A Day in the Life of an Infineon Product Engineer

Join the frontlines of Infineon’s major product rollouts. From setting up silicon plans that meet project schedules to leading the direction of qualification plans, the work of our product engineers is critical if and when we release new technologies.  And as a new product engineer, your daily contributions will directly impact those major rollouts. 

To give you a better understanding of a product engineer’s day-to-day life at Infineon, we sat down with Principal Product Engineer, Juping Zhang to understand  her most common challenges and why she loves Infineon’s collaborative culture. 

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Infineon Product Engineer: What You Can Expect

At Infineon, every day is an opportunity to innovate. While new technologies and solutions  may take a long time to roll out, as an Infineon product engineer , your daily contributions will be critical to bringing these exciting new products to fruition.

Product engineers need to be flexible with the ability to shift gears from highly technical cross-functional team meetings to developing a qualification plan, at a moment’s notice. :

Juping Zhang, Principal Product Engineer: “As a product engineer, collaborating and networking with other departments is a key part of my day-to-day. Besides supporting the internal team at each product development phase, I set up silicon plans based on project schedules, lead the development of qualification plans, coordinate fail analyses if a qualification is rejected, and more. Never a dull moment for sure!”

Challenges to Expect (And Overcome)

Rise to the occasion and show off your problem-solving skills. Product engineers at Infineon consistently  take on new challenges and grow stronger as a result, learning to handle the growing pains of new technologies and qualifying necessary processes. 

Juping Zhang:  “If a piece of tech is qualified by other products, it can move to production sooner – but sometimes, you still need to qualify a process. This is a common challenge faced by new product introduction (NPI) engineers like us. Also, networking both internally and externally with people from different cultures and environments, while fun, can pose some language and time-zone challenges as well.”

Training And Development to Help YouGrow

Your ongoing development is our top priority. At Infineon, we know that new engineers are still getting their feet wet, and need consistent training to develop critical skills. To help fast track your development, Infineon offers an internal training website with countless programs for project management, architecture design, leadership, and more. All of our engineers also have access to LinkedIn Learning, a library of video courses for any topic, from creative and technical to business subject matter.

In Juping’s eyes, these training resources not only help product engineers perform at a higher level in their current role, but also prepare them for future opportunities:

Juping Zhang: “Infineon Technologies should be rated ‘outstanding’ in terms of providing regular training, giving us the tools to develop new skills and advance our careers. Besides onsite work and procedure-related training, we have an internal website called My Learning where we can choose from one of many types of online training materials. We also have LinkedIn Learning, which gives us access to over 17,000 relevant videos and courses.”

Coworkers You’ll Connect With

Step into a welcoming environment of like-minded changemakers. The people you work with are paramount to your work experience. After all, most of us spend more time with  our colleagues more often than with our friends and family. So, it’s important to appreciate your team and to feel appreciated by them; at Infineon, you’re sure to feel connected to your colleagues, even when they might sit on the other side of the globe.

You’ll get to know your coworkers on a professional level of course through daily meetings and informal chats, but you’ll also get to know them on a more personal level through fun team outings and celebrations. For Juping, she’s cherishes her team’s recent outing in San Francisco:

Juping Zhang: “Compared with previous companies, Infineon does a fantastic job of creating opportunities for our teams to network and get to know each other on a deeper level. I remember when our manager brought us to San Francisco–we all got on a bus, went to the beach, and played some team-building games. It’s a wonderful memory I have of my team.”

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