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Updates from the regions

For the first time in a long time, we were able to meet again in person this year. While we worked well together in a virtual environment, there is something irreplaceable about meeting your colleagues in face to face. We introduced the hybrid work schedule in the region Americas. In consultation with their teams and managers, individuals now have the freedom to choose how to divide their time between working from home and working in the office.
2022 fiscal year highlights included the establishment of an HR Service Center Hub in Tijuana for the Americas. As part of our tiered service model, the Tijuana HR Service Center provides high-volume services to all employees in the region, acting as an extension of our El Segundo HR Service Center. As part of the pilot countries for our new HR online platform “MyHR”, both of our HR Service Centers (Tijuana and El Segundo) have been learning and testing the new platform. They are being supported by the entire region to foster process automation and ensure the success of the global MyHR launch. Reflecting our increasing prioritization of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) practices, we celebrated Diversity Days, covering a variety of topics including women’s leadership, mindfulness, mental health, neurodiversity, LGBTIQ+ in the workplace, and IFAM’s newly launched employee resource groups. Other highpoints included the launch of a portal with single sign-on for all our immigration cases in the US, the deployment of the RSU program for the region, and the hosting of our first formal intern networking sessions.
Additionally, we established the sourcing team in our Talent Network organization as part of our recruiting strategy. The sourcing team actively seeks out and pools key skilled talent to facilitate future hiring. We’ve already seen some early success.


We actively tackle the fiercely challenging talent market in Greater China by strongly promoting Infineon as an employer of choice and by continuing to systematically integrate our Cypress colleagues. We deployed remote work schemes and strive to develop a Diversity and Inclusion culture in the region. In addition, we launched talent development programs to accelerate the development of our high potential talents, also initiating a number of special people caring programs during Covid restrictions in China. With these and other initiatives, we successfully attract, develop, and engage our people in the region.

Greater China

This was a fantastic year in Asia Pacific, supported by positive development of the global semiconductor market. As at June 2022, we had grown strongly with over 23,000 employees. Many sites in the region will continue to grow and that includes Batam, India, Kulim, and Vietnam. HR supports the all-important business ramp-up in the region by helping local entities with the race for talent. As such, employee engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, and health activities are focus areas. Business travel returned with the lifting of border restrictions. Collaboration benefited from the opportunity to re-establish much-missed in-person connections and face-to-face interaction. This year, despite the continued challenges of the pandemic, our efforts and contributions have been recognized by various government and external HR agencies. We garnered a total of 16 HR awards in Bangkok, Batam, Melaka, and Singapore, ranging from apprenticeship and graduate recruitment through leadership development and digital transformation to overall Best Employer Awards. Looking to the future, we continue to strive for excellence in our HR roles to enable our business to reach greater heights.

Asia Pacific

We have completed the formal integration of Cypress in Japan and successfully integrated our new colleagues that tripled our headcount. The process of change and integration continues – the move to our new offices in Tokyo at the beginning of August was a major milestone. This move is part of our ongoing optimization strategy as we look to accelerate synergies internally while also demonstrating our commitment to ONE Infineon Japan externally. For our HR goals too, this means continuing to work on and supporting integration and synergies, further developing our new work environment, and advancing with our digital transformation strategies. Along with this, we will continue to work together with the business on leadership excellence in order to support our ONE Infineon spirit. Here also, a continued focus on the recruiting of new graduates and successful succession planning remain hugely important for the Japan region.


Leadership @ Infineon

How the pandemic turned a challenge into an opportunity for our learning culture

At Infineon, we provided a multitude of quick, pragmatic yet impactful learning opportunities to support our leaders and employees as they worked and led from home during challenging pandemic times. These ranged from short 90-minute info sessions on ‘Hybrid Leadership’ and ‘How to Work Efficiently from Home’ to virtualization of our multi-day ‘Infineon Leadership Excellence Program’ (ILEP). Once they had adjusted Leadership @ Infineon to the idea of an all-virtual learning environment, the majority of our colleagues found the on-demand and more self-paced format of virtual learning to be highly beneficial.

Parallel to providing all-digital learning formats, the People and Leadership department was busy working to combine the best of both worlds (digital and classroom learning) and relaunched the new training curriculum mid-2022.

The three signature Infineon Leadership Excellence Programs (ILEP 1, ILEP 2, and ILEP 3) have been reworked into a 20-week blended learning design with virtual elements (such as ‘Remote Leadership’) with classroom elements (focusing on peer learning, role plays, coaching, social interaction), all of which build on a state-of-the-art learning platform supporting trainees along the entire journey.

In addition to our leadership trainings, we also offer virtual coaching to our employees and leaders. As we faced some doubts, as to whether virtual coaching would be as effective as in-person sessions, the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received on ‘BetterUp’ showed that the concerns were unfounded. More than 200 sessions have been conducted and demand is still on the rise. Virtual coaching is available for individual business cases and has been embedded into some of our global talent programs.

These leadership training and coaching examples show that virtual learning does work, and that responding to the pandemic by spontaneously turning learning into a fully virtual experience came with a number of benefits, and boosted confidence. Employees from different sites can now easily come together on a program without the hassle or expense of travel. This ease of access has boosted networking quality across sites. In addition, most content can be conveyed easily via screen. Nevertheless, trainees missed some elements of face-to-face learning such as social interaction and the in-classroom learning atmosphere. We have built these elements back into our blended programs, combining content delivery in a virtual space with peer exchange in a face-to-face setting. This gives participants the best of both worlds.

IGMP – Infineon General Management Program for our top-managers

We already have a broad portfolio of courses for leaders at Infineon. These include courses for entry-level leaders (‘Leading Basics’), seamless upskilling opportunities as they transition to senior leadership (ILEP), as well as leadership training for our technical colleagues (‘Leading as an Expert’) and for our project managers (‘Leading as a Project Manager’). Now we have complemented this portfolio with an addition for top management: The Infineon General Management Program (IGMP) delivered in collaboration with INSEAD Business School.

The IGMP is a multi-day program hosted at the INSEAD campus in Fontainebleau. To prepare our top managers to further lead our company successfully in an increasingly dynamic and volatile market climate, the IGMP covers topics such as managing a global organization, value creation and value capture, finance, decision-making in times of uncertainty, and much more. 70 of our top managers completed the program, which will be delivered to the entire top management level at Infineon in the coming years. We are confident that this course offers a high-quality, impactful learning opportunity.

With our products and solutions, we drive decarbonization and digitalization in all areas of life. Our customers know that they can rely on us.

And here at Infineon, we can rely on each other. Our various functions across the world work together as one global team, with HR playing a culture-shaping, unifying role. Our team spirit is key to our success and one of the main reasons I enjoy working for Infineon.

Rutger Wijburg Chief Operations Officer

Diversity & Inclusion as part of our corporate culture

We are proud to be a diverse company with colleagues from more than 100 countries spanning different generations and a variety of backgrounds and personal stories. An inclusive culture is therefore essential and the basis for our company’s success. We are on a continuing journey to create an inclusive working environment in which everyone can make their contribution, free of prejudice and with equal opportunities. Investing in this helps us to foster creativity and innovation, while also enhancing the personal experience for everyone at Infineon.

We support this with several activities and offers. One noteworthy example is our global Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) framework, where we elaborate even more on inclusion to ensure that we are living an equal opportunity culture and foster employee engagement. Over the past year, we also further developed solutions for our D&I awareness and competency starting points such as the introduction of our “Diversity. Every day” event series that provides learning opportunities for all employees throughout the year.

One key vehicle in raising awareness and building knowledge remains our D&I Toolbox that supports the organization in all D&I issues and provides practical tips and tricks. Amongst other topics, the toolbox includes information on: “Unconscious bias”, “inclusive language”, as well as “how to support work-life balance” and “managing multi-generational teams”.

To accompany this, we offer our employees a virtual D&I learning journey on LinkedIn Learning to foster knowledge building across the company. Additionally, we have set ourselves a global gender diversity target*, aiming for a share of 20% female colleagues in leadership positions by 2030.


*US Legal Disclaimer: The following sections on KPIs are limited to non-US jurisdictions and will only serve as aspirational goals/guidance for the Americas region. KPIs, such as targets or quotas, in any employment decision is unlawful in the U.S. No figures / hard numbers or percentages are used in any employment decision (e.g. recruiting, hiring, promoting/demoting, mentoring, retaining, terminating, etc.) or as metric for compensation in the U.S.

Global Diversity Days 2022

Last year, our Diversity Day provided a platform to raise awareness and celebrate all forms of diversity. Again this year, we hosted different virtual sessions and face-to face activities across all regions. Everyone got the chance to learn about and engage with different topics and issues around the D&I space.

In 2022, our Diversity ‘Day’ transformed into a 3-day event with more than 55 live sessions and over 40 hours of content organized by employees and managers as experts or allies, supported by a select group of external speakers. These various events met with high interest across Infineon with more than 6,000 registrations for the virtual learning sessions.

One of the highlights was the video we launched during this three-day event. It featured our board members delivering an emotional message to all employees on how Infineon should be a company where everyone feels they belong.

Focus on employee health & well-being

The health and well-being of our employees are particularly important to us. Accordingly, we ensure a healthy working environment and help our employees master the challenges of today’s working world. This is particularly important during the exceptional times of change brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of our Corporate Health Management, we support our employees with a variety of measures to promote a healthy lifestyle and good working habits. The wide range of programs and initiatives worldwide include access to company doctors, social counseling, professional reintegration management services, health checks, sports programs, and innovative approaches to health promotion.

In addition to the physical health of the individual and the promotion of self-care, we pay particular attention to a safe working environment. This includes the prevention of accidents and work-related diseases, assistance during acute illnesses, as well as the support of health literacy and healthy behaviors.

In addition to being a caring employer, we attach great importance to the mental health of all employees. Therefore, we launched global mindfulness sessions for employees and also established several regional and local mental health activities.

With the virtual training on ‘Healthy Leadership’, we give participants an opportunity to learn more about leading a healthy organization while also being a good role model as a manager. To accompany this, we also provide our employees with a collection of curated virtual trainings as part of a ‘Health and Well-being’ LinkedIn Learning journey.

In the following you can read some examples of how we promote a healthy work environment and lifestyle around the globe.

World Health Day – Infineon Global

"Our planet, our health" was the theme chosen by WHO for this year’s World Health Day celebrated on 7 April. Inspired by the WHO theme, we also organized a series of events and activities on that day to emphasize the importance of keeping humans and our planet healthy, and the importance of helping to build societies where health and well-being are paramount. A wide range of sessions, lectures, and events at Infineon locations around the world provided employees with valuable insights into specific health topics and health-promoting activities, such as yoga sessions and mindfulness meditations, virtual health talks, and free on-site health screenings.

InFit Bridges Around the World Challenge - Infineon Americas

For the Americas region, we initiated the “InFit Bridges Around the World Challenge” this year. The goal for this virtual eight-week step-counting challenge was to visit some of the world’s best-loved bridges such as the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, the Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence or the Seri Wawasan Bridge in Putrajaya. 746 employees participated in 94 teams and walked 407,839,038 steps in total in eight weeks. InFit is framed by the “Infineon cares” umbrella – our regional commitment to team building and camaraderie, to fitness of body, mind and spirit, and to making a positive impact on the world around us. With InFit, we aim to support a healthy and happy community for all Americas employees.

Sleep – a campaign as part of the corporate health year at Infineon Austria

Under the slogan “Sleep - the mysterious third of our life”, this campaign focused on the importance of good sleep hygiene. Activities included lectures and workshops providing participants with comprehensive information and a rich array of scientific techniques, tips, and tricks for a good night’s sleep.

Mental Health Talks – Infineon Malaysia

We attach great importance to ensuring that employees feel good mentally. Psychological well-being hinges on the ability to find a balance between challenges and rewards, express thoughts and feelings, and keep a cool head under pressure. To support our employees, we offer regular mental health talks on various topics such as resilience. Here employees learn how to avoid getting stuck when facing a challenging situation so they can bounce back instead. Once again, employees were empowered with valuable tips from a certified trainer, such as how to manage expectations and emotions and take a wide-angle view of a situation by looking at different perceptions.