Discussing Projects That Truly Matter to Infineon Engineers

Apply your skills to projects that truly matter. From IoT applications to radar solutions, your work at Infineon is sure to change lives for the better – and that’s something to take pride in. 

Jagjit Singh Bal, a Senior Principal Application Engineer at Infineon, is particularly proud of his work on the radar-enabled Google Pixel phone, and was happy to provide some advice to aspiring engineers. 

We met with Jagjit to discuss his role at Infineon, why Google Pixel is his favorite project, and his insights for engineers looking to get their foot in the door at Infineon. 

If these kinds of projects are appealing to you, please visit the Infineon Careers page to learn more.

Meet Jagjit

Jagjit is a Senior Principal Application Engineer in San Jose, CA who’s been with Infineon for the past 11 years. Initially working at Infineon Headquarters in Munich, he moved to the U.S. in 2015. 

As part of Infineon’s 3D Sensing department within the Power & Sensor Systems (PSS) division, Jagjit integrates radar systems into customer products, collaborating with customers, design teams, and application engineers across different business units and regions to ensure customer products meet expectations. 

Jagjit Singh Bal, Senior Principal Engineer: “I work on the hardware, and system integration of radar products, guiding customers from initial concept to taking them into mass production for full-fledged systems. I frequently work with our Research & Development team in Munich to find out how our chips fit into existing and future applications and carry out the design-in activities in the US region with our customers. Ultimately, my job is to know the pain points of the customer and convince them how our solution can overcome those pain points and work in a system.”

Jagjit’s Favorite Project: Google Pixel Phone

We all want to take pride in our work. Be it a good outcome for a client, their customers, or broader society, fulfilling work provides a higher level of satisfaction. In Jagjit’s case, his contributions to the Google Pixel phone are what stand out for him over his 11 year Infineon career.

The project demanded a radar sensor that could detect fine motions. Through a collaboration between Google and Infineon on a radar-enabled chip - a gesture-sensing phone with functions such as play-pause music, turning on when you’re close by and locking when you walk away was formed. 

Jagjit was very excited  when the Pixel phone was launched, and carried the chip he had worked on for years:

Jagjit Singh Bal: “I was overjoyed when it was made available to customers. First time Radar has been launched into consumer products at this scale. We’d spent more than four years -tirelessly working with and collaborating with Google’s team, so it was really a ‘WOW’ moment for us. This Phone launch built trust and relationship at Engineering and Management levels with Google teams over years, opening us more projects at Google. After the Google Pixel and Nest Hub projects, other potential clients, including Amazon, approached Infineon with their own potential projects.”

Insights for Aspiring Infineon Engineers

See your work integrated into consumer’s lives. For Jagjit, this was both thrilling and fulfilling, be it a new sleep sensing device he’d worked on or a new radar technology he had a hand in. 

When asked what might be appealing to new engineers looking to join the Infineon team, Jagjit pointed to the consumer applications he’s worked on and the colleagues he works with on a daily basis:

Jagjit Singh Bal: “The work we do here touches our everyday lives, and that’s powerful. In our 3D Sensing department, we recreate human senses using radar, pressure sensors, gas sensors, microphones, and Time of Flight. Voice recognition devices in our homes, radar based sleep sensing, and high-resolution imaging are all a part of the work we do together with our customers. . Your work is meaningful, and as a new grad, you’re welcomed by supportive colleagues and stimulating  client interactions.”

Know Your Work Matters

Contribute to life-changing technologies and sharpen your skills in the process.