Talents – Developing your full potential

Talent management is extremely important to us. We are committed to recognizing, developing and unleashing the talent within our workforce. Four different career tracks are available to employees at Infineon. In addition to this, we invest in support programs, training opportunities and networks to propel each employee along the path best suited to their skills.

Our people are our most valuable asset. As leaders, our role is to help each employee develop their individual potential. Take one of our current projects, for example. Since the summer 2019, we have been offering an extensive online learning portfolio in collaboration with an external service provider. Infineon employees can access these courses whenever they want or need it.

Jochen Hanebeck Chief Operations Officer

Career development at Infineon

Infineon offers four different career paths for employees looking to progress through the company – the Individual Contributor, Management, Project Management and Technical Ladder paths.

  1. The Individual Contributor path is the standard career track at Infineon. It is ideal for employees who contribute to Infineon’s success through their expertise in specific business areas such as purchasing or sales.
  2. The Management career track is aimed at leaders at Infineon. It focuses on managing employees, teams and lines of business.
  3. The Project Management route is designed for employees whose roles require them to manage projects and project teams.
  4. The Technical Ladder is aimed at employees who contribute to the company through their specialist technical know-how.

All four paths are equally valuable. They enable our employees to advance in their career based on their individual interests, skills and abilities and in line with the company’s strategic requirements. We offer both career-specific and general, cross-track training and learning resources to support them on their journey here.

Actively developing our talent is at the heart of our talent management efforts. Our employees can prove themselves in challenging situations and gain valuable experience. As managers, we rely on new systems and processes that are being continuously refined and optimized to identify these talents.

Andreas Urschitz Division President Power & Sensor Systems

STEPS: A continuous dialog

STEPS is a global process that serves as a guiding framework for managers and employees at Infineon. Goals, expected behaviors and development steps are agreed in ongoing, open dialog between managers and employees with a clear focus on goal attainment and performance.

In September 2018, we launched a new philosophy, process and tool for STEPS. The name remains the same, but the content has changed:

  • Instead of one major annual feedback meeting, managers now engage in regular dialog with employees
  • Dynamic dialog means targets can be modified or ticked off, and new goals defined during the course of the year
  • The process aims to bring more clarity to individual targets and expected behaviors
  • Employees take more ownership for their personal development and drive results
  • Managers act as coaches, empowering their employees to develop and succeed

This approach reflects Infineon’s response to changing demands caused by rapid growth and increasingly dynamic markets. The ability to define clear goals and expectations in good time and provide feedback has become all the more important to secure and expand the company’s future success.

For me, STEPS is about open, honest dialog with my line manager in a framework that enables me to succeed in my daily work while constantly developing through continued learning.

Laura Heilrath Global Policy Owner for STEPS
Facts from the survey


In March 2019, we carried out an employee survey over two weeks to gather initial feedback on the implementation of STEPS. More than two thirds of the respondents said that they were familiar with the STEPS philosophy. Overall, greater employee ownership and managers’ responsibility to coach resonated positively.

HR now aims to further anchor the STEPS philosophy with employees and support the change process. After all, STEPS simply provides a framework and guidance. It is ultimately down to each individual to get the most out of it – over the entire year.

Redefine learning: LinkedIn Learning @Infineon

Personal development and learning are top priorities at Infineon. As such, we continually reassess the learning opportunities and formats we offer. After all, the company also benefits from a workforce dedicated to continually expanding its knowledge and skills. As of July 31, 2019, our employees have been able to access the extensive library at the LinkedIn Learning website. LinkedIn Learning allows Infineon employees to learn on demand, accessing knowledge when they need it without having to attend day-long workshops. LinkedIn Learning offers an extensive portfolio of learning resources, including over 14,000 online courses in seven languages. Short videos covering everything from MS Office and Tableau to time management and negotiation strategies can be accessed twenty-four-seven. The platform enables users to expand their knowledge and personal skills at any time and place. To date, over 9,300 courses and 43,000 videos have been completed by Infineon learners.

We want to offer our employees and leaders a broad range of learning resources and formats that they can access on demand. This enables everyone at Infineon to create a learning and development plan tailored to his or her personal needs.

Employees like Fabrizio Frittoli, engineer in the division Power & Sensor Systems (PSS), are enthusiastic about the new opportunities offered by LinkedIn Learning: “LinkedIn Learning is a really interesting idea. The platform offers loads of different courses and content. I was recently tasked with designing PCBs for our team without support from an external supplier. I had to use a tool called “Eagle” that I’d never heard of before. Thanks to LinkedIn Learning, I quickly familiarized myself with the tool. In just a few hours, I was able to design the circuit diagrams I needed and start the layout work. I think that the entire organization can benefit from LinkedIn Learning. It’s definitely one of the best self-learning platforms ever offered by Infineon.”
Alex von Glasow, Director R&D Excellence, uses LinkedIn Learning primarily to develop his skills as a project manager. It’s something he also recommends to the wider project management community. “This resource offers courses on an amazing range of topics. There are sessions focused on the efficient implementation of methods and tools in project workflows, leadership topics for project managers, assertive body language and confident behavior, negotiation techniques and stakeholder communications. There are lots of important and interesting training opportunities to help project managers expand both technical knowledge and social skills.”

New leadership training landscape for our career tracks

Our increased focus on the development of key leadership skills is by no means limited to top executives at Infineon.

In 2019, the people development team at Infineon collaborated closely with relevant business stakeholders, selected external training partners and experts from different areas to design and deliver a completely new training landscape for developing leadership and management skills across all four career paths.

The new leading and learning portfolio comprises a total of six training programs tailored to Infineon’s needs and designed to develop leadership skills according to the role and seniority of the employee in question.

  • “Leading Essentials @Infineon” is a basic training program that lasts several days. It is aimed at employees with management responsibilities – regardless of their discipline – and covers the basics of self-leadership and team leadership. The program also ensures that all leaders at Infineon speak with one voice – also in relation to all relevant methods and tools – and act as role models. Alongside traditional management training content such as giving and receiving feedback and setting goals, the program includes new elements such as communicating effectively in virtual teams.
  • “Learning Nuggets” is an innovative take on self-learning. These small nuggets of information provide a compact overview of a specific topic along with recommendations for more in-depth learning resources in different formats on the same subject. For example, managers are increasingly leading and managing teams made up of employees from different generations. The “Managing Multi-Generational Teams” Learning Nugget provides five practical, actionable tips plus a curated summary of more in-depth learning resources such as books, recommended LinkedIn Learning courses, articles and TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talks. Users can choose the formats they prefer to deepen their knowledge. The people development team receives the topics to be covered in Learning Nuggets from the business and implements these accordingly.
  • Leading as an Expert” and “Leading as an Expert Advanced” are training programs for technical experts at Infineon. The courses prepare these specialists for the management aspects of their roles. Participants are introduced to tools and methods that can help them lead and manage their own teams and successfully collaborate with relevant stakeholders.
  • “Leading as a Project Manager” and “Leading as a Project Manager Advanced” are completely new training courses created specifically for project managers at Infineon. Infineon has applied a very strict qualification logic to the identification of project managers for several years. We are now expanding this qualification landscape with the addition of these dedicated leadership courses for project managers.