Infineon Employees Discuss Their Favorite Projects

We take pride in our contributions at Infineon. From our engineers to our marketing team, every employee has a project they hold close to their hearts. 

For Anand Kannan, a member of Infineon’s product marketing department, his favorite project created both a new end system for the client, and opened up a new market for Infineon, resulting in a win-win outcome. 

To provide additional insight into Infineon’s engaging work, we asked Anand about the project he most enjoys and why a new engineer will benefit from lateral moves, which he’s seen colleagues make for the sake of a better fit. To browse our open roles in product marketing and engineering, visit the Infineon Careers page.

Meet Anand

Anand is a product marketing manager in Infineon’s San Jose office. With 20 years of experience under his belt, including two with Infineon, his prior systems engineering experience helped him greatly in his current role. 

According to Anand, his current role aligned with his career goals, and he had heard good things about Infineon’s focus on employee growth. He’s now a product marketing aficionado in the USB-C space, engaging with customers to clearly define product requirements that integrate more system components into each chip. This makes life much  easier for the system designers:

Anand Kannan, Product Marketing Manager: “As a product marketing manager, I work with design teams to align customer roadmaps with our product roadmaps, to define products that provide USB-C connectivity to systems. And sometimes we’re tasked with creating custom solutions for customers that meet specific parameters.”

Anand’s Favorite Project: NComputing

Client satisfaction is currency at Infineon. The feeling of nailing a design is thrilling, and a pat on the back from a client makes it that much better. When asked about his favorite project, Anand pointed to a specific end system application for NComputing, a company in the computing systems industry. 

After working closely with the NComputing team to define and execute the project, which included a significant amount of software, hardware, and firmware configuration, Anand and his team were able to bring the systems online:

Anand Kannan: “Our USB-C division has been breaking into new markets, and that project opened up a new market segment for our products at Infineon. It was a win-win for both us and the client, which is a gratifying feeling.”

Make an Impact & Build Your Career Through Lateral Moves

Partner with a changemaking company that promotes career-building lateral moves. We share your passion for environmental goals such as decarbonization and digitalization, and we’re also passionate about your professional development. As a new engineer, you may not know which field to specialize in or what career path to take, and that’s ok. At Infineon, we provide you flexibility, through a variety of career ladders and also allow for lateral shifts across departments:

Anand Kannan: “Infineon is genuinely focused on and deeply cares about the environment, targeting the areas of decarbonization and digitalization. More importantly, however, the company genuinely cares about the growth of their employees. I’ve worked at plenty of companies and have had many opportunities but I’ve never seen this level of care for employees.

Plus, if you’re a newly graduated engineer who doesn’t know which field to pursue, Infineon gives you the option to move laterally, which I’ve seen colleagues do. Whether your skills and/or passion lie in hardware or software, they allow you to find your groove.”

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