How Infineon Is Sparking a New Tech Employment Experience

At Infineon, we’re changing the status quo of tech employment. Enter a welcoming workplace that encourages your individual growth both in and out of the office, without the nuisance of micromanagement. And, there are many other reasons why our employees have been pleasantly surprised by their Infineon experience.

With us, you won’t just shape your career with an industry leader; you’ll find a work culture that puts your personal well-being first, while empowering you to use your creative ideas to impact the world. No matter your culture, background, or experiences, we welcome them - because when different minds come together to solve a problem, the status quo can be changed. Discover why our employees have been amazed by their Infineon experience, and visit our Careers page to scroll through open opportunities.

Individual Growth with an Industry Leader

Rachel Miller, Product Engineer: “Infineon promotes open lines of communication and encourages everyone to engage in projects, even as newcomers, so we can grow together as a company.”

Escape Micromanagement

Drew Schwarzlose, Sr. Product Development Engineer: “The collaborative culture at Infineon offers new college graduates and those seasoned in the industry the chance to learn from another freely, without the pressure of feeling micromanaged.”

People First, Employees Second

Cole Bludau, Sr. Maintenance Technician: “It has become clear to me that the team here at Infineon cares about my progress and wants me to reach my full career potential.”

The World Counts On Us

Yosef Habtegiorgis, Equipment Engineer: “What I do every day has a direct impact on the state of the world, which gives me great pride in what I do.”

Rediscover Your Inner Child

Melissa Hebert, Sr. Engineering Manager: “By working as a part of Infineon, I have been lucky enough to be part of an innovation team focused on solving problems with global impact for the company. The opportunity to open our minds to wide reaching solutions has reawakened my child-like curiosity to explore new ideas.”

Breeding Creativity Through Diversity

Novy Christiana, Finance Manager: “Infineon also places a lot of importance on diversity and encourages creativity and continuous improvement.”

Play a Part In Daily Tech

Carter Bailey, Facilities Engineer: “It’s rewarding to know I have a role to play in manufacturing the products going into the cars, computers, and devices of the future.”

Your Role Matters

Andrew Spring, Manufacturing Equipment Engineer: “Being part of the semiconductor manufacturing process is a special feeling. Along with my co-workers, I play an important role in making modern technology possible.”

Render Real Change with Infineon!

As a fresh-faced engineer, you dream of making your mark on the world. Join Infineon to be part of the team that will drive the tech of tomorrow.