Diversity is a success factor for us

We are a global company with colleagues from more than 100 countries, of different generations and with the widest possible variety of backgrounds. The diversity of our headcount is the cornerstone of our success: Diversity & Inclusion is strategically important to Infineon and is a permanent fixture in our corporate culture. We work to create an integrative working environment in which everyone can make their contribution, free of prejudice and with equal opportunities.

We experience diversity in every-day conversations with our colleagues. We all have different views of life, different principles and beliefs that guide us. As a result we may perceive topics and challenges differently and with individual focus points. Acceptance towards our diversity creates space for creative solutions, innovative ideas and thus the opportunity for us to grow both individually and as a company.
As a multinational corporation we work hard to increase and promote diversity, for example with regard to gender, age and nationality.

Dr. Sven Schneider Chief Financial Officer

Global framework for Diversity & Inclusion

We pursue a holistic Diversity & Inclusion approach for which we have developed a global framework that is applied in all regions and that forms the cornerstone of our activities.

We pay particular attention to the dimensions of diversity defined by the framework:

Our global starting points for Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) are of high strategic relevance to all Infineon regions:

  • Awareness and competencies for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Age diversity
  • Gender diversity
  • Cultural diversity
  • Work-life balance

Global content is provided which is then supplemented by local solution strategies tailored to meet the specific needs of the location or region in question.

Last year we focused on the development of solutions to increase Diversity & Inclusion awareness among employees and managers and to facilitate D&I in everyday work activities, for example working in multi-cultural and multi-generational teams. In particular, confronting unconscious bias in everyday life is a challenge that we plan to master together. The following solutions were developed to help make unconscious thoughts conscious in Diversity & Inclusion:

  • Diversity & Inclusion eLearning explaining the global Diversity & Inclusion framework
  • Virtual Learning Journey with LinkedIn Learning on selected aspects of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Rigorous integration of Diversity & Inclusion aspects in the development of employees and managers

Our Diversity & Inclusion mission statement

Diversity & Inclusion begins with us!

We embrace the power of Diversity to make Infineon more successful:
Better decisions, more innovation, higher employee engagement and increased profits.

Healthy employees, healthy working environment

The health and well-being of our employees is of the utmost importance to us. Accordingly, we ensure an intact working environment and help our employees master the challenges of today's working world. Our Corporate Health Management program provides support in the form of various measures to promote healthy lifestyles and work styles. We offer a large number of programs and initiatives in this context all around the world, ranging from the company health service, corporate social counseling services (employee, manager and team counseling) and corporate reintegration management all the way to health checks and a wide variety of sports activities and innovative approaches to health improvement.

This year we made the psychological health of our employees a new core topic. We help reduce stress and encourage dealing openly with psychological illnesses at the workplace. This of course took on particular importance in times of COVID-19.

Here are some more examples from the Infineon sites and regions:

Running for a good cause

Employees at our Dublin customer logistics center went a total distance of 437.5 kilometers on foot and by bike to raise money for the nearby St. James hospital, which cares for COVID-19 patients. The donation was used to provide medical staff with personal protective equipment, food and other aids in the daily fight against COVID-19. At the same time the sports event also reunited the Infineon employees virtually.

Understanding for mental health at the workplace

The "HealMind-Pro" program was introduced in close collaboration with the Human Resources department of Infineon Melacca, Malaysia and the NCD Consultant Chapter (a non-governmental organization). The employees participated in a voluntary screening test in order find out more about their individual state of health, learn about possible triggers for psychological illnesses and about various types of stress management.

Every step counts for the InFit health program

We created "Infineon cares" at Infineon sites in the Americas, a solid and sustainable platform for promoting engagement and good relationships among colleagues with a variety of activities. This includes the annual "GetActive Running Competition" aimed at raising enthusiasm for health, well-being and having fun together as individuals and as teams.

Starting in April, for a period of eight weeks all the footsteps taken by each team in the American InFit Community were counted. The main objective was for each team to take more steps than any other team: This year almost 300 million steps were counted, in spite of the challenges associated with COVID-19. And another sporty campaign encouraged this kind of activity: With the theme "Food Around the World", 448 colleagues from 63 Infineon Americas teams took off on a virtual globetrot around the world in order to continue a healthy and active lifestyle and to learn new recipes from the widest possible variety of cultures. Each time a milestone was passed, a recipe was activated which the employees could then cook and try out at home.

Each step our employees took was for a good cause, since the results of the campaign were donated to charity organizations.