Why Infineon is a Great Place to Start Your Career

At Infineon, we aren’t just driving the future of technology - we’re developing the engineers, scientists, and leaders of tomorrow. New graduates from a range of backgrounds and disciplines come to Infineon to bolster their soft and hard skills, contribute to real projects, and contribute to a broader mission: to create a cleaner, greener planet for its inhabitants.

To bring the Infineon experience to life, we asked a few of our recent graduate Power and Sensor Systems (PSS) employees to share their stories. If what they have to say resonates with you, please go to our Careers page to explore open PSS opportunities.

Develop Your Technical Skill Set

As a PSS employee at Infineon, building technical skills is a priority. And as a new graduate who’s just entered the workforce, new concepts and technical jargon can feel like you’re drinking from a fire hose. But according to these recent college graduates, this couldn’t be further from the truth: 


Dominic Gutierrez: “In school, sometimes I wondered why I was learning what I was learning and how I’d use this knowledge. Infineon has allowed me to apply what I’ve learned and see how it is used in the industry, which greatly helps with my understanding.”


April Earle: “I’ve most enjoyed how much I have had the opportunity to do. I’ve had a variety of tasks and technical opportunities, and I can tell that it’s the right place for me since I love to learn.”


Mishra Abhinav: “I have learned a fair bit of data science-specific skills in my time here–such as learning and utilizing Python, Tableau, and SQL to create data models, to help the company make strategic decisions.”

Spencer Stone: “I’ve had the opportunity to be mentored by two senior product engineers who have guided me and helped me make myself valuable to the rest of the team. They have given me responsibility and have had patience with me which has helped me get off to a great start and feel confident in my technical abilities.”

Prioritizing Life, Outside of Work

Work-life and personal-life often feel like an impossible balancing act. Busy weeks at work can hinder your ability to enjoy life, while personal obligations can pull focus away from a project at hand. At Infineon, we don’t expect your work to be your life. We value your time out of the office, whether it be family time, a critical errand to run, or a vacation to decompress. And if you’re ever feeling stiff in the office, our downstairs gym and basketball court can loosen you up:


Dominic Gutierrez: “My days go by pretty fast, so the balance between life and work is much better than I expected. I work closely with my team and haven’t gone a day without talking to at least one team member. Also, there’s a gym downstairs and a bunch of people play basketball at one of the neighboring companies some days, so I can stay active and healthy even during the work day.”


April Earle: “This job has been great for work-life balance, as I feel that I’m able to get most things done each week. On the well-being side, my boss regularly checks in with me to make sure I’m doing well in my new position and offers assistance if I have any issues. This is a big deal - having a boss who has my back.”


Mishra Abhinav: “My work and life are balanced very well with Infineon; I frankly can’t ask for a better balance.”


Spencer Stone: “I feel that the company really understands that there are other priorities outside of work and that in order to be productive at work, there needs to be a healthy work-life balance. My team has made me feel like I can prioritize my well-being while still being a productive team member. If I ever felt like I was sacrificing my well-being for work, I would feel comfortable speaking up about it and knowing that I will receive support.”

Experience It For Yourself!

The post-grad job of your dreams awaits you at Infineon. Join our industry-leading PSS Division by browsing open roles on the Infineon Careers page.