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Leadership @ Infineon: A pressing role in times of the pandemic

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, Infineon – like many other corporations – was challenged to quickly react in two pressing areas. First, to support our leaders in a pragmatic, hands-on and creative way with crisis management skills and upskilling in remote leadership, and by helping them to build trust over distance, reorganize work structures, and collaborate over digital technologies without losing traction in a highly volatile time. Second, to rethink our leadership training portfolio, offered to date in a high-quality, proven classroom setting.

To relieve tension and enable our leaders to confidently lead through the change of working from home, we offered multiple short, 1-hour upskilling sessions on “Remote leadership” and “Collaborating in a remote environment via Webex”. More than 2000 leaders attended the sessions. The same has been offered to an even broader range of employees (“Working from home – Tips and best practices”).

In parallel, we virtualized many leadership trainings to deliver fully virtual versions. Leveraging breakout sessions, peer assignments, engaging interventions, and multiple tool solutions, these new formats received great feedback from our Infineon leaders.

Offering a blended, on-demand mix of enablement formats such as short 1-hour upskilling sessions, multiday leadership trainings, self-paced reading material, on- demand virtual learning with LinkedIn Learning and our very own signature Learning Nuggets (one-page learning formats answering a dedicated question), we could meet the growing demand for enablement.

In addition to virtualizing leadership trainings for the broader leadership population at Infineon, we created a tailored, highly exclusive general management program in collaboration with the INSEAD business school targeted specifically at top management. Starting in October 2021, our top managers are being invited to join the IGMP – Infineon General Management Program. This six-month program will focus on Personal Leadership Development, Organizational Design, and Core Innovation Process Excellence while also providing a general management toolkit.


We need a goal, a plan to achieve that goal, and a focus on results. We need to lead ourselves – that’s the basis for being able to lead others successfully.

We need to grow our skills as leaders in all dimensions to respond to future challenges. And we are responsible for empowering our team to be successful.

Reinhard Ploss Chief Executive Officer / Labor Director

Ready for (virtual) onboarding!

The biggest merger in Infineon’s history brought 6,000 new employees to the Infineon family – along with the challenge of onboarding all these new colleagues. This was accentuated by the fact that we were not able to meet in person, host onboarding events or organize townhall meetings to introduce our new colleagues to Infineon’s key frameworks, the company’s mission and vision, culture building elements, and their daily tasks and to-dos in their new organizational home.

Within 3 months, we created a fully virtual and interactive Global Onboarding platform that is now available to all new employees, people managers, and interns/working students joining Infineon. The Onboarding Journey is not structured by topics but by time. In other words, we present information relevant to the respective week. So, in the very first week, we share tips on how to get set up in our IT environment, attend all mandatory trainings and get to know Infineon’s history.

Or in the third week, we introduce all new colleagues to our Performance management and relevant developmental or leadership trainings to attend. The entire journey is accompanied by personal quotes plus tips and tricks from Infineon employees giving insights into our culture. We’ve received great feedback on the Global Onboarding Journey, with new arrivals rating it as a highly interesting, interactive, and engaging platform.

Careers Project – for an inspiring and attractive career environment

In early 2021, we kicked off our highly ambitious corporate Careers Project. Considering the company’s growth, increasing market dynamics, and mega trends such as digitalization, we believe that Infineon’s career landscape should provide an even greater contribution to strategy deployment in the future. Our future career environment strives to be:

1) Scalable and business-driven to meet the demands of a technology leader in very dynamic markets
2) Integrated and user-friendly to adapt quickly and ensure positive employee experiences
3) Clear and attractive to win as an employer of choice.

Our project mission: We have the future in mind

We create an inspiring career environment that facilitates individual development and contributes to business success. We will achieve this with a clear commitment: We focus on our HR customers, namely our employees and managers, and we add value for Infineon.

We deliver simple, integrated, and user-friendly solutions. We think and act courageously and with the future in mind.

Our answer: A holistic, iterative approach with targeted solutions

We aim to reach our project goal based on five solutions through an iterative approach. After designing a solution, dedicated groups of employees and managers are invited to test and provide their feedback.

During the following global roll-out phases of the solution, all affected Infineon colleagues will learn about the new solutions step by step.

ARISE – Connecting people and technology

1 December 2020 marked the launch of ARISE, Infineon Singapore’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiative. This initiative aims to embed AI readiness across all business units and make Infineon Singapore a center for AI innovation within the Infineon world by 2023.

ARISE is a key building block in transforming Infineon Singapore into a global innovation center for artificial intelligence, driven by the conviction that AI will help shape a better tomorrow.

Infineon Asia-Pacific`s 50th anniversary, Infineon announced its intent to transform into a hub for AI Innovation

Engaging employees in the transformation

This will empower Infineon Singapore’s workforce to develop AI solutions across all business functions. More than 1,000 employees will be trained in different levels of AI competencies and around 25 unique AI projects will be implemented by 2023. The initiative will also look at attracting as well as developing employees with niche skills in AI roles.

Important role of human resources

HR plays a pivotal role in the “R” track of ARISE aimed at Reskilling and digitally transforming the workforce based on three focus areas: Instilling a growth mindset, building capabilities, and driving augmented performance. Virtual learning events have been held and a pilot version of digital nudge mobile application has also been introduced to enable employees to make better choices in contributing to greater AI readiness.

Infineon Singapore will also proactively engage with and leverage the vibrant semiconductor, electronics, education, and innovation ecosystems in Singapore by collaborating with various companies, startups, and institutions.

Next step toward digital transformation

Digitalization is relevant for every aspect of our business. Therefore, striving for innovation and knowledge are highly important to us and an integral part of what we do. At the same time, demand for skilled employees is rising, driven by the need to keep pace with technological advances. We have developed various training concepts aimed at building digital skills and knowledge to enable our employees to work effectively in this new, digital environment. Examples include the “Basic Digital Skills” and the “HR Digital Skills” learning programs. These programs raised awareness of digital skills among office-based employees and increased the uptake of development opportunities.

Looking beyond the office, digitalization and process automation also have a tremendous impact on the skillsets required of our shop-floor employees. It is important for us as a company to invest in further education across the entire organization and to support the whole workforce in building digital skills. In summer 2020, we thus launched the “Digital Skills at Productions Sites” learning program to address the growing need for digital and soft skills at the shop floor.

Launching LinkedIn Learning for shop-floor employees

Two years ago, Infineon introduced its online learning platform LinkedIn Learning. Since then, all Infineon office-based employees have been able to easily integrate skill-building into their daily work with LinkedIn Learning. Building on this success with office staff, we set ourselves the additional goal of bringing digital skill-building opportunities to the entire workforce. Therefore, LinkedIn Learning was gradually introduced across different production sites throughout the past fiscal year.

We started the rollout of LinkedIn Learning for shopfloor employees with two pilot projects in Asia and Europe. During the pilots, we worked closely with the production managers at the pilot sites to develop a learning curriculum, made a digital learning infrastructure available, and discussed how to integrate LinkedIn Learning into daily work routines with the shift supervisors.

Go-live at eleven production sites since 2020

Since the start of the pilot for “Digital Skills at Productions Sites”, LinkedIn Learning has been launched at 11 production sites. To be able to introduce this digital offering on the shop floor, we needed to set up a dedicated learning infrastructure as a key priority. Infineon has invested in the necessary technical equipment (e.g. laptops) and made a learning infrastructure available in the form of learning stations or training rooms.

To provide guidance on the learning content, we have curated different learning paths within LinkedIn Learning. These learning paths are tailored to the needs of three different target groups within production (operators, maintenance, and team leaders). All paths cover soft skill courses as well as Industry 4.0 content to equip our workforce with the skillsets they will need in future.

Differentiating ourselves from the competition through manufacturing requires nothing less than perfection.

A successful transition to Industry 4.0 starts by enabling all relevant employees to develop new skills. Such a change process can only be effective with committed and passionate people. Here – as always: People make the difference.

Jochen Hanebeck Chief Operations Officer