Human Resources@Infineon

We are fully committed to encouraging our employees to refine their skills and contribute to the success of Infineon. Because we see ourselves as enablers of top performance. And we know this: It is only when our employees succeed as individuals that they can also deliver maximum excellence to Infineon in a team.
This is precisely why the Human Resources (HR) team expects nothing less than excellence from itself. HR excellence for us means more than simply ensuring seamless HR service. We also constantly work on new programs and initiatives to help us evolve and meet new challenges.

The HR organization

Thomas Marquardt is the Global Head of Human Resources at Infineon. The Human Resources department is divided into several areas, which are also supported by the regional HR management teams.

HR Business Partners

The HR business partners are the first contact people for the departments. They help implement the HR and business strategy and assist with operational HR issues such as HR appointments, salary actions, talent promotions, organizational development measures and HR development decisions.

HR Services & People Operations

HR Services & People Operations supports Infineon's employees with standardized services and consulting services tailored to the needs of their customers. Always in Focus: HR Excellence. With the development and implementation of effective and efficient processes and systems, HR Services & People Operations makes a decisive contribution to the HR focus topics leadership, workforce and talents.

HR Competence Center

The HR Competence Center, broken down by specialty HR management areas, provides the company with their professional expertise. Examples of this include Compensation & Benefits, People Development, Labor Relations, Organization, Culture & Change and Future Work Environment.

The HR strategy

Our Human Resources strategy makes an important contribution to ensuring that Infineon can achieve its growth and profitability targets. This includes competitive talent management, an attractive working environment and high-performance HR processes.

In order to remain innovative, competitive and successful in the future, Infineon constantly searches for the most talented individuals. And the further increasing scarcity of experts facing a steadily growing number of vacancies makes this no easy task. This is particularly the case in the area of the STEM subjects, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics: exactly those fields which are of particular importance to Infineon. We are therefore reviewing our recruiting measures on a regular basis and are working on an integrated system for talent management.

One of our great advantages is Infineon’s positive employer image, which helps win over and retain talents. The fact that we make future-oriented products and create value for society makes our company very attractive to potential employees. We also define ourselves by the way we work together: with a well-developed culture of feedback, “Leadership Excellence” applied every day and an international working environment with colleagues from over 100 nations. We are proud of this diversity. The most recent Great Place to Work® survey confirmed the satisfaction of the workforce – not only in Germany, but also worldwide. More than 80 percent of Infineon employees gave their

employer an excellent evaluation: “Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work.”

At the same time we are preparing the company for the working environment of the future – also in order to remain attractive to new generations of employees. This entails the flexible design of working conditions (for example work hours, mobile working, sabbatical) as well as the ongoing development of workstations in manufacturing (“industry 4.0”). Here we highly value constructive dialog and trust-based collaboration with Workers’ Councils.

We also orient our learning formats to future working environments, offering for example mobile learning with apps as well as virtual learning groups. Our objective in doing so is to continuously support our employees and to encourage them to try out new methods, while making use of the opportunities of digitalization.

Furthermore we are working on an HR infrastructure that allows the organization to react flexibly to growth and changing requirements, without costs increasing as fast as revenue. In order to achieve this, we constantly improve core processes in HR, for example performance management, the process of succession planning and organizational development. We use the new processes and tools to strengthen the employees in the self-directed performance of their responsibilities for their personal development. People are the focus of our actions: The highest level of long-term entrepreneurial performance can only be achieved by happy, healthy and successful employees.

You will find further information including detailed statistics in the 2018 Annual Report and in the 2018 Sustainability Report.

As HR, we have a clear focus. Our personnel strategy follows the corporate strategy: we want to support Infineon's growth course, actively accompany digital change and continue to be successful in the competition for the best talents. Especially because the markets are evolving faster than ever and our working environment is constantly marked by digitization, our HR work is as important as never before. Why? Satisfied employees are essential for our company. In my eyes, satisfaction means: perceiving one's work as meaningful, enjoying it and finding enrichment in the collaboration with colleagues. And last but not least, living with a good life work balance. We can only deliver the highest performance for our company if we are healthy and balanced – this includes fun at work! I have personally committed myself to helping our employees achieve this.

Thomas Marquardt Global Head of HR

HR ‘connect’ – We take Infineon’s future into our hands

Our markets and the way we work are changing rapidly. The business environment in which we operate is becoming more connected: digital, volatile and disruptive. Infineon has always been part of the technological change with its products and technologies, and our people are a crucial contributor to this success. To stay successful in times of increasingly rapid change, we need to support and prepare our employees and their working environment for these changes. Therefore, we initiated the project HR ‘connect’ in 2017 to make Infineon future ready from an HR perspective as well.

To create the greatest impact for our employees, customers and company, HR ‘connect’ follows seven project objectives.

  • Enable the organization to be flexible and prepare for further growth: By partnering with business leaders on organizational development topics as well as simplifying our HR processes, we support the development of suitable and more flexible organizational models.
  • Create working conditions of the future: In a modern working environment, people expect more options on when and where to work. Within HR ‘connect,’ we evaluate the needs for different working environments and how we can introduce them at Infineon.
  • Enable high performance and individual development opportunities: We want to strengthen our employees’ responsibility for their own development within the company and promote the collection of timely feedback.
  • Find, connect to and develop the best talents: As a company, we are only as good as our people. Our success depends heavily on attracting and developing the best talents within the industry to fill our key positions. To do so, we will strengthen our employer brand.
  • Simplify HR processes and our HR infrastructure: Our focus is to provide a positive HR experience for employees and managers. The target is to provide modern tools and intuitive self-services as well as easy-to-use contact channels.
  • Consult for people related decision making: Managers and HR work hand in hand, and through the solutions of HR ‘connect’ we jointly and effectively foster the potential of the employees – based on the right data. 
  • Coach leaders to lead: As a strategic partner to our business leaders, we will collaborate in developing the right people strategy for each business. We will coach our leaders to drive their employees’ development.

Since the start of HR ‘connect’ last year, we have taken decisive steps to align our business even more closely with the corporate strategy and develop our corporate culture. Our achievements already position our HR organization stronger than ever: HR ‘connect’ enables all employees to make their development wishes transparent so that we can consider them for filling vacancies. A new agile process for setting, managing and assessing targets and behaviors enables continuous and flexible target management throughout the year, which better reflects changing business demands.

In addition, HR ‘connect’ introduced a mobile app that integrates our digital learning offers, as well as piloted several innovative learning formats to provide a modern, just-in-time learning experience.

We also kicked-off a pilot for a new globally harmonized and simplified compensation planning process and clarified roles and responsibilities of functional and legal managers within our global matrix organization to ensure that we are ready for further business growth and global reach.

Infineon is successful and continues to grow in a dynamic environment. As a company, we have set ourselves ambitious goals for the coming years to continue to be successful. With ‘HR connect’ we position HR globally as an important strategic partner for change and make our contribution to the achievement of these goals from an employer perspective.

Markus Fink Vice President, HR Business Consulting & Services