Workforce – Good cooperation instilled into our culture

We want to offer our employees a great place to work. Because only satisfied and successful employees make long-term corporate high performance possible. That’s why we do our utmost to provide fair working conditions and create a corporate culture in which everyone feels comfortable. Just as is in sports, we are committed to recognizing performance, commitment and achievements and to rewarding them accordingly. Therefore, we are active on many levels to remain an attractive and competitive employer in the global job market.

Employee representation: Creating together

A strong culture of trust with open and honest communication is also extremely important to us whenever we engage in dialog with our employee representatives. Codetermination is an essential aspect of our HR work. Together, we create the basis for successfully implementing our key issues in the respective bodies, in particular the Central Works Council and the Executive Staff Representation Committee.

It is likely that a large number of operations will change in the next few years or that they will be replaced by automated procedures. At the same time, a large number of new job profiles will be created, that usually require a higher qualification. The basic goal for me is quite clear: To include all employees in the process and keep them in the companies! This goes hand in hand with many questions, such as: How do we train employees for new, more demanding jobs? What forms of learning and content are practical and necessary? I am convinced that politics can only help us to a certain point – in the end we have to carry out these tasks individually and locally in a very close cooperation of employers and employee representatives, the works councils and also IG Metall. In the past year, the works council, together with the management of the company, has already started paving the way for Infineon AG.

Ronald Künemund Munich works council

Compensation: Sharing in the company’s success

Attractive, fair and competitive compensation is an essential prerequisite for recruiting and retaining excellent employees. Since we want to give employees an additional incentive to perform at their best and to act in a results-focused manner, they are also appropriately involved in the company’s success. The annual success bonus, which is directly dependent on business performance, is paid in addition to the fixed salary.

In addition, employees benefit from company benefits, which are offered to both full-time and part-time employees. The type and extent of the benefits are defined according to the respective regional statutory requirements and normal market practice. We pay our staff on the basis of work-related criteria, such as job requirements and performance, and in accordance with the respective local market requirements. Men and women are paid equally at Infineon. Each employee receives appropriate, transparent remuneration for their work, in compliance with all legal standards.

Global HR costs for active, internal Infineon employees were 2,347 million euros in the 2018 fiscal year. These costs incorporate wages and salaries, including overtime and bonuses, as well as social costs.

YIP – Your Idea Pays

YIP, YIP, Hurray: Over one billion Euros saved in 15 years! For 15 years now YIP (Your Idea Pays) has accepted suggestions from any Infineon employee that will save the company money or make work easier. Each suggestion is presented to a qualified expert judge for evaluation. Every idea which can result in benefits and which is implemented receives an award. The colleagues in Malaysia (picture) love YIP!

There is another way to share directly in the company’s success. Through our ideas management program, we can not only promote and acknowledge the ideas of our employees, but they are also compensated according to their potential.

The YIP program is a cornerstone of Infineon’s culture of ideas and innovation. YIP stands for Your Idea Pays. For decades, the workforce has been encouraged to share their ideas, and even interdepartmental and international teams can participate. The better the idea, the higher the reward.

The ideas range from process and product improvements to cost-saving measures, which often make a significant contribution to business success.

10,993 proposals for improvement were submitted in fiscal year 2017/2018. Infineon has paid out 1.7 million euros in bonuses to the idea providers. The impact of these proposals on business performance can be clearly calculated and is much higher. Even a single proposal can bring Infineon millions - or provide high cost savings.

Idea managers from companies across all branches are meet on a regular basis at different locations. In June 2018 Infineon was the host, and our idea managers Jadranka Stamenkovic and HP Lang were pleased to welcome more than 20 colleagues from renowned companies including Sandoz-Ratiopharm, BMW, Autoliv, the Fraunhofer Institute and BayWa at the Campeon site in Munich. But not only the YIP program, also the Campeon campus was a big hit, from the landscape all the way to the culinary and sports opportunities.

Voluntary social commitment

Whether it’s a natural catastrophe, an educational project or local activities like helping the kindergarten next door, with various actions, Infineon employees at all locations are committed to helping others. They help to make the world a little better – not just by donating money, but also by active participation. Voluntary community social commitment – we call it corporate citizenship – is an integral part of our corporate culture and is supported by Infineon.  

In total, Infineon contributed more than one million euros to corporate citizenship through donations, sponsorship, volunteer activities and in-kind donations.

Ride for Charity: Infineon Taiwan has been working on a fund-raising program to sponsor “Taiwan Fund For Children and Families @Taitung” for years. A fresh idea came up in 2017: Team up with the Biking Club and invite seven Avatars (volunteering bikers) to cycle for the fund raising for six months. The Avatars have been dedicating their energy and time to ride before work, after work, during holidays and on vacations. Their footprints have reached as high as King of Mountain, the highest point of the paved road in Taiwan, Wuling at the elevation of 3,275 metres and as far as Kenting in southern Taiwan. 25% of all Infineon Taiwan employees participated and donated a sum of NTD 123,538 (3,436 Euro).

Feedback from our employees

Infineon has been participating in the Great Place to Work® survey for several years. The aim is to continuously improve our working conditions and promote our corporate and trust culture – in line with our strategic objectives "Have the right competencies in place" and "Foster leadership excellence and build a strong high-performance culture."

A "Great Place to Work®" is a workplace where you can

  • trust those you work for
  • be proud of what you do and
  • enjoy working with others.

In spring 2018, we conducted another Great Place to Work® survey. Around 11,500 employees were invited worldwide, 8,300 of whom took part (72 percent).

The following strengths are highlighted by our employees:

  • the pride of working together, the products and social contribution of the company
  • a friendly corporate culture and
  • the onboarding of new colleagues.

Our employees see a positive development with improvement potential in the following points:

  • continuous development of our leadership and feedback culture, as well as
  • clarity of goals and tasks.

The Great Place to Work® survey also identified the values employees associate with Infineon. Here are the top three values they mentioned: Innovation, quality and fairness.

“The way this company rose from a very difficult time shows the inherent strength of the company […]. Infineon has proven that it can weather any storm and stay strong, because of the sound and ethical fundamentals it has been built upon.” Quote from Germany  

“Besides striving for sustainable good performance, the company emphasizes individuals having quality time with family and the importance of health. This is a cornerstone of the Infineon culture to promote work-life balance.” Quote from Asia Pacific

The success of our company depends largely on the success of each employee. In order to boost both, excellent leadership, an open feedback culture and an attractive work environment are of utmost importance. This is why I am so pleased with the very good results of the latest Great Place to Work survey. I find our continuous development in these topics over the past years astonishing – and motivating at the same time. Tomorrow’s success will depend on not resting on our laurels, but on a continuous strive for further improvements.

Helmut Gassel Chief Marketing Officer