HR @ Infineon

Our understanding: People create value. HR fosters people engagement.

Our HR team plays a vital role in making sure that Infineon achieves its growth and profitability targets, and that we can navigate our way through a variety of different economic phases and challenges. We also see it as our responsibility to contribute to mastering the fundamental challenges society faces today.

Our employees are the key to success. Strengthening a positive employee experience and thus achieving a high degree of engagement also means continuously developing and supporting our employees and managers. High levels of enthusiasm, energy, and motivation are essential in achieving greater job performance, creativity, productivity, and innovation. Attaining this goal is our major objective at Infineon.

Therefore, our HR understanding that we defined in 2020 still remains valid and is systematically anchored throughout our organization: “People create value. HR fosters people engagement.”

To further strengthen our ambition, we developed a People Philosophy that explains how we approach people-related topics here at Infineon, and what one can expect when working for Infineon. It also sheds light on our expectations towards our current and future employees, while showing what we – as an employer – offer to support them. HR will continue to provide and develop HR solutions which best support Infineon’s People Philosophy. Based on our understanding, we want to foster people engagement through positive employee experiences across all dimensions of working for Infineon.


Globally, as a HR team, we are on the right path to improve the employee experience and foster people engagement; we are even able to measure this engagement.

Our strategic focus areas guide us, also keeping us close to the needs of our people and the business.

Markus Fink Executive Vice President & CHRO

Our People Philosophy

We appreciate diversity

The excellence of our organization lies in its unique strengths and diversity. We embrace the power of diversity to make Infineon more successful. Inclusion is part of our everyday business and manifests in an environment where people feel comfortable and can speak their minds.

We as leaders, lead

Leading at Infineon means to act across boundaries, both virtual and physical. This requires being authentic, open to new experiences, curious, and acting as role models. A culture of trust enables but also expects employees to take responsibility. Leaders act as mentors and coaches for their employees. Leaders take ownership for their organizations. Leaders create the environment in which employees act and have the influence to increase people engagement.

We collaborate

We can move mountains as a team. When employees come together as teams and teams turn into organizations – that is the foundation of a people oriented company. Thus, we need every employee and leader to contribute to building this foundation while collaborating closely.

We give and receive feedback

We encourage an open and honest feedback culture and facilitate exchange. Feedback is essential to foster innovation and a culture of collaboration, trust and dialog.

We grow ourselves

We want to foster the full potential of our people to outperform competition. We offer a variety of individual learning and development opportunities to grow talent and build competencies for our future success. Employees must take responsibility for their own development and drive their careers, while leaders empower employees to develop and succeed.

We live up to our role

Effectively designed organizations with transparent targets and clear roles and responsibilities, where everyone knows their contribution to Infineon’s success are key. We build the foundation to be able to team up for best results and deliver high-performances. A future working environment, shaped by our relationships and needs, allows us more flexibility and agility, but it also requires more adaptability and responsibility from each of us. We live up to our governance and compliance responsibilities in our roles.

We mind health

Our employees’ health and well-being matter to us. Recognizing the demands of work and life, we are dedicated to providing the right conditions for a safe and healthy working environment: comprehensive medical, health protection and health promotion services, and a culture of health and well-being. Employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their positive health behavior.

We perform and are rewarded

At Infineon, we often go the extra mile to achieve our ambitious targets. Our market-competitive and performance-based compensation and benefits model supports us in providing employees with recognition and rewards for their work. We share risks and success with our employees through strong correlation between compensation and company success.

The purpose of our HR Pillars

Building on our four HR pillars described below and on a strong sense of collaboration and solidarity across our entire HR department (acting as “oneHR”), we want to foster employee engagement. Hence, we shape the employee experience at Infineon as one global team.

HR Business Consulting

is the first contact point for the business and corporate functions and has an excellent customer orientation. HR Business Consulting provides the strategic, consultative, and transactional guidelines for the business. It also advises the company on people strategies and identifies talented individuals throughout the entire company.

HR Services & People Operations

defines and administers a globally consistent HR service portfolio and implements the right solutions for employees at the right times. HR Services & People Operations drives process automation based on existing standards to measurably increase quality and efficiency.

HR Innovation, Customer & Projects

focuses on fostering employee engagement across all HR processes and tools, and ensures the realization of an “oneHR” approach. Solutions are developed to meet people needs based on the HR strategy and in collaboration with the other departments. Data-based decision-making concepts support the successful development of employees and of the organization and thus promote high-performance standards within the company.

HR Competence Centers

continuously develop, implement, and improve HR solutions and services for everyone at Infineon, providing support with specialized expert knowledge and making it possible for the HR department to work within the defined guidelines. Trends and market developments are identified, analyzed, and correspondingly transferred on a global basis to match the requirements of Infineon.

In doing so, we focus on the business requirements and continuously develop our HR department. Over the past fiscal year, we developed a target model for our future HR Shared Services function at Infineon. We will gradually roll this out over the coming fiscal year. In addition, we focused on further developing our HR Business Consulting organization. The overall focus is on creating a positive customer experience for our employees and managers, and on further harmonizing, standardizing, and digitizing end-to-end processes and services.

Strategic focus areas - Culture, Organization, People & Leadership, HR Processes & Infrastructure

Our organization is oriented towards the following four long-term strategic HR focus areas as defined in 2020. They are the basis for the ongoing definition of the focal points of our work.

People engagement as a success factor

Strong employee orientation

Infineon is an employee-centric company, a mindset reflected in our strategic focus on people engagement. People engagement is defined as the emotional and intellectual commitment of employees to their organization.

What does that mean? Essentially, engaged employees care about their work, know their job responsibilities, and understand how their efforts contribute to the success of the organization. Truly engaged employees are more satisfied, bring passion and interest to their jobs and teams, are more innovative, and drive value for customer success. Ultimately, people engagement has a clear business impact. Organizations with highly engaged employees perform at higher levels and are more successful.

The goal is to be in continuous dialog with employees

Creating an environment conducive to high engagement levels starts by understanding employees’ needs and drivers of engagement. Our new global bi-annual Engagement Pulse Checks provide insights into the mood of our organization by providing regular feedback on topics such as strategy, targets, management support, diversity, and fair treatment.

This feedback helps us to set priorities and to be responsive in a fast-changing business environment. As drivers of engagement vary by department and region, we have provided managers with access to the data relevant to their area of responsibility. Based on the findings, they can start a dialog with their teams and foster an environment conducive to high engagement.

Results of the Engagement Pulse Check in February 2021

We achieved a high global response rate of 66%. For the two main items: “How happy are you working for Infineon?” and “I would recommend Infineon as a great place to work”, we achieved a high favorability score of 83% which in total leads to a high overall global Engagement Index of 80/100.

HR as driver of digitalization

Few topics impact companies as much as the change brought about by digital transformation.

HR plays a key role in Infineon’s digital transformation process. While IT takes care of the technical aspect, HR’s role is more focused on the human aspect. For HR, the focus is on changing existing mindsets, actively shaping the culture, and supporting the development and attainment of the right competencies. In addition, HR wants to contribute to this transformation as a role model by taking responsibility for its own digital transformation.

From employees to “HR customers”

We want to create a smooth, seamless digital experience for HR customers. The shift to talking about “HR customers” recognizes that HR serves people with and without employment contracts, including employees, managers, candidates, and alumni. It also underlines HR’s ambition to become more customer-centric in the design and delivery of HR service offerings.

A key element of our HR strategy entails putting people at the heart of everything we do. To bring this strategy to life, all HR solutions will be designed around the needs of HR customers and thus contribute to a positive employee experience. This approach includes addressing HR customer journeys rather than isolated processes in order to establish a satisfying experience that leverages end-to-end digital data flows and automation. Furthermore, we want to design an environment enabling HR professionals to provide exceptional service while also giving employees the space to focus on their contribution to the company.

The importance of digitalization is also reflected in our corporate strategy. One of Infineon’s four strategic HR focus areas is HR processes and infrastructure. The emphasis here is on user-friendly and standardized HR processes and systems. This includes driving digitalization and automation as well as continuing to develop HR.

Digitalization and collaboration milestones in the past financial year include the expansion of online and virtual trainings as well as virtual leadership development. We continued with our efforts to upskill the HR team with digital skills.

Understanding our HR customers: HR customer survey and self-assessment

HR customer satisfaction survey & HR self–assessment 2021

Feedback from our employees is an important indicator of where we stand relative to our ambitions. We conducted our yearly HR customer satisfaction survey to ask a sample of our managers and employees how satisfied they are with our work and HR products. In parallel, we conducted an HR self-assessment to also understand how we perceive our own work.

At Infineon, we want to win our customers’ hearts. For HR, that means we want to win our employees’ hearts with our HR services.

The key success factor here is state-of-the-art digital interfaces, enabling us to talk with our customers and also connecting with our employees.

Helmut Gassel Chief Marketing Officer

Results of the customer satisfaction survey

We are pleased with the feedback we received and the overall satisfaction levels reported by the participants. Respondents were generally satisfied with the support they received. Nevertheless, there are still some areas we need to look into. Reflecting our commitment to continual improvement and to building a positive employee experience, we will continue to develop the HR tool and process landscape by strengthening system integration and user friendliness.

Updates from the regions

Like everywhere else in the world, this fiscal year was marked by the global pandemic across all our regions. In addition to keeping our business running globally, attention this year focused on integration of our new colleagues from Cypress.

Let’s take a closer look at our regions over the past months and the key takeaways:

“A challenging year under the COVID-19 pandemic lies behind us, one that required close collaboration across our sites. But we pushed ahead with new activities. One definite highlight was the pilot project for the new office workshare options as part of the New Work initiative. Other highpoints included measures to promote personal development and, in particular, leadership development. With the development of the “Compass” virtual leadership journey, we support our leaders in navigating through change, developing resilience, and reframing resistance. Another exciting project was the launch of the BetterUp virtual coaching platform focused on supporting leaders, as well as the regional mentoring and coaching program, which has now drawn 22 participating mentors from our business groups.”


“Over the year, we built on our strengths, harnessing the synergies from the acquisition of Cypress. Adding 6 sites to the Infineon family beefed up regional staff numbers to an impressive 19,000. The business in Asia Pacific recovered strongly and grew steadily over the year. Korea, India, and emerging markets such as Vietnam moved into the spotlight alongside our traditional strongholds such as Singapore and Malaysia. We capitalized on and harnessed social media in our search for talent to support our growth, revamped our talent management program across Asia to fuel our future needs, and enhanced our retention strategies. HR plays a key role in our digital transformation journey, supporting the reskilling necessary for us to transition into a global AI hub for Infineon. Our diversity, inclusion and health initiatives focus on holistic employee wellness and well-being, creating a culture of positivity and providing mental health support to combat the effects of pandemic fatigue and prolonged physical distancing. Equipping our leaders with the right skills and honing their leadership competencies with a strong focus on good communication provides the foundation we need to engage positively with our most valuable assets – our people.”

Asia Pacific

“Over 400 employees were integrated into the Infineon Greater China region and of course, onboarding and integration remains an ongoing process. HR Greater China contributed to strong business growth in the region by recruiting, hiring, developing and engaging talent through a variety of initiatives. Promoting a great workplace through using engagement surveys to collect and track employee opinions with follow-up action in order to nurture people engagement. In addition, initiatives were taken up to build and develop talents and leadership pipelines by offering general and individual development plans”

Greater China

“For our region the Cypress integration had a high impact on the Japan organization with a doubled revenue, a tripled headcount, as well as the number of sites tripled with new divisions and functions present now in the Japan region. In the current pandemic situation, we had to set the right priorities and work closely with all stakeholders, to successfully complete the necessary activities as planned.”