Talents – Developing your full potential

Talent management is extremely important to us. We also attach special importance to recognizing the talents of our employees, developing these and putting them to use. Four different career paths are available. We also invest in various support programs, training programs and networks to help us put employees on the right track. These not only come from the Group headquarters in Munich. We also manage several global HR functions from Asia.

What makes the idea of networks so exciting in a world in which corporate structures are increasingly open and industry boundaries are becoming blurred?

Today’s working world is characterized by highly qualified talents communicating worldwide in communities and networks. We need employees who use these opportunities in everyday life, who act across departments and sectors, who combine and interpret data, are creative and at the same time who think like entrepreneurs.

Severine Fiegler Head of HR Talent Network

Four career paths to success

60 colleagues were honored in a ceremonial event in the Regensburg company canteen. The event was to celebrate their promotion on the Technical Ladder and Project Management career as well as into the Management circle.

As employees grow at Infineon, they have four choices they can make: Individual Contributor careers, Management careers, Project Management careers, and Technical Ladder careers.

  • The Individual Contributor career is the standard career path at Infineon. It is ideal for employees who contribute to the success of Infineon with their expertise in a specific division, such as Procurement or Sales.
  • The Management career is aimed at executives at Infineon. The focus is on the management and leadership of employees and business areas.
  • The Project Management career is designed for employees whose jobs require project management and project team leadership. Tailored learning opportunities for the participants ultimately also optimize the quality of our projects.
  • The Technical Ladder career is aimed at employees who make their contribution through special technical know-how and it thus offers targeted development opportunities.

All four career paths are equal, and switching between career paths is always possible. This allows employees to develop according to their individual preferences, skills and abilities and in alignment with the Company’s strategic

This year those employees who reached the next level on one of the four career paths were honored in Warstein too.

How we shape learning

If you want to develop yourself professionally, you need to be offered learning opportunities to match it. After all, the company also benefits from employees who are continually expanding their knowledge and skills. Infineon therefore provides a wide range of programs and initiatives. The 70-20-10 philosophy has proven its worth.

We are convinced that 70 percent of learning should take place on the job, 20 percent near the job and ten percent off the job. On the job means: in practice, through experience - with increasing challenges during an employee’s career. Near the job means: through exchanges with others, mutual guidance and support. And off the job means: in structured trainings, workshops and workshops, including through e-Learning.

These three ways of learning complement each other and have a great impact on personal development. At 70 percent, it is clear that learning on the job is the most important of them all. Because in the end, the only way to retain what you have learned long term is by actual practice and experience.

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We place a lot of value in further education. We invested 12.2 million euros (2016: 10.1 million euros) in further education in the past fiscal year.
Our employees spent a total of 1,067,178 hours in training (2016: 1,177,170). A look at the distribution of training hours in the hierarchy shows that we were able to reach employees at all levels and functions.

We’ve had a recipe for success for a number of years: set up the organization clearly, divide responsibilities, put the right employees in the right jobs and then invest in them.

Jochen Hanebeck Member of the Management Board

And how have our learning opportunities evolved over time? Increasing digitization allows us to make learning more individual and person-oriented. Learning opportunities are becoming mobile, shorter and faster. That’s something we at Infineon are working on too. We want to offer our employees and executives a broad range of services that they can use to meet their respective needs. This means everyone at Infineon can put together a learning and development plan tailored to their personal needs.

Tutoring, coaching and mentoring

Often it is not theoretical methods and skills that help us advance, but personal experiences instead. So it is very valuable to have a supporter by your side – be it an experienced advisor or a sparring partner. Tutoring, coaching and mentoring are different concepts with which we mutually support, exchange and share knowledge.


Experienced employees support younger or new employees with help and advice and guide them both professionally and with social skills. That’s always helpful – not just when you’ve just changed positions.


When external certified trainers come to the rescue, this is called coaching. Not only in problem situations or in professional challenges, but also in everyday work, they provide support and help the employee with the right tools to expand key skills and competencies.


Mentoring is the bringing together of one experienced and one less experienced person as mentor and mentee. They both work together for a year towards an individual goal within a jointly-defined program. It’s about professional issues and it also encourages personality development. In contrast to a coach, a mentor is usually not trained specifically for this role, but has the advantage of greater experience and knowledge. Infineon is committed to this type of support and learning.

Cross-Mentoring und Reverse-Mentoring

How do colleagues from other companies do it? In the case of cross-mentoring, mentors and mentees from different companies meet to exchange ideas thereby expanding their skills and perspectives. The focus is currently on supporting female executives in Munich who want to develop in their position or career. The feedback from the participants has been very positive, both on the mentor and the mentee side.

In reverse-mentoring by contrast, the mentee briefs the mentor in specific subject areas and thereby builds a bridge between the generations. This is currently taking place in Asia.

Géraldine Picaud, Member of the Supervisory Board of Infineon Technologies AG, visited our location in India and gave an inspiring speech to all female employees on site. She emphasized the importance of mentoring for women to be leaders. “Women inspire women!” She recommended that everyone should look for a mentor in the company to discover their own strengths and talents and take the next step up on their career ladder. Building a strong support circle for yourself is always the best career tip, she explained. According to Picaud, women possess many natural leadership qualities that they can strengthen with courage, determination, discipline and a bit of luck. „Connect your private and working worlds to become successful managers, and live a happy, fulfilling life,“ she advised her listeners.

Our academies

At the “Trainer Recognition Day“ in Singapore, 88 internal trainers from Asia received an award from the management. This year, a total of 514 in-house trainers participated in various training sessions, contributing 17,000 hours to training Infineon’s workforce in Asia.

At Infineon, we have set up our own academies for various business areas in order to bundle and organize the learning. They are dedicated to building professional skills such as in Procurement and Sales, Production and Quality Management. At present there are a total of eleven “functional academies.” These academies are mainly run by internal trainers who have agreed to share their knowledge with their colleagues and thus promote a self-motivated learning culture.

Shortly before retiring, Werner Kanert became the first ever to receive the AEC Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognized his outstanding commitment. The AEC (Automotive Electronics Council) is the most important standardization body for automotive semiconductor products. The award is given in recognition of his constant ground-breaking contribution to the development of the AEC and the automotive industry. Passing on his knowledge – not only as a coach, but also in everyday working life – was always a matter of course for Werner Kanert.

Of course, I’m pleased that my own work in the AEC is valued, because I’ve contributed to reliable semiconductor components in the car. But above all, this award proves to me that Infineon is developing the best products in the world because the most competent teams are working there.

Werner Kanert