Talents – Working abroad with Infineon

Working for the company abroad on an international assignment – for many this is a dream. And it’s a good reason to work at Infineon, since there are many opportunities within the company to move to another location on a temporary basis.

Infineon offers three types of international assignments:

  • Long-term assignments (LTA) of 13 to 36 months
  • Short-term assignments (STA) of three to twelve months
  • On-the-job training assignments of three to twelve months (incl. assignees going abroad as part of the International Graduate Program IGP, which is explained in the chapter “Talents – We want the right people”)

Of course, a move to another country and a sometimes completely different culture is also a challenge. That’s why HR advises all international assignees and their managers before, during and upon the end of their assignment. To help them focus primarily on their job, on-site learning and digesting the new cultural experiences, the HR Employee Mobility team also performs many of the organizational tasks associated with the move – either in-house or with the help of specialized external service providers.

288 Infineon employees worked on 300 international assignments in 18 countries over the course of the last fiscal year 2017/18. Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Austria and the USA are the five most important destination countries.

How does it feel to leave home in Bangalore, a metropolis of 8.5 million inhabitants, for Augsburg, a comparatively small town of 290,000? “It's not only another order of magnitude, it's a whole different culture as well.” Vidya Subramanian joined Infineon in India in September 2004 as a Software Engineer and now has the role of a System Verification Architect at the Chip Card & Security (CCS) division. In June of 2015 she and her family came to Bavaria's third largest city on a Long Term Assignment. And her journey is far from over, since she's had a local contract since 2017. “I am fascinated by the beauty of nature, which is given such a remarkable amount of care! I'm also very impressed by the punctuality of public transport and by how helpful the people in Augsburg are. That makes the everyday working world so pleasant: Everything has gone completely smoothly for me, thanks to my nice colleagues.”
In his position as Head of the Singapore Development Center, Jerome Tjia has welcomed seven international assignees to Singapore and sent eight of his employees on outbound delegations since 2013. “I think HR has done a wonderful job making sure that international assignees settle in comfortably. The onboarding support provided is very important since it lets our international assignees and their accompanying family members make a smooth transition to a completely new environment. The all-around support, from visa processing and customized cultural workshops all the way to arranging schooling their kids, certainly guarantees that our international assignees can begin their new jobs with peace of mind, adjust to the new working environment quickly, and focus on achieving their work objectives”, says Jerome Tija, who is pictured here on a business trip to Yogyakarta, Indonesia to mark the establishment of the Infineon-Gadjah Mada Research and Engineering Lab at the Universitas Gadjah Mada.