Talents – We want the right people

One thing is clear. Our business strategy can only be implemented when the right employees are working in the right positions. But even a renowned company like Infineon can’t simply rely on the right candidates to apply for open positions. The job market is highly competitive. We have to adapt to trends such as digitization and demographic change, and do so in a time of rapid technical progress.

We cannot rely on traditional recruiting strategies. If we aim to continue to attract the best talent for Infineon successfully, we have to remain bold, put our target groups at the center of our actions and constantly try new methods. Only by being creative and questioning the status quo we can make recruiting decisions that lead our company to long-term success. For me, our Sales & Marketing inspired Talent Attraction strategy is the way forward.

Andreas Urschitz Division President Power Management & Multimarket (PMM)

Recruiting: Targeted search for talent

That is why we are active at all our locations around the world in finding and attracting the right candidates. We are constantly working on our name recognition and on employer branding, in other words, on our image as a popular and innovative employer. To foster this, we cooperate with universities, schools and state institutions, attend trade fairs and organize special events. We search all the channels, use movies andmake the job search and application on our career site easy. At the same time, our Talent Attraction Management Team (TAM) actively approaches suitable candidates.

The Infineon Austria team went on a "bounty hunter mission"! In November 2017, Bounty chocolate bars were issued after lunch in the canteen area to remind the staff of the global Hire4Infineon program and attract new talents. Hire4 Infineon is a global bonus program where you will receive an attractive bounty if you suggest a friend, acquaintance or colleague for an open position and your candidate is successfully recruited.
The seventh Infineon Recruiting Day in Villach was held on 29 August 2018. A total of 45 qualified candidates were recruited for Process Engineering, Maintenance and Factory Integration from among the 100 applicants at these seven events. They are welcomed by our specialists and hiring managers from Process Development and our HR talent attraction managers (see picture). After one-on-one interviews at an hour each, the applicants are invited to a get-together at the buffet. A guided tour of our Villach premises is offered to those interested in a look behind the scenes. “The recruiting day went very smoothly and the whole process was very enjoyable. I had to travel from Spain for the recruiting day, and it was perfectly planned to be a comfortable experience for me. During the hiring process itself, I appreciated the relaxed environment from everybody involved in it, which made it possible for me to focus on, or rather to enjoy the several interviews. At the end of the day I was more than convinced I wanted to join Infineon at the Villach site; I am glad the feeling was reciprocal,” said Pano Borja-Vicente.
In order to proactively develop a talent pipeline for our target groups and support the business growth strategy, Infineon China conducted a High Tech Afterwork event on 12 June 2018 in Shenzhen. This was the first talent marketing event conducted locally. Ten potential Application Engineers were invited. At the beginning, three Infineon Application Engineers from PMM, ATV and IPC introduced our products and businesses to the external talents. Then a fun speed dating between external and internal participants was set up. The event concluded with an office tour and 1-on-1 talks. A lot of positive indicated that the event was very innovative and helpful to find out more about Infineon as an employer. The HR team in China will continue to keep this strong momentum of building a talent pipeline.

Welcome on board!

In Melaka, a very popular part of the New Hire Orientation program is a speed meeting to familiarize new executives. This format was adopted from the German New Hire Orientation and is still going strong as an ice breaker, since it allows new employees to get to know other new hires from different departments in a very quick and funny way.

For external candidates, there are countless opportunities to join Infineon. High school graduates can complete an internship, an apprenticeship or a dual degree course, and students can work for us as interns, working students or graduates. Another way of starting out at our Company is via a doctoral post.

No matter at what age or into what position a member of staff comes to Infineon, everyone gets responsible tasks right from the start and an interesting insight into a dynamic professional life. 

In the past year 6,403 new employees took up positions in one of our locations.

To transform the successful candidate journey into an even better employee journey, onboarding is extremely important. Here, the direct managers and their teams are the main drivers. But HR also takes on an important task: Both in direct contact with the new employee and indirectly through the new superior.

Onboarding has already established itself in many locations. In order to ensure a consistent and minimum quality, but also to share good ideas and support smaller locations, HR created a worldwide Onboarding Guideline in the fiscal year 2017/2018. It consists of many elements, such as a globally sent welcome email, welcome pages in the Intranet, a template for a familiarization plan and a checklist to help supervisors undertake all necessary preparations. Welcome and information events for the new employees should take place at all locations, where they can establish an initial network. In addition, the policy recommends a "buddy system," which is explained in a flyer.

Training and dual study program

Are you still studying or nearing the end of your studies? Are you ready for a new adventure? Whether you’re interested in a classical apprenticeship or a dual study program, at Infineon, high school graduates can choose from a broad spectrum of technical and corporate apprenticeships and dual courses of study.

At the locations in Munich, Regensburg and Warstein the commercial apprentices have a very special opportunity. They can spend four weeks of their training in foreign European countries as part of the EU Erasmus+ Funding Program. 

Infineon was proud to receive the training award of the city of Regensburg this year. Four companies were awarded the coveted trophy, which reflects their high standard of vocational training. In the photo: Mayor Gertrud Maltz-Schwarzfischer (first row in the middle) as well as those in charge of the vocational schools together with this year's award winners.

At Infineon, promoting young talent doesn’t start when we train our skilled employees, but much sooner. We know that people who want to be experts start practicing early. To encourage this, we want to get the youngest members of our society excited about technology. This means explaining our complex products and technology in an understandable way, while making it fun. Kids thus learn early on how microelectronics and responsible management of natural resources can contribute to making our future sustainable and worth living.

"MINT" is also the German abbreviation for "Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Technology (also referred to in English as the "STEM" subjects). Demand has never been higher for graduates in these fields. This is why Human Resources started the "MINT Minis" project in the fall of 2017. The new homepage in the intranet features age-appropriate materials and slide decks suitable for kids on technical topics in general and semiconductor technologies in particular. Cleanroom suits in various children's sizes and experiment kits can be borrowed at all Infineon training sites in Germany. The "MINT Minis" are intended to motivate Infineon colleagues around the world to go to kindergartens and schools and to generate enthusiasm among children aged three though ten for the "MINT World". The first projects have already taken place in Europe, the US and Asia.
Infineon founded the Chips@School competition in 2012, when it was held throughout Germany. Now it has grown and is held worldwide, including countries such as Singapore and Ireland. Pupils from the 9th grade onwards are called upon to develop new solutions and applications based around chip technology. The pupils focus on these questions for the competition: What should the chips of the future be able to do? What will the future be like? In 2018, pupils from the Lise-Meitner Gymnasium in Unterhaching won the national German competition. They presented a concept of an insect nest that can self-regulate temperature and humidity with the help of a Raspberry Pi minicomputer and a sensor. At the competition in Ireland, pupils came up with a “smart cup”, a reusable coffee cup made of stainless steel with an integrated chip that enables you to pay and collect loyalty points. In 2018, the students of the Lise Meitner school in Unterhaching won the German competition. They introduced an insect nest that regulates temperature and humidity by itself using a Raspberry Pi minicomputer and a sensor.

Again, this year’s round of students participating in Chips@School provided an encouraging display of motivation, creativity and resolve in engaging with future technologies to tackle real world problems. It is always a pleasure to be part of the competition to witness what kind of things the next generation of young minds is imagining.

Randolph Knobloch Managing Director, Infineon Technologies Ireland

In addition, Infineon Germany offers A-level graduates and former apprentices a dual study program. No other degree program contains such a high proportion of practical experience, because the theoretical and practical phases alternate. Depending on the study model, the dual study lasts three, three and a half or four years; it ends with a Bachelor’s degree. Successful Bachelor graduates can then expand their knowledge with a dual Master’s degree program.

A dual degree course is the ideal way to study with a monthly salary and to learn about the company’s different tasks at the same time. Afterwards, the graduates have an excellent idea of what area they would like to get started in.

Thirteen young women and men have finished their education or dual studies at Infineon Regensburg – all with excellent grades. As you would expect with a high-tech company, all graduates have chosen a technical profession. Josef Schätz from Regensburg is one of them. He is the first dual student to successfully complete a Master's degree in Electrical and Microsystems Engineering. "Infineon seemed the most sympathetic to me", the native German thought during his search for a suitable dual study as a semiconductor developer. The fact that Josef Schätz is now the first Master’s graduate at Infineon was not foreseeable when he applied for this program six years ago. The 25-year-old continues without resting. The Master degree will be followed by a Doctorate – and the PhD position he found immediately at Infineon.

Cooperation with universities

With the Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS) Infineon Asia Pacific seeks to enable qualified sponsoring organizations to secure top young talents pursuing undergraduate studies in strong collaboration with the Economic Development Board (EDB) and the Ministry of Education (MOE). Infineon is well regarded by EDB and MOE as having good HR capabilities with a strong focus on talent development. This year, we mark the sixth year of this bountiful collaboration. The SgIS program not only helps to secure the talent pipeline for Infineon, but allows the company to play a role in inspiring young individuals.

Close cooperation with universities is very important for many different reasons. Of course, first and foremost is to attract successful graduates as career starters. And we offer a variety of dual degree courses as part of that effort. But the exchange of knowledge and joint innovation projects are also being advanced in order to stay up-to-date with the latest technology.

For instance, many Infineon engineers have given guest lectures at recognized universities in Germany and abroad to maintain close contact with the respective locations. We support universities with endowed professorships or research laboratories. We support doctoral students and candidates, visit university recruitment fairs, give presentations at conferences and invite students to visit our company.

"Cross the frontier!" was the motto of this year's SummerSchool from 27 to 31 August 2018 at our Villach location. The focus of the week was on "Digital Industry and Products". Interesting lectures, lab tours, field trips or the "Escape Room" put boredom out of business during the SummerSchool week. 60 students from 13 nations, including Italy, Austria, Germany, Pakistan, India and Greece, spent an eventful week at Infineon Austria in Villach. "I decided to take part at Infineon SummerSchool for several reasons, like to get better insights into the company, because it is a leading company in the semiconductor industry. Furthermore it is a chance to get basic knowledge about topics like artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis and to construct a network within the company." Student Luca Lingardo. “I came here to get in contact with the company, to get more information about Infineon and because I was interested in the topic of the SummerSchool as well. It was a fun week, full of social activities and keynotes with experts." Student Elisa Granata. "I think it was a good decision coming here because I learned a lot. My background is the field of robotics and sense integration. At the SummerSchool we got to know more fields, like data analysis and what Infineon is working on. I would recommend everyone to come to the SummerSchool. It is a good place to network." Student Usama Saqib

Interns und working students

For students and university graduates, Infineon offers attractive opportunities in all areas to become part of the team. We offer internships, working student jobs, or the advisement of your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis. One thing is clear. All new hires can look forward to room for creativity and practical experience with the newest technology and get their careers off to a successful start.

Every year, Trendence, an independent market research and consulting firm, identifies the most attractive employers in 28 countries. Infineon Germany is repeatedly voted one of the top 100 employers by engineering students.

Over 5,000 interns evaluated Infineon in a survey conducted by the CLEVIS group regarding employers’ working conditions. The study categorized companies in four areas: Stars, Pretenders, Hidden Champions, and Challengers. Infineon’s categorization as a “Star” is a tribute to its quality as an employer as well as its brand image. Interns at these companies are very satisfied with their employer and their internship. 

In July 2018, 70 interns came together for the yearly Management-Intern Dialogue at Infineon Singapore. The session, as part of the students’ internship experience, enables two-way communication between the management and the students. Besides being a platform for the students to gain valuable insights into Infineon’s business and its management, the occasion is an avenue for the management to understand millennials’ perspectives of the company. Under the theme “Why Infineon?” the participants shared their perception of the company and touched on topics crucial to Infineon through group discussions and a dialogue. “Infineon connects global talents together. It crosses geographical and cultural borders to gather all the creative ideas. Personally, to start my internship with Infineon, I travelled from Germany to Singapore, I shifted my study area from Industrial Engineering to my internship area, Electrical Engineering and finally from an already open to an even broader mind-set!” commented Danjie Shen.

Talent programs

Mainly connected virtually most of the time, 35 of the 49 worldwide active IGPs came together for the Regional Conference in Dresden in March 2018. Regional Conference means that all participants of the program, staying in Europe or the US, meet in person. Two weeks later, all IGPs who stay in Asia had the chance to meet in Melaka.

Our world is changing – and at a fast rate. Infineon wants to meet the change with a broad-based initiative. At the heart of its activities is the International Graduate Program (IGP), whose goal is to attract highly qualified graduates. It has a global approach, which means that the 47 talents we currently have on the program can build their networks across both divisional and country borders. At least one station is located abroad. The participants exchange ideas and experiences in regular telephone and online conferences and also have face-to-face meetings at workshops every six months.

Information about the International Graduate Program (IGP):

  • Duration: 18 to a maximum of 24 months
  • Candidates: University graduates with Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. degrees
  • Three to four stations, at least one of which is a stay abroad for four to six months
  • Support: individually through buddy and mentoring program
  • Network: international with regular virtual, regional and international IGP meetings

I am on the International Graduate Program (IGP), based in Warstein and supporting the Equipment Purchasing teams. From September to December 2018 I will spend four months in Wuxi (China) and then two months in Cegled (Hungary) to support the local purchasing activities. Afterwards, I will return to Warstein to continue my journey in strategic purchasing. Infineon is a global player for people to grow personally and advance their career. The close network within the company creates a great atmosphere for the employees and people can meet other bright minds across different sites over the world.

Zhang Zhe IGP-Participant
The Infineon Melaka Talent Network team has every reason to be proud: In October 2017 they received the prestigious HR Excellence Awards 2017 at a gala ceremony in Kuala Lumpur. A regional expert panel of senior HR leaders judged the entries and selected Infineon as one of the winners in the Talent Management category. The success indicates that our HR professionalism has been raising the bar and adding business value to Infineon in the eyes of the HR community in Asia.
In Asia, there are two signature talent programs, which aim to develop the future leaders for Infineon: ENGINE for talents on the management and project management career and TECHStar for talents on the Technical Ladder. One major highlight of the ENGINE and TECHStar programs is the Campus Week at the Singapore Management University (SMU), which consists of four modules. During four separate residential weeks, participants are offered a customized curriculum covering both hard and soft skills relating to general management and leadership topics. In the picture you can see the ENGINE and TECHStar participants after they presented their reflections and learnings from the first module to the Infineon Asia Pacific management team in April 2018.
Cheetah is a two-year talent program at Infineon China, which is designed to develop the technical ladder talents to transform from technical experts to be business technical partners with deeper customer and business insights and innovative thinking. The first module “My Stage, My Story” was launched from 22 to 24 May 2018 in Wuxi, together with another talent program Eagle (for management career talents). In total 31 talents from different divisions, functions and locations in Greater China attended.

Infineon gets you fit for the job market

For years, we have been helping young people prepare for the job market.

Infineon is actively involved in two areas of the Integration through Education initiative, in "Integration through role models" and in "University entrance and qualification". In the area of university entrance, each year Infineon subsidizes 15 "Kiron Higher Education" scholarships. "Kiron" is a non-profit start-up that has made it possible for refugees to study an online curriculum in "Engineering" or "Computer Science" since 2016. The participants can then earn their final degree at one of the over 50 partner universities. Kiron supports the scholarship recipients with language courses and mentoring. The major advantage: Young adults can pursue the curriculum without having to first conclusively resolve their official residence status. The "Vorbilderakademie Süd" ("Role Model Academy of the South") has emerged in the field of action "Integration through role models". Infineon provides the Academy with financial support, inviting 39 youths from immigrant backgrounds to a week of self-assessment, personality development and career orientation. 22 of these young people live in Germany separated from their own families. The main countries of origin are Afghanistan (40 percent) and Syria (15 percent). "I learned a lot of new things, not only from the content, but also about myself. Getting to know new people and finding friends was a really great experience," says one participant. And in fact the strength of this format is indeed making it possible to network with role models, to make contact with people who have similar life histories and who have already successfully found their own. In order to ensure that the event has a permanent impact, a follow-up weekend was held in Regensburg from March 16 to 18 2018 (see picture). Two additional role models came to the Role Model Academy in September: Both of the young people with immigrant backgrounds are currently being trained in Regensburg as mechatronic technician and electronics technician for devices and systems.