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Cypress integration - Welcome to Infineon

The acquisition of Cypress is a major and momentous step in the further strategic development of Infineon. We have combined the specific individual strengths of Cypress and Infineon to become one of the top 10 semiconductor manufacturers in the world. By doing so we are taking another large step forward in the realization of our long-term strategy “Linking the real and the digital world.”

We welcome the diversity of our newly built company and trust in everyone's commitment to joint success. We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new colleagues and look forward to the enhancement of skills and expertise they bring to us.

Our 6.000 new colleagues will strengthen our global presence. Together, we can achieve more than what any of us could have done on our own. The collaboration during the step-wise integration is characterized by an open atmosphere and the feeling of a great fit in culture. We could already sense that both teams were passionate about our customers’ success, innovation and had a strong focus on problem solving. Infineon and Cypress becoming one company is a great opportunity with great outlook.

Dr. Helmut Gassel Chief Marketing Officer

We began preparing for the acquisition already in 2019 and we are currently in the integration phase that began with the Closing in April 2020. Over 6,000 employees are now gradually integrated into the world of Infineon. This means a variety of changes, challenges and opportunities, both for the company and for each individual.

HR makes equally essential contributions to the integration in strategic, financial and cultural terms. Our comprehensive change strategy accompanies employees around the world through the integration process, whether in the form of a buddy system or on a newly developed "Onboarding Journey" with the new colleagues. We made sure at a very early stage to establish complete transparency regarding what working conditions the new employees can expect at Infineon.

In spite of the pandemic, we quickly found creative ways to welcome and include our new colleagues. Virtual tools let us conduct virtual "Welcome" meetings, maintain the constant flow of information and at the same time compensate to the best possible extent for the personal interaction which is not possible at present.

Our activities are paying off and we are happy about the positive feedback from our new colleagues:

I was very quick to realize that we fit together well. And not just because our portfolios complement one another well, but also because we have very similar cultures and values.

Sam Geha CEO and EVP Memory Solutions

It didn’t feel like an acquisition. We were brought into the fold. We were asked our opinions. We were part of the process. Infineon has a culture that is credited with great care about their people. Every employee is seen as part of a family.

Michael Balow EVP, Sales and Marketing, CSS

Feedback within the company is very important to us. We launched an initial employee survey in May 2020 in order to better understand the atmosphere and needs of the employees in the integration phase. The objective was to gain a better idea of how the employees feel about the present status of the integration.

Pulse-check on integration: Results

Our employees understand our business strategy very well. We see confirmation in the high level of satisfaction with Infineon as an employer as well as the expression of a clear feeling of belonging and we are looking confidently into a joint future. The results of the study show that continuous communication and provision of information are very important to our employees. We are looking forward to the upcoming months and the related ongoing integration activities.

In the future, we will continue to conduct employee surveys in order to obtain consistent and sustainable feedback from our employees.

From the outset, I paired with a fantastic new colleague who helped accelerate my assimilation into Infineon. I’ve also enjoyed virtually visiting my new team members in their homes around the globe. As we exchange ideas and share best practices, I’m discovering how much we already have in common – a passion for problem solving and a commitment to teamwork.

Lalitha Suryanarayana VP Strategic Marketing

COVID-19: Fast and focused action was necessary

At the very beginning of the pandemic the quickly convened COVID-19 taskforce made it possible for Infineon to implement effective measures to ensure the well-being of our employees along with business continuity:

  • Proactive and rapid formation of global and local crisis response teams
  • Early preparation and execution of global and local communications activities
  • Creation of a dashboard with the most important personnel figures, including an infection tracking dashboard
  • Expansion of bandwidth and infrastructure so that employees could work from home
  • Advice on and execution of measures to provide employees with flexibility in terms of time and location of their work activities
  • Introduction of global corporate surveys on the crisis and crisis management, referred to as COVID-19 pulse checks, to gauge the mood at the company and to facilitate introduction of corresponding measures as necessary

COVID-19 pulse check

We launched a COVID-19 pulse check in April 2020. The objective was to understand how the employees are doing in this highly challenging situation.

A very high response rate provided us with valuable feedback from our employees and showed that the measures taken by Infineon have the desired effect. A large majority of the employees surveyed rated communication within the company on COVID-19 as positive, and felt supported by Infineon during the current crisis. Health information, job security as well as hygiene in the workplace were the three most important employee requirements.

Our company has made it through the COVID-19 pandemic amazingly well so far, a fact which receives a lot of recognition outside the company as well. This is primarily because all of our colleagues have confronted this challenge with great flexibility and complete dedication and have been able to maintain ongoing operations with no major disturbances. Professional crisis management at all sites has been very helpful here – crisis teams including all the necessary partners were formed very quickly everywhere. The fast and pragmatic decisions were then communicated very transparently to all employees.

Ronald Künemund Chairman of the Central Works Council

Managing while working at home

As an employer the personal flexibility of our employees was already important to us before the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus outside of production, mobile working and virtual collaboration were already well established in many areas of everyday work. During the peak period of COVID-19 in March and April, approximately 80 percent of our employees worldwide outside of production worked from home and had to adapt to the new situation within a very short time.

Special virtual learning offers have helped our managers navigate through uncertain times, organize themselves and coach their employees and teams while working from home. This made it possible for managers to quickly and easily accommodate to the new situation.

Among other things, we have benefited from the fact that we had already introduced LinkedIn Learning in the previous year. Since all employees have access to LinkedIn Learning, they have been able to continue their training and education on a wide variety of topics, regardless of their location or time constraints.

New Work: Looking ahead together

It is already evident that the COVID-19 pandemic will have extensive impacts on the working world and has accelerated the adoption of new work methods.

In recent years, Infineon has made intensive efforts to drive digitalization and, as a result, was well positioned to respond to the pandemic. Even before COVID-19, working from home, mobile working and virtual collaboration were already commonplace in many areas outside of production.

The increase in mobile working represents a new type of collaboration. Many concepts, instruments and guidelines already support this approach. We have therefore decided for the following approach:

Use the foundation

In a first step, we would like to use this challenge to make our employees aware of what we already have in place today and to expand the use of this foundation. This includes the technologies which already help us today so that the majority of office employees can work from home. We use tools like WebEx for virtual collaboration and we use online training, including LinkedIn Learning, to make sure our employees can continue to acquire additional skills they need for new work methods and beyond.

Improve the foundation

In a second step, we plan to launch a project that will focus on the future of work at Infineon. The "New Work" working group will collect the available practical experiences and analyze it while taking applicable legal parameters into account. This also includes new work methods and instruments that have proved to be positive for our employees during the crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that we should rethink our previous concept of working. We've taken the first step into a new age, and now we'll have to continue the journey and find out how we can connect Infineon's strength, its ability to act as a team with new ways of working. We are convinced that we can increase our competitive strength and innovation power and we will not forget the people in the process.

Dr. Reinhard Ploss Chief Executive Officer

In the future, our New Work @ Infineon initiative will help secure the competitive strength and innovative power of Infineon.