaneous contribution privately, donating more than 30,000 euros.

Infineon Tijuana takes care of the people. Following a tradition that began seven years ago and is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, the Human Resources Department in Tijuana called on its colleagues to collect donations in kind. Clothes, shoes and toys were then distributed to a center for the elderly and two local orphanages. The employees who donated the money then stayed there to play with the children and share life experiences with the senior citizens.