Exploring Engineering Career Paths at Infineon

Develop your engineering career at Infineon. Infineon, being a technology company at heart, provides plenty of engineering opportunities. We provide four career paths:

  1. Individual Contributor
  2. Management
  3. Project Management
  4. Technical Ladder

A typical technical career will start as an individual contributor. As you gain experience, you can choose to remain focused on technology and grow into the technical ladder, or you can decide to focus on management or project management and grow into a management or project management career. Depending on your goals and capabilities, lateral moves between career paths are possible as well.

To gain insight into Infineon engineering career path options, we sat down with Marcel Tromp, who is a Fellow on the Technical Ladder and part of the CSS (Connected Secure Systems) Division.

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Why Engineers Love Infineon

Join a tech-centered organization that’s committed to your professional development. Having several career options available to you with a wide range of smart people to learn from is the key to early career growth. Infineon understands this and offers numerous career paths and learning opportunities to help you build and develop your unique skill set:

Marcel Tromp, Technical Ladder Fellow: “Infineon is a tech-driven company with significant resources and ample room for both learning and growth. Because of its size, there are opportunities to go either broad (i.e. be a generalist) or go deep (i.e. be a specialist). Also, the company's core goals should resonate with most new engineers: decarbonization and digitalization. Infineon’s portfolio and capabilities enable us to play a key role in both.”

Infineon’s Career Ladders

Choose your path and switch careers when needed. A typical Infineon engineering career starts as an individual contributor, where you gain experience and get to better understand your professional passion. As you get ready for a more senior position, you’ll eventually decide what path to take: technical ladder, management, or project management.

To help explain this further, we asked Marcel to outline how these career paths work and whether Infineon supports lateral transitions across departments:

Marcel Tromp: “Maybe you want a management role where you offer guidance on a daily basis or a technical focus that challenges your skills. If you’re interested in management but within a project-specific environment, the Project Management ladder is available to you as well. The best part is that, as long as you have and maintain the required skills, you can go back and choose a different path. It’s all about providing an environment for you to grow and giving you the choice of which ladder to climb.”

A Word of Advice for New Engineers

New connections and unfamiliar concepts are springboards for new engineers. Through face-to-face interaction and a willingness to learn new concepts, you can build your network while sharpening your technical capabilities. According to Marcel, taking these steps early on in your career is key both at Infineon and in the larger tech space:

Marcel Tromp: “Get to know people, and get exposed to different and new things. By getting to know people, I mean building your network and finding people to learn from. As for learning new concepts – I see a tremendous value for both generalists and specialists. Determine which you want to be and let it drive what you want to learn.” 

Choose Your Path with Infineon

Forge your engineering Career at Infineon.