HR Evolution

Our continued journey of customer centricity, simplification, harmonization, and effectiveness

One of our key priorities for 2022 is to foster digitalization and automation in HR and to enable the business accordingly, summarized as “HR Evolution”. In HR, we embarked on a journey to take HR to the next level to support Infineon’s profitable growth strategy. On this journey, we will continuously drive customer centricity, simplification, harmonization, and effectiveness as we build on the great foundation we have already created. What are the main levers we will be deploying to power this journey?

Digitalization: We are providing the technological infrastructure called MyHR. With its intuitive interface, this one-stop, 24/7 platform gives the business and HR professionals a seamless, digital entry point for all HR tasks.

Process automation and harmonization: We are continuously assessing which standardized services will be implemented in MyHR, while shifting more transactional tasks away from HR Business Partners and HR Centers of Competence professionals to shared service centers.

Business enablement: We are empowering line managers to better fulfill people-related activities by offering the right HR solutions to all HR customers in the most efficient manner and by providing advice that allows the business to achieve a competitive advantage through its human capital strategy.

These activities will take HR to the next level and actively contribute to our business strategy. To succeed on this journey, it’s crucial that everyone in the HR organization play an active role and understand what they can do differently today in order to support tomorrow’s organization.

Digitalization is one of our main growth drivers and a key enabler of our company’s success. With their skills and mindset, our employees drive change and shape the digital transformation. I am convinced that lifelong learning is essential to fully exploit the huge potential of the digital transformation. The ongoing digitalization activities within HR help us to make life easier for our employees, and support us in becoming faster and more efficient – freeing up capacity for innovation and creativity.

Constanze Hufenbecher Chief Digital Transformation Officer

Deep dive: MyHR as a digitalization driver with a focus on HR customers

Digitalization shapes just about every aspect of our daily life. It is hard to even imagine life without the countless digital “assistants” we have at our fingertips. When it comes to our work life, things are not always that easy and unbureaucratic. At the same time, scaling effects based on technology must be leveraged in a growing company like Infineon.

In order to address these challenges, we launched our new HR online platform called MyHR for everyone to complete their HR-related tasks.

Since the key element of our HR strategy entails putting people at the heart of everything we do, our vision for MyHR is to create a frictionless and seamless digital experience for HR ‘customers’. Instead of connecting to different HR channels, employees and managers now have a single, intuitive, 24/7 self-service portal that gives them access from any place to all relevant HR applications, a HR knowledge database, and the HR Service Center support team. MyHR offers a user-friendly workspace enabling HR professionals to provide exceptional service while also freeing up employees and managers to focus on their contribution to the company rather than admin work.

We are implementing MyHR in an agile and iterative manner. This has enabled the project team to release the initial features and functionalities at an early stage. As a result, we were able to go live in six pilot countries six months after the project began, and roll out the platform globally only five months later at the end of the fiscal year.

Over time, we will continuously evolve MyHR as we release new versions. It will grow based on feedback and requirements expressed by HR customers, supporting customer journeys instead of single processes. The overarching aim is to deliver a satisfying experience to HR customers that leverages end-to-end digital data flows and automation. This approach demonstrates HR’s ambition to become more customer-centric in the design and delivery of HR service offerings.