Workforce – Good cooperation instilled into our culture

We want to offer our employees a great place to work. We know that satisfied, happy employees are the only way to sustain excellent performance over time. That’s why we prioritize fair working conditions and a corporate culture where everyone feels welcome. Just like in the world of sport, we are committed to recognizing performance, commitment and achievements and to rewarding them accordingly. We are proactive on a number of levels to retain our status as an attractive and competitive employer in the global job market.

Employee representation: Working together

A strong culture of trust built on open and honest communication is also extremely important to us in our dealings with employee representatives. Co-determination is an essential aspect of our HR work. Working together, we create a solid basis for the successful execution of our core topics through the various bodies, in particular the Central Works Council and the Executive Staff Representation Committee.

Automation and the accompanying digitalization of the workplace at our locations was a key talking point in the collaboration between company management and the central works council again this year. The main priority as always is to engage all employees in the process and to secure their future roles and employment at our locations in the context of emerging challenges. A project group with representatives from company management and the central works council was set up to examine this topic with the support of jointly appointed experts. Three production locations (Warstein, Villach, Regensburg) have already been visited by members of the project group, who came away with valuable information on the current level of automation. Next in line for a fact-finding mission are the Neubiberg and Dresden sites. Once the findings have been analyzed, measures will be drawn up to support and promote the qualification and further training of our employees on a central, company-wide basis. A good example of the success of this joint approach is a forward-looking agreement on the automation of frontend manufacturing in Regensburg concluded between plant management and the works council – with the clear objective of safeguarding jobs. This agreement would not have been possible without close collaboration built on trust but also constructive criticism between the employer and employee representatives.

Ronald Künemund chairman of the central works council

Compensation: Sharing in the company’s success

Attractive, fair and competitive compensation is essential in the war to gain and retain excellent talent. Since we want to give employees an additional incentive to perform at their best and to act in a results-driven manner, they are also entitled to a suitable share in the company’s success. The annual success bonus, which is directly linked to our business performance, is paid in addition to a fixed salary.

In addition, both full- and part-time employees are entitled to various company benefits. The type and extent of these benefits are determined by local laws and regulations, and by conventional market practice. We pay our staff on the basis of work-related criteria, such as job description and performance, and in accordance with the respective local market requirements. Men and women are paid equally at Infineon. Each employee receives appropriate, transparent remuneration for their work, in compliance with all legal standards.

Global HR costs for active internal employees came to 2,533 million euros in the 2019 fiscal year. These costs include wages and salaries, plus overtime, bonuses and social security costs.

YIP – Your Idea Pays


Ideas management is a cornerstone of Infineon’s culture of ideas and innovation. It also gives employees another avenue to share directly in the company’s success.

YIP, which stands for Your Idea Pays, is one component of our ideas management program. For decades, we have been encouraging our workforce to share their ideas, and they can form interdepartmental, regional or even international teams in order to participate in this scheme. The more innovative the idea, the greater the contribution to the company.

The successful implementation of process, product and quality improvement ideas can make a valuable contribution to cost efficiency and to our business success overall. A global total of 10,993 improvement proposals were received in fiscal 2019, representing an overall cost benefit of 52 million euros. Infineon has paid out 1.8 million euros in bonuses to the idea generators.


The continuous improvement process (CIP) is another facet of ideas management. Here we focus on proactive quality management and – as the name suggests – getting better all the time. In keeping with the spirit of continuous improvement, this initiative applies to all employee groups and lines of business.

Outstanding ideas celebrated at High Performance Award 2019

The High Performance Award was introduced to shine a spotlight on innovative ideas. The individual prizes are presented in the categories Gold, Silver and Bronze in what has evolved into Infineon’s own “Oscars”. The awards recognize outstanding projects and initiatives which are helping the company achieve its strategic goals. Held this year for the sixth time, the awards ceremony was hosted on the eve of the 2019 High Performance Forum in Salzburg, which was attended by over 400 of Infineon’s senior managers and executives. CEO Reinhard Ploss was clearly impressed with the quality and number of entries received this year – in all there were 100 submissions, all exploring different facets of “Digitalization and new ways of working”. “The huge interest in the competition and the performance of the winning teams show that we are making great progress on our digital transformation journey. Our people truly are the foundation of our success here at Infineon,” commented Ploss. The three best teams were recognized with Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. This year’s Gold award went to the “Next Level of Sales & Marketing Cross-Selling 1.0 project aka Sherlock Holmes”. The idea behind it is simple. Similar to an online shopping portal, Sherlock Holmes gives buyers recommendations from Infineon’s wider portfolio for other products that match their purchase. The “Remote Frontend Technology Development” (RFTD) project took the Silver award. This technology allows research and development engineers to work together effectively no matter where they are in the world. The cost savings resulting from fewer updates and product change notifications are helping the company advance its digital transformation process. The Bronze award went to the international project “Robotic Process Automation” (RPA). The team behind this submission was convinced that the automation and digitalization of repetitive software-based business processes has the potential to free up resources, leading to time and cost savings in the daily running of the business.

In honor of all 100 teams and their innovative ideas, a rap song accompanied by a music video was produced this year. The lyrics referenced all project names and the song was a huge hit.

The judging panel also handed out special awards to two additional applicants this year. One was awarded to the BEAR project – a holistic, globally managed flagship project with over 1,000 team members. The idea behind it is to digitalize manual activities and harmonize working methods across all backend locations. The “Data to our people” initiative was the other recipient of a special award. Its objective is to make Infineon a data-driven enterprise that unleashes the huge value inherent in that data to keep fabrication activities competitive. This initiative is enabling many employees to see visualized data, understand it and act accordingly.

Social engagement

As in previous years, the winning teams in this year’s High Performance Award were able to donate the prize money to the charities of their choice. In total, the teams donated 40,000 euros, much to the delight of relieved volunteers, grateful parents and above all some very happy children.

Representing Infineon, Bob LeFort, President Infineon Americas, presented the award. The project team that won this year’s Gold award (“NLoS&M Cross-Selling 1.0, aka Sherlock Holmes”) supported the charity Lifewater International with a donation of 10,000 euros. This organization helps families living in extreme poverty by providing access to clean drinking water and thus improving the standard of health in the local villages in Africa. Thanks to Infineon’s donation, over 200 women, children and men in the village of Gojojota in southern Ethiopia are benefitting from a clean source of water.

From natural disasters through education initiatives to community involvement projects like helping the daycare center next door, Infineon employees at all locations have shown their commitment to assisting others in a variety of ways. They help to make the world a little better – not just by donating money, but also by giving their time. Community volunteering and social engagement – we call it corporate citizenship – is an integral part of our corporate culture and is supported by Infineon.

In total, Infineon contributed to corporate citizenship in fiscal 2019 with sponsoring, volunteer work, donations in-kind and more than one million euros in cash donations.

Link to sustainability report:

Feedback from our employees

Every second year, Infineon takes part in the “Great Place to Work®” employee survey, which helps to gauge the overall level of trust and quality in relationships between employees as well as between employees and management.

The aim is to continuously improve our working conditions and promote our corporate and trust culture – in line with our strategic objectives “Have the right competencies in place” and „Foster leadership excellence and build a strong, high performance culture“.

A “Great Place to Work®” is a workplace where you can

  • trust those you work for
  • be proud of what you do and
  • enjoy working with others.

After conducting the “Great Place to Work®” survey in spring 2018, the Great Place to Work® Institute in Berlin announced the awards for the best employers in Germany in March 2019. Infineon was placed third among all companies with more than 5,000 employees. A total of 650 companies took part in the 2019 “Best Employers” competition.

Ralf Memmel, Erika Bauer, Thomas Marquardt, Claudia Hillebrand, Ronald Künemund (from left to right)

Our high ranking in the Great Place to Work® competition was attributed in particular to the excellent balance between our high-performance values and a company culture that supports employees and develops their potential. The panel also commended our extensive and highly committed health management program. In addition, Infineon has an exemplary approach to sustainability, equality and the promotion of young talent.

The long-term success of our company is attributable to a lot more than a great business model. Successful and engaged employees are the only way to sustain excellent performance over time. Which makes employee satisfaction and motivation a key enabler for us. So it gives me great pleasure to read the reviews from the online recruiting platform Glassdoor, which show just how highly our employees rate Infineon as an employer. We are also very proud of our “Great Place to Work” accolade, because it shows that our efforts to create an attractive and inspiring working environment are paying off. And I’m happy to say that all this positive feedback has motivated us to become even better.

Helmut Gassel Chief Marketing Officer