Human Resources

We are fully committed to encouraging our employees to refine their skills and contribute to the success of infineon. Because we see ourselves as enablers of top performance. And we know this: It is only when our employees succeed as individuals that they can also deliver maximum excellence to Infineon in a team.

This is precisely why the Human Resources (HR) team expects nothing less than excellence from itself. HR excellence for us means more than simply ensuring seamless HR service. We also constantly work on new programs and initiatives to help us evolve and meet new challenges.

The HR organization

Thomas Marquardt is the Global Head of Human Resources at Infineon. The Human Resources department is divided into several areas, which are also supported by the regional HR management teams.

HR Business Partners

The HR business partners are the first contact people for the departments. They help implement the HR and business strategy and assist with operational HR issues such as HR appointments, salary actions, talent promotions, organizational development measures and HR development decisions.

HR Service Delivery

HR Service Delivery bundles all the areas that support the entire HR organization through standardized process flows. Its focus is on an efficient and high-quality implementation of HR processes.

HR Competence Center

The HR Competence Center, broken down by specialty HR management areas, provides the company with their professional expertise. Examples of this include Compensation & Benefits, People Development, Labor Relations, Organization, Culture & Change and Future Work Environment.

The HR Strategy: Excellent Employees

Our HR strategy aims to help our employees to be skilled, motivated and successful in the best possible way.

Our HR mission therefore is:

“We actively promote People Excellence in a high-performance company by supporting our employees and executives in seeing their roles and responsibilities as keys to their own success, and by extension to that of Infineon too.”

The HR strategy is based on the following three pillars:

  • Leadership: Ensuring a positive and constructive culture of leadership and feedback;
  • Talents: Identifying, recruiting, developing and retaining talent;
  • Workforce: Creating a working environment and make sure that the right people are working with us with the right skills at the right time.

Only when our employees are successful can Infineon be successful. The mix of our ‘Excellent Employees‘ strategy is therefore aligned so that we can offer our employees a wealth of opportunities for furthering their careers. We are constantly working on improving our programs and processes and adapting them to dynamic market developments, such as with our ‚HR connect’.

Thomas Marquardt Global Head of HR

HR connect – Human Resources management of the future

Our business world is constantly and dynamically evolving. We need to tirelessly drive innovation and focus on the changing needs of our customers. Our human resources work is an essential cornerstone for further expanding the success of our company. Therefore, this year we decided to orient our HR management to meet the demands of the future with the “HR connect” project.

With “HR connect” we align our business even more closely with the corporate strategy and develop our corporate culture, which allows our employees to be successful. This is supported by a company-wide effort towards standardizing and simplifying our systems and processes.

Specifically, we have identified seven key goals:

  1. We want to create opportunities for the entire organization allowing it to be more flexible, thereby promoting future growth.
  2. We want to shape the working conditions of the future.
  3. We want to promote outstanding achievements and create individual development prospects.
  4. We want to attract, network and develop the best talents.
  5. We want to streamline our HR processes and the associated infrastructure.
  6. We want to be consultants on an equal footing in all corporate decisions that affect our employees.
  7. We want to help our managers to live the company’s concept of excellent leadership.

With ‘HR connect,’ we’ve taken the decisive step to position ourselves for the coming years as a modern HR organization. In this way we are creating the conditions that will allow Infineon employees to contribute to the continuous success of Infineon – now and in the future.

Markus Fink Vice President, HR Business Consulting & Services