Talents – We want the right people

One thing is clear. Our business strategy can only be implemented when the right employees are working in the right positions. But even a renowned company like Infineon can’t simply rely on the right candidates to apply for open positions.

The job market is highly competitive. We have to consistently adapt to trends such as increasing digitization, international networks and demographic dynamics, do so in a time of rapid technical progress.

Only those companies that adapt quickly to the changes in the job market and are in contact with a sufficient number of candidates will be able to succeed long term.

Recruiting: Targeted search for talent

That is why we are active at all our locations around the world in finding and attracting the right candidates. We are constantly working on our name recognition and on employer branding, in other words, on our image as a popular and innovative employer.

To foster this we enter into cooperations with universities, schools and state institutions, attend trade fairs and organize special events. We search all the channels, use movies, make the job search and application on our career site easy. At the same time, our Talent Attraction Management Team (TAM) actively approaches suitable candidates.

For the sixth time this year, the Human Resources Excellence Awards nominated excellent and innovative projects within human resources in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Infineon’s Talent Network Team in Europe won the prize for the category „Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition Strategy“. The awarded strategy puts the recruiting focus on important key functions and aligns talent marketing, active sourcing & candidate relationship management activities. The team around Nicole Goodfellow and Severine Fiegler received the award during the gala in Berlin. Their résumé: „We convinced the jury with the results of our strategy: since the start of the approach we had 40% more unique visitors on our website, 30% more applications and considerably less headhunter cost by filling four times more positions. I would like to take the chance to also say a big thank you to more than 150 Infineon employees from our key functions such as software or maintenance engineering in our production who participated in interviews and focus groups. They helped us understand where we can find candidates for these positions and how we can convince them of Infineon and our jobs.”

Infineon Japan participated in two major events that took place in Fukuoka and Tokyo (picture) to introduce the company to Japanese students as a „Great Place to Work.“ In total, nearly 100 students visited the Infineon booth. The next step is participation in the company’s career presentation at the Tokyo location. The Infineon team also met more than 100 potential candidates in Singapore at four campus events.

As part of the visit program “A Day on Site”, 20 young physicists made their way to Infineon in Warstein and learned about the company’s products, manufacturing processes and career opportunities. “Here there are a variety of different work areas open to physicists,“ explains Dr. Stefan Buschhorn, development engineer and initiator of the first site visit three years ago.

„BEST RECRUITERS“, the largest recruiting study in the German-speaking world, has analyzed the recruiting quality of Austrian companies and institutions for the seventh time. In it, Infineon Austria secured first place in the industry ranking. Sabrina Moser and Aiste Jankauskaite, both in the Talent Attraction Management Team, accepted the award. They summed up the situation. “The framework conditions on the job market have changed – megatrends such as the increasing digitization pose new challenges for us. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find highly skilled professionals that fit our corporate culture. Therefore we’re all the more proud that Infineon Austria’s strong recruiting strategy is well received by the target group and appreciated.”

Internal search: The new employee profile

Of course, when filling an open position, Infineon initially focuses on the internal job market. Because the many opportunities available in a large global enterprise are immeasurably large, both for the employees involved in their internal development and for the recruiter.

Consequently, since April 2017, a new tool has been available: the Employee Profile. Employees can indicate their professional experience, skills and qualifications while setting their goals. What have I done so far, and where do I want to go? What position would I like to reach next? In which countries do I want to work? With this information, Infineon can help the right person to fill the right position.

The principle is simple. Enter your individual career development and personal development wishes and let HR point you to a suitable vacancy. The Employee Profile thus brings together the goals and competencies of the employees with the requirements of the company.

Welcome on board!

For external candidates, there are countless opportunities to join Infineon. High school graduates can complete an internship, an apprenticeship or a dual degree course, and students can work for us as interns, working students or trainees. Another way of starting out at our Company is via a doctoral post.

No matter at what age or into what position a member of staff comes to Infineon, everyone gets responsible tasks right from the start and an interesting insight into a dynamic professional life.

In the past year 5,088 new employees took up positions in one of our locations. In their very first week, HR invited new hires to a Welcome Breakfast, where they could get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere and get some important start off information.

After about three weeks, the New Hire Orientation Day (NHO) is held for all new recruits. This affords them indepth networking possibilities and gives them an overview of the entire company. Strategy, locations, products,divisions and corporate functions with their responsibilities and services. Instead of frontal lectures, the speakers present their areas in communicative poster sessions. Speed meetings accelerate familiarization. And meet-and-greet opportunities with top managers are always the day’s highlight.

In Japan, a university graduation ceremony was held on April 14, 2017. Keishi Komatsu (front row, second from left) tells how he heard about Infineon for the first time. “Someone spoke to me at a recruiting event. I was quite familiar with semiconductor material, but I didn’t really know in which areas these semiconductor devices from Infineon were integrated. The job of an Application Engineer demands both technical skills plus a lot of customer contact. So I knew that this job would allow me to use both the expertise I’d acquired during my studies and the experience of working with others I’d gained through my part-time job. The atmosphere here is open and offers lots of possibilities. Since joining the company, I’ve been able to participate in various trainings both internally and externally. I’m very grateful for the extensive training I’ve received here.”

In 2017 Infineon hired 103 apprentices globally.

Apprenticeship at Infineon

Are you still studying or nearing the end of your studies? Are you ready for a new adventure? Whether you’re interested in a classical apprenticeship or a dual study program, at Infineon, high school graduates can choose from a broad spectrum of technical and corporate apprenticeships and dual courses of study.

Interested young people looking for training were able to find out about training at Infineon as a mechatronics engineer or microtechnologist at the trade fair „Career Start 2017“ in Dresden. The company was a hit with exhibits from the world of chip production, infotainment and many eye-catchers, such as a film about the clean room. Currently 54 apprentices are studying at Infineon Dresden.

At the locations in Munich, Regensburg and Warstein the commercial apprentices have a very special opportunity. They can spend four weeks of their training in foreign European countries as part of the EU Erasmus Funding Program.

20 of 27 apprenticeships are of technical nature. The technical rate therefore currently lies at 74%.

Dual study program

Florian Ernst (center) studies electrical engineering and information technology in Regensburg and works for Infineon in the manufacturing department. During a business trip to Kulim, Malaysia, he had the chance to get impressions of the working life at the partner department Product and Test Engineering.

Since 1999, Infineon Deutschland offers graduates and former apprentices a dual study program. No other degree program contains such a high proportion of practical experience, because the theoretical and practical phases alternate. Depending on the study model, the dual study lasts three, three and a half or four years; it ends with a Bachelor’s degree. Successful Bachelor graduates can then expand their knowledge with a dual Master’s degree program.

A dual degree course is the ideal way to study with a monthly salary and to learn about the company’s different tasks at the same time. Afterwards, the graduates have an excellent idea of what area they would like to get started in.

Cooperations with universities

Close cooperation with universities is very important for many different reasons. Of course, first and foremost is to attract successful graduates as career starters. And we offer a variety of dual degree courses as part of that effort. But the exchange of knowledge and joint innovation projects are also being advanced in order to stay up-to-date with the latest technology.

For instance, many Infineon engineers have given guest lectures at recognized universities inside and outside Germany to maintain close contact with the respective locations. We support universities with endowed professorships or research laboratories. We run doctoral programs, and we visit university recruitment fairs, give presentations at conferences, and invite students to visit our company.

Reinhard Ploss, Chief Executive Officer (CEO, right), and Prof. Zhiqiang Wu, Vice President of Tongji University (left), extend the long-standing partnership between Infineon and Tongji University for another five years. Together with the university, Infineon is developing solutions for energy efficiency, mobility, and security. The partnership also connects the company with young talents. China is a particularly important market for Infineon. It’s where 2,000 colleagues work, and it’s where Infineon generated 24 percent of its total revenue in the past fiscal year. China is becoming a global innovation center where having a local presence is extremely critical.

Infineon in Melaka, Malaysia, has been working with the Multimedia University (MMU) and University Technical Melaka Malaysia (UTeM) for eight and five years, respectively. The „Infineon Week“, a series of specially designed three-day cooperation programs for university engineering and IT students, included a factory visit, a career lecture, an alumni meeting, an interview session, internship application opportunities, and a competition for innovative projects as well as the presentation of posters.
Infineon Korea recently shared its expertise in the automotive semiconductor technology with electronic engineering students. The training is conducted as a three-week course by the professors of local universities and engineers at Infineon Korea and Infineon’s headquarters.
Infineon Batam in Indonesia is one of the sponsors of a popular hacker marathon. The aim of the sponsorship is to support the digital economy in Indonesia and to inspire young people about the opportunities in the digital sector. About 800 participants from universities throughout Indonesia registered for this competition. The event is called BYOC Hackathon, where BYOC has several meanings: Bring Your Own Computer, Build Your Own Code, or Boost Your Own Career.

Interns and working students

For students and university graduates, Infineon offers attractive opportunities in all areas to become part of the team.

We offer internships, working student jobs, or the advisement of your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis. One thing is clear. All new hires can look forward to room for creativity and practical experience with the newest technology and get their careers off to a successful start.

On www.karriere.de Infineon has been awarded the “Fair Company” seal of quality because our “Fair Company” rules for interns and working students are a matter of course for us. For example,

  • We never fill any normal, full-time positions with interns or working students.
  • We offer internships primarily for educational training purposes.
  • We pay our interns and working students

Every year, Trendence, an independent market research and consulting firm, identifies the most attractive employers in 28 countries. In Germany, Infineon was voted one of the top 100 employers by engineering students.

Roughly 7,500 interns evaluated Infineon in a survey conducted by the CLEVIS group regarding employers’ working conditions. The study categorized companies in four areas: Stars, Pretenders, Hidden Champions, and Challengers. Infineon’s categorization as a “Hidden Champion” means that do more for our interns than we promise.

The Munich PIUs of this year: Graduates of Danish business high schools, who gained experience at Infineon for twelve months and had an opportunity to experience business relationships first hand. PIU stands for „Praktik I Udlandet“ in Danish, and means “International Internship” in English. Every year around 30 business high schools from all over Denmark participate in the PIU program. For a year, about 30 interns are sent to England and 130 interns to Germany.

Stine Hansen works in the Automotive division. There she mainly deals with product change notifications and with tracking orders.

For me, the PIU internship is a great experience, where I can really learn a lot about myself and about my own abilities – even and especially when I’m in situations that push me to my limits. Here, nobody stays in their comfort zone, that’s for sure! Apart from that, I’m learning a lot about the corporate culture in Germany, improving my German and English skills and experiencing what it’s like to work full time for a large international company like Infineon.

Stine Hansen

Global trainee program

Our world is changing – and at an ever faster rate. Infineon wants to meet the change with a broad-based initiative. At the heart of its activities is the newly launched International Graduate Program (IGP), whose goal is to attract highly qualified graduates. Unlike previous programs, it has a global approach, which means that our 35 trainees can build their networks across both divisional and country borders. At least one station is located abroad. The participants exchange ideas and experiences at regular telephone and online conferences and also have in-person meetings every six months.

Information about the International Graduate Program (IGP):

  • Duration: 18 to a maximum of 24 months
  • Candidates: University graduates with Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. degrees
  • Three to four stations, at least one of which is a stay abroad for four to six months
  • Support: individually through buddy and mentoring program
  • Network: international with regular virtual, regional and international IGP meetings

The IGP is the perfect career start for me. I find it particularly exciting to be involved in various positions and work areas. I hope to learn more about my own abilities, strengths and weaknesses. And I am actively supported in doing so. I participate in IGP events, get advice from my mentor, and meet with the management on a regular basis. I have the feeling that I can prove myself. The work I do here is really means something!

Veronika Filser IGP-Trainee

Infineon gets you fit for the job market

Among other things, we offer refugees internships with us. Here’s an example. Shortly before 22-year-old Rahmatullah Muqbil finishes his three-year business administration studies in Kabul, the political situation in Afghanistan forces him to leave his homeland. A volunteer Infineon employee becomes aware of him in an accommodation in Unterföhring near Munich. She suggests Rahmatullah to seek an internship in IT at Infineon. Shortly thereafter, intense weeks begin for the young Afghan, which will be a win for both him and Infineon.

For years, we have been helping young people to prepare for the job market.

Young scientists have various options as part of a two-year project of the EU Erasmus Funding Program called “PEP UP“ (PhDs Enhanced for Prospects Erasmus Plus). The aim of the two-year project is to provide young doctoral students from various European universities with skills for and orientation to the job market – so that after they conclude their doctoral work they can immediately enter the industry. Here Infineon makes a significant contribution with its expertise – the company co-designs trainings, for instance, and teaches the PhD students in workshops. But there is also a wide range of support for schoolchildren, which is managed locally.

Every year, in Warstein, Infineon organizes job application training for around 85 pupils from primary and secondary schools in Warstein and the surrounding area. The company supports them in their application activities so that they can start their application phase for vocational training well prepared.