How Infineon Stokes a Culture of Collaboration

Teamwork renders dreams tangible. At Infineon, we’re in the business of changing the world, one solution at a time - and that kind of global impact calls for constant collaboration. For this reason, collaboration between our many teams is the bedrock of all that we do.

Check out our collaborative culture with a few testimonials from current Infineon employees. And if their words resonate with you, visit our Careers page to learn more about our work and open opportunities.

Innovation Through Collaboration

Changing the world is far from a solo effort. When you take on a project with Infineon, you work towards a shared goal with a number of different teams. And when our creative engineers get together to collaborate, anything is possible. If you thrive in a collaborative environment, you may have found your new home. This focus on collaboration strikes a chord with our employees, as you can tell:

Rachel Miller, Product Engineer: “Infineon promotes open lines of communication and encourages everyone to engage in projects, even as newcomers, so that we can grow together as a company.”

Andrew Spring, Manufacturing Equipment Engineer: “Collaboration at Infineon is like a tight knit family but with the resources of a larger community.”

Drew Schwarzlose, Sr. Product Development Engineer: “The collaborative culture at Infineon offers new college graduates and those seasoned in the industry the chance to learn from another freely, without the pressure of feeling micromanaged.”

Cole Bludau, Sr. Maintenance Technician: “The collaborative culture here at Infineon is great in the sense that there is an abundance of people here that are willing to work together with you, offer a helping hand, and work as a team.”

Yosef Habtegiorgis, Equipment Engineer: “I love the collaborative culture at Infineon. My new colleagues don’t hesitate to share their experience and thoughts on a specific problem I may be struggling with.”

Carter Bailey, Facilities Engineer: “One aspect of working at Infineon that really stands out is the culture of collaboration which allows for solving challenging problems through unique contributions from every employee.”

Aleia Houle, Yield Engineer: “I find that most everyone you come across is willing to help or direct you to someone who can when you have questions or issues.”

Novy Christiana, Finance Manager: “In my experience, people here are always willing to help and support each other, especially during challenging times.”

Education Through Collaboration

At Infineon, collaboration is ubiquitous. As an Infineon engineer, you won’t just work with your colleagues towards a shared solution. Melissa Hebert, Sr. Engineering Manager, mentions how you’ll constantly learn from each other as well through knowledge sharing and high-level discussions. Your voice won’t go unheard:

Sergio Gutierrez, End Procurement Manager: “Infineon allows me to share my opinions and recommendations without fear of being shut down. If something may or may not work, Infineon allows all of us to have constructive discussions towards a solution that works best for the team.”

Melissa Hebert, Sr. Engineering Manager: “Infineon fosters a collaborative culture not only within each site on a daily basis, but also by encouraging knowledge exchange events between company sites to share best practices and problem-solving techniques.”


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