Discover Design & New Product Development Engineering Opportunities at Infineon

05.07.2022 I Salvatore Filippo Cremona, Principal Product Engineer, ACS head, PSS DCDC

Is your current position truly fulfilling or are you seeking something more? If so, be sure to browse the myriad of opportunities Infineon offers as part of our Design & New Product Development Engineering team. We’re not just the world leader in semiconductor solutions - we’re a leader in creating careers built around you, the candidate. 

As part of the Infineon team, you’ll get to work with other brilliant minds on pioneering projects that enable smart mobility, efficient energy management, and secure the capture and transfer of data —creating solutions that help solve the technological, economic and social challenges facing the world today —making our world easier, safer and greener for generations to come. Our commitment doesn't stop with our work. Driven by our shared values, we bring that same passionate commitment to social responsibility with impactful programs and meaningful volunteer opportunities that make a difference in people’s lives every day. We invite you to be part of the change. Join the Infineon team. 

Department Overview

Purpose drives our organization. At Infineon we’re not only rated #1 across multiple technology segments, we’re also a market share leader in four major industry categories: industrial electronics, automotive electronics, sensor technology, and security. We’re a dynamic team of world innovators.

Our design & product engineers thrive at problem solving, keeping both the big picture and the details in mind at the same time. You are a team player with an open mind for new ideas, tools, and methods. You drive new technologies and gain exposure to a lot of different products. You embrace a range of technical challenges, from design and testing to algorithms and packaging, whether it’s assistance systems, solutions for driverless cars, or any other product, that contributes to technological progress in many different areas. So you really can say, you are shaping the future.

Explore leading positions in the design & product engineer department, for example as

  • Senior Staff Design Engineer
  • Principal Electrical Design Engineer
  • Digital Verification and Embedded Firmware Engineer
  • Lead Principal Platform IP Architect
  • Wireless System Architect
  • Senior Level Product Engineer

How You’ll Contribute

As an integral part of our design & product engineering team, abstract thinking comes naturally to you, which you need to come up with creative and innovative solutions for technological problems: 

  • Bridge the gap between customer requests and technical feasibility.  
  • Characterize new products for new business opportunities
  • Fine tune the devices to qualify the new technologies/devices, balancing between quality and the test time to test the devices
  • Active in cross functional collaboration with design, software and hardware teams to ensure a successful product delivery
  • Like to learn and can communicate easily with both internal and external customers

How You’ll Grow with Us

We set you up for success. When you join our team, we invest in you as a whole person. Throughout your journey, we’ll enable and empower your continuous learning and development with programs and opportunities designed for growth—so you can achieve your professional goals, and stay one step ahead of change.

As an essential part of Infineon’s design & product engineer operations, we invest in your health, well-being, and livelihood. We bring life and work into balance and support a flexible workplace. Flexibility is critical in supporting a more balanced life. People thrive when they’re healthy and happy. Our people-centered team-based culture gives you a place where you can truly thrive with programs and resources that provide the support and inspiration you need to be the best version of you.

Success Stories

Sara Schlaffge, Product & System Architect Automotive, Linz, Austria

There are always new challenges in our everyday work. Sometimes it’s difficult and time consuming to find a solution. For me, though, I think it’s really exciting and satisfying to approach a solution and see progress – true to the maxim "the journey is the reward". 

When we finish a project and see that our chip works in real life, it connects the whole team. 

We put in a lot of effort, and at the end of the day it is worth it. It’s a great feeling to know that we make life safer for people all over the world.

A better future relies on the actions we take today. At Infineon, our collective work makes life easier, safer, and greener—with technology that achieves more, consumes less, and is accessible to everyone—impacting lives everyday.