HR @ Infineon

Our understanding: People create value. HR fosters people engagement.

Our HR team plays a vital role in making sure that Infineon achieves its growth and profitability targets and that we are able to navigate our way through a variety of different economic phases and challenges. We also see it as our responsibility to contribute to mastering the fundamental challenges facing society today.

Our employees are the key to success. Strengthening a positive employee experience and thus achieving a high degree of engagement also means continuously developing and fostering employees and managers. A high level of enthusiasm, energy and motivation are essential in achieving greater job performance, creativity, productivity and innovation. Attaining this goal is our top objective at Infineon. This is why our understanding is “People create value. HR fosters people engagement”.

Markus Fink has taken over Infineon's global HR organization on 1 April 2020. His 20-year career at Infineon has included a variety of different HR functions, including positions in the integration of International Rectifier and as Vice President Human Resources Asia Pacific. He also led the major HR transformation project 'connect'.

With a deep sense of conviction, he shares the opinion:

HR does not administer, it shapes, is bold on transformation and open to new things.

Markus Fink Global Head of Human Resources

Our new HR organization: Oriented towards strategic focus areas

We foster employee engagement and shape the employee experience at Infineon with the four HR pillars described below and with a strong sense of collaboration and solidarity at our entire HR department (the "oneHR" philosophy).

HR Business Consulting

... is the first contact point for the business and corporate functions and has an excellent customer orientation. HR Business Consulting provides the strategic, consultative and transactional guidelines for the business. It also advises the company on people strategies and identifies talented individuals throughout the entire company.

HR Services & People Operations

... defines and administers a globally consistent HR service portfolio and implements the right solutions for employees at the right times. HR Services & People Operations drives process automation based on existing standards in order to measurably increase quality and efficiency.

HR Innovation, Customer & Projects

... focuses on fostering employee engagement across all HR processes and tools and ensures the realization of an "oneHR" approach. Solutions are developed to meet people needs based on the HR strategy and in collaboration with the other departments. Data-based decision-making concepts support the successful development of employees and of the organization and thus promote high performance standards within the company.

HR Competence Center

... continuously develop, implement and improve HR solutions and services for all of Infineon, providing support with specialized expert knowledge and make it possible for the HR department to work within the defined guidelines. Trends and market developments are identified, analyzed and correspondingly transferred on a global basis to match the requirements of Infineon.

With our strategic HR pillars we promote a positive work environment and foster employee engagement while supporting and accompanying activities of our employees.

Strategic focus areas

Our organization is oriented towards the following four long-term strategic focus areas. They are the basis for the ongoing formulation of the focal points of our work.

Culture, Organization, People & Leadership, HR Processes & Infrastructure

In developing our focus areas we have taken Infineon's strategic drivers as well as external trends and developments into account; we also surveyed our employees, HR colleagues and internal HR customers worldwide. The experience gained in our HR transformation project HR 'connect' has also been of great value. The strategic focus areas include both existing and new topics. Based on these priorities, we will define specific individual goals for each respective fiscal year and will work to achieve these goals within the organization.

People Engagement: Continuous dialog with our employees

Infineon stands for a strong orientation towards employees, a stance we embody in our strategy with a focus on People Engagement. Our constantly growing organization and the associated changes in increasingly complex and dynamic environments represent a major challenge and have a strong impact on our managers and employees.

We want our employees to be motivated in their work because they feel they are being heard and supported. People Engagement is based on trust and integrity as well as the employees' responsibility to address what they feel is important. In addition to personal discussions, we also use company-wide pulse check surveys to reach each individual employee, helping us identify areas where more support is desired and assess whether measures taken previously were effective.

Jochen Hanebeck Chief Operations Officer

We regard ourselves as drivers of People Engagement, helping our managers manage their organizational development. Strategic influences and our position as a preferred employer have let us review and expand our procedures, processes and instruments for analysis, assessment and derivation of activities relating to the topic of People Engagement. Our solution: We constantly listen to our employees and involve them in the dialog. We see this as a key instrument within the company when it comes to early implementation of appropriate measures and how to properly deploy "New Work" at Infineon in the current situation and, thus, be optimally positioned for the future. Together with employees and managers we can succeed in steering the organization in the best possible way by working to define a comprehensive feedback strategy for Infineon and embed that strategy in our existing process and tool landscape. Regularly occurring feedback cycles help managers formulate effective measures for promoting an open feedback culture and fostering a high degree of employee engagement in their respective organizations. Organizations with highly engaged employees perform better. We feel People Engagement is a decisive factor in success.

HR 'connect': We have achieved much, with and for our employees

We successfully completed our global transformation project HR 'connect' during the current fiscal year. The project was launched three years ago in order to orient Infineon to the future, from the HR perspective.

The Digital Transformation, new disruptive markets and high volatility are accelerating the rate of transformation in the working world. In order to remain successful at this quickening pace, we feel it is our responsibility to position the HR department globally as an important partner for transformation and to prepare employees and the working environment accordingly.

Seven project objectives guided progress for three years

As soon as the project kicked off, we defined seven essential project objectives, for example: "Enable the organization to be flexible and prepare for further growth", "Find, connect to and develop the best talents" and "Simplify HR processes and infrastructure". During the course of the project we formulated goal-oriented solutions fostering transparence, people development and people empowerment as well as support for managers in their management functions.

Focus on the internal customer

We have rolled out 15 solutions worldwide in an iterative process since project start. These solutions include for example a more continuous and more flexible target management system, succession planning for key positions and a globally harmonized and simplified salary planning process. Our new and improved user-oriented processes and systems strengthen our employees' efforts to take on responsibility for their continuing personal development on a self-determined basis. At the same time our company-internal Leadership Principles, rolled out in 2019, constantly reinforce our managers in their capacity as coaches and supporters of their employees.

One of the biggest changes has taken place in our own department: HR has grown stronger in its role as advisors to managers and employees, offering consulting services on an equal footing with our customers.

Clear measurability, inclusion and regularly occurring feedback

All regions jointly participated in the project from the very beginning. Essential project milestones were formulated in sprints and were then rolled out. Another important success factor was the cross-functional interaction between HR and IT in the selection of technological solutions.

We feel that HR 'connect' has achieved a significantly stronger orientation towards employees and towards the future, safeguarding productivity and business continuity, especially in the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Even before the dynamic impacts of the pandemic hit, HR 'connect' had already mobilized many skills, behaviors, management tasks and changes in culture that have helped Infineon navigate successfully through challenging times.