Human Resources @Infineon

We are fully committed to empowering our employees with the support and tools they need to develop their full potential. We see ourselves as enablers, paving the way for employees to excel. We know that our people can only deliver outstanding results as part of the Infineon team if each and every one of them is successful in their own right.
Which is why – as members of the Human Resources (HR) team – we also expect nothing short of excellence from ourselves. Our commitment to excellence in human resources goes beyond delivering a seamless HR service. We continuously work on new programs and initiatives to help us evolve and rise to new challenges.

The HR organization

Thomas Marquardt is the Global Head of Human Resources at Infineon. The Human Resources department is divided into several functions, each one also supported by regional HR management teams.

HR business partners

HR business partners are the first point of contact for the various departments at Infineon. They help implement the HR and business strategy and assist with operational HR issues such as appointing staff, regulating salaries, developing talent, developing the organization and deciding on staff development matters.

HR services & people operations

HR services & people operations supports Infineon employees with standardized services and consulting offerings tailored to the needs of customers. This function is firmly committed to HR excellence in all of its undertakings. It develops and implements effective, efficient processes and systems that make a valuable contribution to the execution of key HR topics such as leadership, workforce and talent.

HR competence centers

We operate multiple HR competence centers, each one dedicated to a specialist area of HR: compensation & benefits, people and leadership development, organization design & development, organization transformation, labor relations, HR excellence & ‘connect‘, and health management. These centers provide expert advice and support spanning concept development, direct consulting services and projects, and policy ownership.

Our HR strategy

Our Human Resources strategy makes an important contribution to ensuring that Infineon can achieve its growth and profitability targets and navigate smoothly through different economic phases. The strategy is therefore designed to enable our employees to be successful in the long term. Successful in the sense that they enjoy doing what they do and are motivated to take on even the most challenging tasks. And long-term in that we prepare together for the working conditions of tomorrow and thereby help safeguard each individual employee’s ability to work on a sustainable basis. Therefore, we need to ensure an attractive working environment, competitive talent management and high-performance HR processes.

In order to remain innovative, competitive and successful in the future, Infineon constantly searches for the most talented individuals. This is not an easy task, given the increasing scarcity of experts. Talent management also includes successfully integrating new colleagues. We do this with a combination of systematic and individually tailored onboarding measures. One of our great advantages is Infineon’s positive employer image, which helps win over and retain talents. The fact that we make future-oriented products and create value for society makes our company very attractive to potential employees.

Human resources here at Infineon has a clear focus. Our HR strategy aligns with our corporate strategy. In other words, we aim to support Infineon on its growth path, actively shape digital transformation and ensure that the company continues to win the best talent. The work we do in HR is becoming more important than ever as market agility accelerates and digitalization increasingly shapes all aspects of working life. Why has HR moved center stage? Because employee satisfaction is key to the future success of our company. For me, job satisfaction is what you experience if your work is meaningful, enjoyable and enriching – through collaboration and teamwork with your colleagues. Getting the work-life balance right is equally important. We can only give the company our very best if we are living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, engaged in a meaningful occupation and – it goes without saying – do not neglect the fun factor. I firmly believe in this holistic approach and do everything I can to deliver on it.

Thomas Marquardt Global Head of HR

We also define ourselves by the way we work together, for instance with a well-developed culture of feedback, which is actively practiced at our company. One example: our “Leadership Dialog” – a format in which employees provide their managers with feedback. The new Infineon Leadership Principles underpin our commitment to continuously improving our leadership qualities. Introduced by top management in spring 2019, these principles encourage both feedback and self-reflection. This approach not only helps strengthen efficiency within the organization, it also fosters a strong team spirit across our international working environment with colleagues from over 100 nations. We are proud of this diversity. In 2019, Infineon celebrated its first global Diversity Day, in all respects a highly successful event. Furthermore, we have already achieved our interim target of 15 percent women in leadership positions, which we set ourselves for 2020 (long-term target: 20 percent).

The most recent Great Place to Work® survey confirmed the satisfaction of our workforce – not only in Germany, but also worldwide. More than 80 percent of the employees surveyed at Infineon gave their employer an excellent evaluation: “Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work.” This is yet another reason for us to continue preparing the Company for the working environment of the future – also in order to remain attractive to new generations of employees. This entails the flexible design of working conditions (for example work hours, mobile working, sabbatical) as well as the ongoing development of workstations in manufacturing (“Industry 4.0”). Here we highly value constructive dialog and trust-based collaboration with Workers’ Councils. We also orient our learning formats to take account of digitalization and future working environments. With LinkedIn Learning for example, our employees have on-demand access to a wide range of high-quality training courses in various languages.

We continue to work on designing an HR infrastructure that allows the organization to react flexibly to growth and changing requirements. In order to achieve this, we constantly improve core processes in HR, for example performance management, the process of succession planning and compensation planning. We use the new user-oriented processes and tools to strengthen the employees in the self-directed performance of their responsibilities for their personal development. People are the focus of our actions: The highest level of long-term entrepreneurial performance can only be achieved by happy, healthy and successful employees.

Alongside its core functions, the planned acquisition of the US company Cypress is of high priority for HR. In the preparations to integrate the Cypress workforce of nearly 6,000 employees worldwide, HR makes a significant contribution to the successful implementation of the acquisition – in strategic, financial and cultural terms.

HR ‘connect’ – Shaping the future of Infineon

Our markets and the way we work are changing rapidly. Disruptive digital technologies are shaping an increasingly connected and dynamic business world. Infineon is helping to drive this transformation with its products and technologies, and our employees play a crucial role in contributing to the success of this transition. To ensure we continue to thrive in an accelerating marketspace, we have to prepare our employees and our entire work environment for the coming changes. In 2017, we launched our HR ‘connect‘ project to make our HR capabilities and organization also fit for the future. The opportunities offered by digitalization play an important role here as they enable us to offer innovative HR services. At the same time, we also have to provide the right training programs to ensure employees can learn and develop the precise skills they will need in future to succeed in a changing and, above all, digital work environment.

To provide maximum impact for employees, customers and the company, we have defined seven interlinked goals for our HR 'connect' project.

Increase HR efficiency: We look beyond process and tool improvements. Other innovations, including the opportunities offered by digitalization, are set to grow in importance moving forward. They enable us to improve the level of service we provide to employees and leaders, both now and in the future, and to ensure our service always delivers a positive experience.

Our strong focus on customer satisfaction, also reflected in our basic ‘connect‘ principles, is making our HR capabilities and organization fit for the future and the accelerating pace of change.

Transforming our global HR function in this way means that our solutions will be able to support employees and their leaders more effectively in future.

Since the launch of HR ‘connect‘ in 2017, we have taken major steps to align our activities even more closely with our corporate strategy. Our HR organization is stronger than ever thanks to our many successes to date. HR ‘connect‘ allows all employees to transparently map out their own career paths. We then take these plans into consideration when choosing candidates for open positions. We use a new agile process for setting, managing and assessing goals and behavioral targets. This allows targets to be managed dynamically and with flexibility throughout the year so we can better reflect changing business needs.

Our digital learning portfolio has now been integrated into the SuccessFactors mobile app launched as part of the HR ‘connect‘ project. Following a successful test phase, on-demand formats such as virtual classrooms and LinkedIn Learning are now available as a first step. This digital platform promotes pragmatic, easy-to-use learning formats, giving users an effective learning experience in a digital environment plus the chance to gain the skills that they will need in future.

In addition to this, we have defined leadership roles and responsibilities more clearly at functional and legal levels in our global organization matrix, and have visualized roles to illustrate them more transparently in the functional organization. Furthermore, we now use an innovative, cloud-based HR solution to support succession planning for key roles in the company.

We successfully concluded the pilot project for a new, globally harmonized and streamlined salary planning process and are now working on the first steps towards a global solution. We are preparing ourselves for future growth here and securing our global reach.

We have set ourselves ambitious goals for the coming years to ensure we remain on the path to success. With HR ‘connect‘, we are positioning HR globally as a strategic enabler of change in our company. We have rolled-out twelve offerings since the start of HR ‘connect‘ and more go-lives are planned for 2020. It is a personal highlight for me to see how the solutions come together to one big picture.

Markus Fink Vice President, HR Business Consulting & Services